Monday 31 May 2010

Manly Monday With a Few Rays

: Last week and the weekend were pretty much all grey skies and rain, but the sun is out today. Hurray! #1 and I were out with the Frisbee this morning. She has been berating herself because she says she has lost her touch for getting good shots of me catching the Frisbee. But persistence paid off and she did get one!

And here is a nice one of me waiting for her to throw it:

Yesterday, we went out to an agricultural fair and all these people came up to #1 to ask if I was for sale. She says she could have made a fortune out of me! But of course, I will never be anywhere but here with my family. By the way, I have been having huge fun riding in our loaner Nissan Patrol. There is so much room for me to stretch out at the back. In fact, I love it so much that #1 has a hard time getting me to get out of it! She's going to try and get a good photo of me in there. In the meantime, here is another outdoor portrait:

Bibi-Chan: As you know, I had a big week last week, with my snip day at Dr.C's, but I recovered very quickly and I am in great form again! Here I am on the evening of the big day:

#1 says I am the best tail-tucker she knows. I also spent some time snuggling with her:

Now that that's all over, it's important to get back into a proper daily routine. Here we are this morning with Yuu-Chan, doing our ablutions on getting up:

And how about a little Bibi with your tea for breakfast?

Yuu-Chan: I too have had a busy week. I decided to follow Yuu-Chan's example and help #1 with the ironing:

It's a lot of hard work!

I also spent some time hanging out with Bibi:

We would like to leave you this week with a very special photo of the three of us boys with our #1. Please note in particular Tommy's paw positioning!

Have a great week, everyone!

Sunday 30 May 2010

Snuggles on Sunday - The Mega Edition!

you may think that the fact that we girls have been sequestered in the back room all week would mean that there would be fewer snuggles to report, but NO! This has been an extremely snuggly week at Poupounette Central.

As Sei-Chan mentioned yesterday, #1 has been spending time napping with us every day, and so we have been snuggling with her! As soon as she lies down, I hop on the bed!

Even shy little Sei-Chan has been hopping up for her share!

Yesterday, #1 had a great surprise for us. She brought Tommy with her at nap-time, so we could both snuggle with him!

The boys have been busy too over in their part of the house. First Yuu groomed Bibi...

Then Bibi groomed Yuu:

Bibi-Chan of course snuggled with Tommy:

And Yuu-Chan worked on breaking his own record for the number of hours a day spent snuggling with #1!

Wishing you all a sunny and snuggly Sunday!

Saturday 29 May 2010

Somewhat Sheepish SEIturday...

Sei-Chan: Dear friends..... this is terribly embarrassing but I know you will understand.... Remember the little problem that Tama-Chan was having about a month ago, when she started leaving golden souvenirs in a variety of places around the house? Well, it was contagious! And so I have been confined to the back room and the cat run all week so as to, as #1 puts it, "contain the damage" until I can be put on the same cycle of little pills as my sister. Talking of sisters, she has been sweet enough to share my imprisonment with me, so it hasn't been that bad. Plus, #1 has been taking naps with us, and playing with us a lot!

#1 took a new portrait of me that she really likes:

And one day, I managed to escape and #1 turned around from her desk and thougth she was seeing things!

She let me stay for a while and then took me back. Sigh....

The great thing is that I still have the run, and less competition for the hammocks!

Overall, it really hasn't been too bad, and #1 says I should be able to go back into the rest of the house sometime next week!

You're probably dying for news of Bibi-Chan. He is apparently doing really well, and back to purring, playing and demanding food!

PS to The Mom at The Meezers: THANK YOU! Blush........

Friday 28 May 2010

Flipping Ears and Adventures on Frootbat Friday!

: Well, it has been a morning full of adventures. We took Bibi to Dr. C as planned first thing, but the clunker loaner's gearbox died as we were going through a village on the way back! The garage is overwhelmed today and had no-one to send out, but some friends who live nearby came and rescued us, took us home for Cappuccino (fresh water for me) and lent us their second car, a gigantic Nissan Patrol. So in the past few weeks, we've gone from a Jag, to an ancient VW Golf to a tank!

That being said, we are enormously grateful to our dear friends, Mr. T and Ms. V, for the loan!

Onto Friday business, then. #1 managed to get an extraordinary shot of me yesterday:

This unusual look somehow combines FLying ears and driIPPING ears, hence our appellation of FLIPPING ears! And, as a bonus, here is a full drippy look shot too:

Of course, we do have to give the Chans their due too, so here as some FROOTBATS for you:





Bibi-Chan was very touched by all your kind words. We will be going to bring him home this afternoon. He will probably be a little woozy for the rest of the day but should be back to his usual self tomorrow.

