Thursday 30 June 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

Everyone at Poupounette Central is thankful that we have power again! Our power went out on Tuesday, at lunchtime, and was not restored until after 5pm last night! Bad thing to happen on the hottest day of the year. Fortunately, we have kind neighbours who pulled a line over to our house so we could run our fridges and our ADSL box. And #1 had prepared our Blogaverasry post a day early! Phew!

Anyway, Tommy is being thoughtful on this, his 11th No-Play day. #1 is crossing her fingers and toes that he is getting better. He seems to be, but sometimes she wonders from the way he twirls around the house if he's not getting enough rest! He is crossing all paws that play will resume soon.

And dreaming sweet dreams...

Aaaaaak! It looks like we have been hacked!!!! Alert! Alert!

Just WHO is that????? He keeps popping up!

Wednesday 29 June 2011

Our Third Blogaversary!

: Can you believe it, Dear Friends? today marks exactly THREE years since we started blogging. Of the current members of the Poupounette Gang, I am the only one who was around at the time (0r even born then!), so I get to do the honours.

Firstly, here is a collage of ALL Poupounette Gang members since the beginning:

I am in the centre. From top left clockwise, Sen-Chan (RIP), Tama-Chan, Yuu-Chan (RIP), Vidock, Bibi-Chan and Sei-Chan.

You can see our very first blog post here. Back then, it was just Sen-Chan and me. He and I had wonderful adventures and I still miss him a lot. He got here one month before I did and he welcomed my pup self with open paws when I arrived! I immediately became a kitty fan!

On the third day that we blogged, we got a comment from Angus Mhor and the big guy is still around and blogging. We love you, Angus! Over the past three years, so many people have stopped blogging, some have just vanished, and too many have gone to the Bridge. And yet, we are always meeting new bloggers and making new friends. We have received "actual" visits from blogging friends in the States and Germany and hope others will stop by. We are great believers in the Blogosphere!

We love to look back over our years together and #1 has gradually been ordering Blog-2-Print books, each of which covers a 6-month period. We already have three that take us to the end of 2009.

We have also evolved a great deal as a family, losing Sen-Chan and Yuu-Chan far too young, and welcoming Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan and Vidock. Through it all, you have shared our joys and tears, and we thank you all for your friendship and support. And guess what? We are also coming up shortly to our 1,000th post! This one is #985!

And so, dear friends, to celebrate our Third Blogaversary, #1 is giving us a gift:

What do you think?

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Tama's Thundery Toesday

After all that heat yesterday, we had some awesome thunderstorms overnight (#1 had left the hammocks out so they had to go in the dryer this morning) but that didn't do much to cool things down. Today is both hot and humid, and we may get more thunderstorms this afternoon.

When it's hot like this, it is very important to keep one's toes cool...

It really was too hot to go out into the run for most of the day, so Sei-Chan and I decided to be Japanese princesses instead:

My Bibi is another believer in keeping cool toes:

And Sei-Chan is always ready to show off her perfectly pink toes!

It's supposed to be cooler tomorrow. Please make sure you stop by as we are celebrating our Third Blogaversary!

Monday 27 June 2011

Melting Manly Monday

It is HOT! A few days ago, #1 was wearing sweaters and today it is supposed to be 35C! Crazy! Still, heat is the perfect environment for one of my very favourite activities: lizard watching! That channel is on at a couple of different windows:

Other than that, there isn't a whole lot to do in this heat other than hang out with your brother:

Tom: It has been one whole week since I last had a Frisbee or tennis ball thrown for me. The torture has just been awful. Still..... At the beginning, it was like this:

But I pull so hard that it defeats the whole purpose, so we are now back to a much more manly this:

The trick is to find the right balance between my resting properly and my not feeling as though I am in prison. So we go for walks on our lane:

And I visit my girlfriend Damia several times a day:

I'm doing just fine!

