Tuesday 7 May 2024

Tama-Chan Tuesday


Tama-Chan: As you know, #1 was away over the weekend. She returned at lunchtime yesterday and, believe it or not, she is leaving again tomorrow, until Friday. This time she is going to Brittany where she is going to visit Baby Ryū's Mama, Pickle (Piccolo) and other family members. She is also going to visit some other friends but we'll let that be a surprise!

I only have one decent photo to share with you today:

But I do have a guest. You see, the cousins with whom #1 stayed have a beautiful black lady cat called Olive. It seems that Olive is a diva, and won't let just anyone get near her and stroke her, but #1 arrived bearing a toy and some Chūru, which helped! The first couple of  pics show her with her new toy:

Here she is in her woven basket in the living room:

She has such a cute face!

And here she is with her young mistress, Ms. T:

I guess that she belongs to #1's cousins, that makes her our cousin too!


  1. Well, she lets herself get snuggled and that's all that matters! Lovely face...Why am I anonymous when I comment? Have to google that....

  2. Thank you for sharing photos of Olive; she is lovely. We will soon be in the hands of our capable visitor Ms E as our peeps will be travelling. Nice to have good caregivers as you have in Mr G!

  3. you are looking fine and so is your cousin. Beau has cousins to, even pigs and horses and huge dogs and cats and a few rabbits and a cow.

  4. Olive is in a furry good family!

  5. Nice pictures all around!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Ollie - We hope #1 will bring bacl "treats&more" from Brittany!

  6. Looking good, Tama-Chan, and your cousin Olive is gorgeous too.

  7. Your #1 sure is busy! I love your photo sweet Tama. Hey, beautiful Olive looks like she could be related to our Maxwell.

  8. I love black cats, well those, and torties.

  9. You're looking as beautiful as ever, Tama-Chan. Olive is a sweetie too.

  10. Charlee: "You are very handsome in your tie, Tama-Chan! Ready for the red carpet!"
    Java Bean: "Ayyy, #1 sure is busy! Almost as busy as Smol Oona!"
    Oona: "NOBODY IS AS BUSY AS SMOL OONA!!! Also, Olive is a very pretty ninja cat!"


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