Evening update: Bibi-Chan is back home and doing very well. Just a bit groggy still.

Thursday 27 May 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Last night's game of THoE was particularly exhausting.....

I am feeing pretty thoughtful today. #1 has told me that I will not get any food after 7pm tonight (I know I will waste away!) and that we will leave at 8:15 tomorrow morning to go and see Dr. C, as I am getting my snip operation. Yuu-Chan has told me that there is nothing to worry about and I will just be a little groggy for a bit. He says I will be back to playing as usual by the weekend. I hope he is right. Anyway, Tommy has promised to look after me when I get back tomorrow afternoon. Right now, I am resting up in anticipation...

By the way, #1 tells me I have very lovely nostrils in this photo. Do you think it's important to have beautiful nostrils?

Wednesday 26 May 2010

A Gift and an Award!

It was cloudy this morning for the first time in a while. You could almost taste the rain in the air. #1 says it is a good thing because it will help things to grow. But now the sun has come out again! Maybe it will rain later.

We received a very fun package in the post yesterday!

It came from our dear friends Kaze, Latte and Chase over at The Cats P. We are eager to try it out and Tommy will probably get to go first. But #1 is a bit busy at the moment, so it may be a few days before you get to see any results. Thanks for the great gift!

We also were given this rather cute award by our newer friends Keiko, Kenji and Pricilla over at Kitty Trio.

We are supposed to list 5 things that make us happy. Since there are five of us, that's one each!

Tommy: Being with #1 all the time
Tama-Chan: Being Zoom-Groomed
Sei-Chan: Playing with the Laser Pointer toy
Yuu-Chan: Cuddling with #1
Bibi-Chan: Eating everything in sight

Thanks for the great award! We would like to pass it on to our friends at Cats P, Cat With A Garden, Tekorin the Neko, Huffle Mawson and Cat Tales.

And finally, since we didn't do a Tama-Chan Tuesday post this week, I thought you might like a photo of me...

Tuesday 25 May 2010

MAX - A Golden Life

The blogosphere is a subdued place today as we all take in the fact that our golden friend, MAXDOG, has left us to begin a new journey. We share the sadness of his family and all his friends, but would like our tribute to him to be a joyful one. MAX's life may not have been as long as we would all have wished, but it was so very rich. He fulfilled himself in so many ways and even to the last, wove a web of support and sharing and love to bring together all who cared about him. We like to think that life is not about how many days but what kind of days.

Our memories of MAX will always be as golden and joyful as he himself was. Our special thanks to MAXMOM for sharing all of his life with us. In wishing those who have left us a great onward journey, we each have words that speak to us. For us, it is these words from Cymbeline by William Shakespeare:

Feare no more the heate o' th' Sun,
Nor the furious Winter's rages,
Thou thy worldly task hast don,
Home art gon, and tane thy wages.
Golden Lads, and Girles all must,
As Chimney-Sweepers come to dust.

Lads do not come any more golden than MAX!

Monday 24 May 2010

Manly Monday

: With all the sunshine we have been getting, the grass in the fields just keeps on getting taller!

#1 says that am like an antelope in the way I leap out of the grass so I can see where I am going.

And she has more and more trouble locating my Frisbee in the tall grass, so I need to help her. I am very good at that. She just looks at me and says "where's the Frisbee, Tommy?" and I leap into action an find it for her!

Bibi-Chan: I came to realise this week that supervising the ironing is an extremely important and manly activity. I shall do it as often as I can.

Of course, when one works to assist one's #1 in her every endeavour, one deserves proper recognition. I was only asking for my due - an enormous slice of ham!

I continue my explorations of the cat run. For some reason, I have not yet made it into either of the sky hammocks, but I a confident it will happen.

In the interim, I did locate another great place to nap!

Yuu-Chan: Whereas my little brother believes in screaming his head off to get his portion of ham, I adopt a more mature, much more "Yuu-ful" approach and just look soulfully at #1...

It works like a charm!

Guess what? It is going to me my first birthday in just over two weeks. #1 keeps telling me that I have grown into the most handsome mancat!

But, as you know, showing off isn't my thing. I just like to lie back and reeeeelax!

Well, except when #1 opens the kitchen window and the fish on the mobile start "swimming"!

Sorry about that flowerpot, #1!

PS: Yikes! I almost forgot the most important thing!!!! I am so happy to announce that I have been accepted into the Good Kitty Club! Here is my official membership badge: