Wednesday 31 July 2013

Waiting Wednesday

Genji: #1 is on her way! We will update when she gets home, hopefully before noon today.

In the interim, here is a photo she took when she got up on Tuesday morning:

And another from the plane as she left Prince Edward Island:

This is what we will be doing as we wait:

PS: By the way, since some of you appeared to be curious, the standard drill is this: #1 leaves for Canada with one suitcase in which is a flat second (largish) bag. On her way back, she has TWO bags to check in! Oh, and not too many clothes travel back and forth as she has stuff at the cottage.

11:10AM: #1 IS HOME!!!!

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Treat & Toy Preview Tuesday!

Tama-Chan: Today, Dear Friends, is the day that #1 starts her journey back to us! She was busily packing up all her stuff over the past few days and we sent her a little message to say that we would like a preview of what she is bringing home with her.

She sent us the following photos:

The "Chan Stash"


The "Tommy Stash"


The "V Stash:


OK, #1! All good! You can come home!!!!

Monday 29 July 2013

Manic Manly Monday!

Genji: Miaow, everyone! Actually, it's #1 who is having the really Manic Monday, not us! She is packing up to leave on Tuesday morning and come home to us and she has a million things to do, so her secretarial duties are a little dubious at the moment.

And I think she is a little rude in describing me and The Beebs as looking somewhat manic in these photos:

After all, we were simply politely requesting to be fed!

An here is a rather manic one of Tommy destroying yet another toy. He has been on a rampage since #1 left...

Fortunately, it seems that #1 has bought him lots of new stuffies in Canada.

As for The Big V, Vidock, we're showing an archive photo, but we think it goes with the theme...

Yep.. He's flying!

Sunday 28 July 2013

Some Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: First of all, believe it or not, we had a mini tornado go through here early Saturday morning! That kind of thing is basically unheard of around here but for about one and a half hours, there were howling winds and torrential rains that caused considerable devastation around us. Somehow, we were mostly spared, aside from some "pruning" of our trees, and we are really grateful for that.

Well, we are a bit short of new snuggle shots today, so we will once again feed you some archive shots. But, to start off, we do have a couple of new ones of Tommy and My Beebs for you:

You might say, "like mother, like son" when you see this next picture of me and Tommy...

And here I am , back in 2009, again with my Tommy:

Sei-Chan with Tommy, also in 2009, when she was a tiny little thing:

And Genji shortly after his arrival, looking very snuggleable!

Baby Vidock (on the left) being snuggled by one of his brothers:

Violette sharing a snuggle with #1 not long after she joined The Poupounette Gang:

Last but not least, this just in from Canada. As you know, #1 has been looking after our pals Murphy and Leo. Here at Poupounette Central, the bed is reserved for us kitties, and Tommy sleeps on a plush bed right by #1's bed. Things are a little different in Canada, however...

We are not showing these photos to Tommy so he doesn't get any ideas. He is quite a bit larger than either Murphy or Leo, and there wouldn't be any kitty room if he got on the bed!

Saturday 27 July 2013

SEIturday Countdown!

Sei-Chan: After today, there will be just three more days until #1 returns! Her flight is scheduled to land in Paris at 5:30AM on Wednesday, and she will then make her way back to us as fast as she possibly can! We are all hugely excited.

In the mantime, I have been entertaining myself as well as possible. I pondered batting that little ball about...

But, really, it's been too hot...

So when I saw Tama-Chan having a bath...

I decided to do the same thing:

As I don't have any other good photos of me to show you, I thought I would share these two that #1 sent us. First, here is dawn from her cottage:

And here are some blue herons at dawn!

Happy SEIturday everyone!

Friday 26 July 2013

Friends on Friday!

Murphy and Leo: Woofs Everyone! Surprised to see us today? Well.... we are actually honorary members of the Poupounette Gang for a few days! You see, our Mom had to go to Ottawa unexpectedly to take care of some urgent family business, and #1 is looking after us! Since we have spent so much time with her over the past few weeks, we are happy to be with her, and will be dividing our time between the cottage and our house in town.

We have some pretty good shots of us at the cottage to share with you:

Murphy with a great toy that was a gift from #1:

Here is Murphy gently asking #1 to throw his new toy for him:

And doing a pretty good job of fetching it:

Here is Leo doing a great "Flying Ears Friday" Shot:

And cooling off in the sea....

...which turns him into a red island dog with Flying Ears!

Sami-Chan, Sama-Chan and Hobbes: Meeee-Ows, Friends! Do any of you remember us? #1 came to visit us in September last year, when S&S were tiny. S&S are collectively knowns as "The Island Chans" and were named after the Poupounette Chans! You see, our parents, Ms. L and Mr. S, house-sat in France for #1 when she travelled to Japan in 2010, and she is hoping that maybe they will come back again in 2014.

Anyway, we are now all grown up and, of course, magnificent!

Here, first is Sama-Chan, the lovely golden-eyed, Champagne coloured tabby girl. First in our Mom's arms:

And playing with our Daddy:

Here is flaming red Sami with our Daddy:

And both of us with our Daddy!

And let us not forgot big brother Hobbes The magnificent!

Thursday 25 July 2013

Thankful Thursday

Vidock: Neighs Everyone! Your favourite stud here! We haven't been blogging much lately because it has been SO HOT! Everyone is completely lethargic and what energy we have, we have been using for swishing our tails to get rid of flies!

But! There is a reason for me to be thankful! You know how #1 has been buying lots of cool purple stuff for Violette lately? Well, yesterday, she went shopping for treats for me, and look what she got me!

I am getting my very own "Stud Muffin" treats! Isn't that just the coolest thing?

As we don't have any new photos to post, here are a couple of older shots of me and Violette for your viewing pleasure:

#1 tells us she will be home this time next week. We can't wait!!!

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Wishful Wednesday...

Tom: Well, first of all, today is Wednesday and one week from now, #1 will be HOME!!!! We are all hugely excited, and she is going through her shopping, making sure she has got us enough treats and toys.

Now, remember how we were waiting for the farmer to bale the hay? Well, just look!

I'm ready, Ms. R, I'M READY!!!!!

Last Sunday, our neighbours (Fernant's family) invited Ms. R over to lunch, so I had the opportunity to spend some time with my buddy.

Tama-Chan: I wish that #1 would sit down with me and teach me how to read! There seem to be so many interesting books in this house...

Well, for now I will just like at the pictures...

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Did you miss us? It's been a while, hasn't it? But we were happy to let our #1 tell her story the past few days. It has been so hot here that, to be honest, everything is an effort. The early morning is the best time and we all enjoy being out in the run then. Ms. R managed to get a great shot of all of us in there!

We are spending a lot of time doing nothing, though, except for a little bathing...

... and a lot of snoozing.

Monday 22 July 2013

Merry Monday!

#1 here YET AGAIN! I solemnly promise that this will be my last blog post hi-jack. I just wanted to share with you what  a great time I had yesterday with  Ms. N and Ms. N, the Moms from Mickie's Musings and Team Tabby, both Nova Scotia bloggers. We met before 10:30am and yakked non-stop until after 2:30pm. We eventually had to stop because I needed to drive back to the Island. Many, many of your ears must have been burning as we shared histories and stories and talked about all the great people and kitties (and woofies, and horsies!) we have met over the years. We are planning to do this again, perhaps on a grander scale. In the meantime, here we are, all smiles!

Team Tabby's Ms. N, me and Mickie Musings' Ms. N they are, of course, sisters!)

They very kindly brought me a beautiful pewter decoration from Amos Pewter, a famous Nova Scotian brand (and favourite of mine). It will hang on our tree next Christmas. THANKS!

I am now back safely in PEI. As so many of you seemed so fascinated by the bridge (it really is not a frightening experience at all!). Here is a shot, coming back to the island:

Tomorrow, we shall be returning to scheduled programming. PROMISE!