Friday 31 October 2014

Violette and Vidock Vendredi

Violette: It has been a quiet week here in rural France. The weather has been mostly OK and #1 has come to visit us regularly. I got major brushies and a treat bucket on Wednesday, but I have mainly been hanging out in my field:

Hello Again! Here I am at my water supply, which is at the end of the field nearest the gate:

Isn't it just the best thing to get a long, cool drink of water?

Oh, and I heard there was a request for "pink nose spot" photos. So here you are:

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend! #1 says that the dappling on my coat is looking particularly fine at the moment:

As you can see, I was enjoying my treat bucket! When #1 arrives, she often sees only my bum as I am standing into my shelter, enjoying my hay. But as soon as she calls my name…

The Big V Cometh!

And I allowed #1 to take a special close-up of my pink nose spot!

We have one final item for you, because we thought you might find it interesting. We have often shown you pictures of us being shod by the farrier. But in fact, the majority of Percherons in France will not give their feet freely to be shod like that. And so, they are shod using special stocks that contain them, and allow their feet to be attached or held using ropes. Yesterday, #1 was there when champion Percheron stallion Titus was being shod. This is what it looks like:

Very different from us, right?

It's all a question of education, with well-mannered horses being taught when they are young to give their feet and stand still. #1 says she is very proud of both of us, but maybe especially of Violette who never even saw a farrier until she was almost three and who is now considered the perfect mare to shoe!

Thursday 30 October 2014

Thursday Thrills?

Tom: Fernant's family left yesterday morning and won't be back until late Friday afternoon, so guess who is spending his days with us?

Mad Fernant is still up to his old tricks, as can be seen in this somewhat blurry photo:

But I have survived so far and #1 quite likes it when we have to play in his garden as it is almost burr-free!

This next photo is blurry (as opposed to "burry" HaHaHA!) because I was running so fast:

Oh and guess what? #1 harvested all of these strawberries from the neighbours' patch. Almost-Halloween strawberries!

Along with Fenant, #1 is also looking after Basha who asked us to include this photo, and tell his lovely Loustiquette that he wishes she could join him for supper:

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Wonder Boy Wednesday by Genji

Genji: Meeeee-YAOW! I was so sad to be last on Monday's post that #1 said I could have a post all to myself and share some recent photos with you. Score!!!

Don't you just love the way my furs glow in the sun?

And my ears and moustache?

Here is my left profile:

And my right:

I hope you enjoyed my photo shoot!

Tuesday 28 October 2014

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: After a week of grey weather, we are finally enjoying a little sunshine, and the temperatures have remained fairly mild for the season.

May I start today with this rather interesting combo of a chin and tail dangle from one of the sky hammocks in the study?

And here I am, showing you just what an athletic girl I am as I "walk the beam"!

Here I am on my way to the kitty condo:

#1 has had this particular condo, which she bought in Japan, for almost 20 years. That's what I call quality!

And staying within the framework of the study, look at the lovely sunpuddle I found right on top of the printer:

Monday 27 October 2014

Manly Monday

Tomaso: Yesterday, #1 was invited to lunch at the home of some people who live about an hour and a half's drive away. She was going to leave me for the day with Fernant's family but, at the last minute, she decided to take me along. And boy was I glad she did! They have several woofies there but they are not used to having visits by outside woofies so when I showed up, they were a little puzzled and nervous. But I quickly showed them how much fun it is to play with visiting woofies!

Please meet Ice Tea:

And this is Ethan:

And here I am with both of them:

I just love making new friends!

Vidock: Here I am on my way to see #1 and investigate what she has put in my bucket:


And here is a nice panoramic view showing me in my pasture, with my Arabian stallion buddy, Pamyr, in the one next door:

Da Beebs: Behold Da Happy Beebs:

Delicately skirting around my Mama Tama…

And getting more scritches from #1:

Genji: Why am I last again??????

I wondered if I should sulk for a while…

Bu then I decided to join the Supervision Shock Troupe:

Have a great week, Everyone!

Sunday 26 October 2014

Snuggles on Sunday!

Tama-Chan: Snuggles are back!!!!!Now that #1 is back and feeling like a normal human being again, we are back to snuggling full-time! It is such a relief to have life back to what it should be! So, let's kick off with a "regular" shot of me snuggling with my Tommy:

I know I am a little difficult to see but I am just behind Tommy. 

As you can imagine I haven't been the only one snuggling with Tommy. Sei-Chan has been right there, as usual:

And that Bibi Boy of mine has been making his usual biscuits…

As you may have gathered from his post earlier this week, that Beebs is totally beside himself with joy at having "his" #1 back and has been stuck to her like glue at every opportunity:

Notice that there is an interloper also sitting on #1 in that last photo? Da Genj sleeps in his beddie right by #1's pillow so has excellent snuggle access when she is in bed!

And here is Tommy getting an early morning snuggle as Da Beebs meditates:

The Vs ave also been getting their share of snuggles. Here is a selfie #1 took with The Big V, Vidock:

And one with Violette too!

Oh and as a bonus, we have a snuggle pic of our neigbour Basha getting a tummy rub from #1:

Here is wishing you all a Very Snuggly Sunday!