Vidock: #1 came to see me and my paddockmates yesterday evening. Boy was it hot! And the flies are just awful! It's great when she's there because she swats them away! I wish she would stay!

So, here are the three of us, doing what we do:

And a rather manly one of me, swatting away!

We also wanted to mention a couple of our friends today. Young Fernant gave everyone a huge fright when he disappeared late yesterday evening. His family, as well as #1 and Tommy were out looking for him up until midnight and again first thing. We are happy to say that he has been found (at the pound!). We're glad you're home, little buddy!

Also, some of you may remember little Tora-Chan who was adopted by our friend Ms. N and family. He is enjoying life to the full with his siblings Kaze and Chibi. We just got this fabulous picture of him:

Have a great week!

Sunday 26 June 2011

Snuggles on a Summer Sunday!

It looks like summer has finally come to France! After several weeks of much-needed and appreciated rain, the sun is shining and the temperature is supposed to climb up to 30C (86F) today and 33C (91F) tomorrow! There is a breeze blowing which makes it very pleasant for now. #1 has promised to put the hammocks out in the run!

I have once again been snuggling a lot with Tommy this week:

But I have also had some snuggle time with #1:

My sister Sei-Chan has been taking her role of supervising #1 more and more seriously, and lavishing snuggles on her at every opportunity! #1 gets "behind the scenes" snuggles whilst she works...

... extra snuggles as soon as she puts her feet up...

And mega-snuggles when she takes a rest!

... thus we strive to teach our humans what's what in life!

Needless to say, Sei-Chan has also been snuggling with Tommy:

And Tommy has also been snuggling with #1 (he forgives her for no longer playing Frisbee or tennis ball as we explained the reasons why to him).

As has my Bibi:

We apologise for the lack of Vidok snuggle pics this week. We'll try to do better next week.

Have a Snuggly Sunday everyone!

Saturday 25 June 2011


It seems like ages since I had a SEIturday posy but it is in fact only two weeks. I'm glad you all liked my Wordless Wednesday photo. Here is another one taken at the same location!

This week I decided that the time had come for me to start supervising household expenses, as well as #1's work. It's a hard job, but I consider it my duty as #1's full-time supervisor. It's important to keep track of the chequebook and the wallet with the credit cards.

And I have discovered a new napping spot. This was originally supposed to be Tommy's crate. He used it for precisely two nights when he was three months old and it has sat there ever since. It's very comfy!

I have also been entertaining myself by playing whappy paws with my big sister, Tama-Chan. The entrance to the cat run is an excellent place for this and I had the advantage of being in the cat run!

It was all quite exhausting and I found a nice sunpuddle to rest in afterwards.

Wishing you all a fine SEIturday!

Friday 24 June 2011

Frootbat and Fun Friday

It's been a while since we posted Frootbat photos, so here are a couple of FrootBeebs shots, taken first thing this morning:

We also have some SeiBats:

And some MamaTamaBats!

Tom: Well, I have no flying ears shots for you today. Believe it or not, I have not had a single Frisbee or tennis ball thrown for me since Monday morning. Isn't that the most cruel thing you have ever heard? I keep hoping and hinting but #1 will not budge. She also gets annoyed with me when I get excited and twirl around or start galloping. Sigh... She tells me it's all for my own good but I feel so very fine. Nothing hurts. I want to play!!!!!!

Anyway, I have been having fun nonetheless. The veterinray osteopath came to see some of the horses over at Vidock's and I was asked to attend so I could supervise.

One of the horses that was being examined was Jessy, Vidock's Mama, so family really...

She has what looks like an eye problem but actually turned out to be a tooth problem. Poor Jessy! She will have to have it seen to at a clinic. She's a very nice lady and I enjoyed hanging out with her!

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know that I am doing just fine, even though I am not getting to play at the moment. Thanks for all the kind words!!!

Thursday 23 June 2011

Tama-Chan on Thursday

Since I gave over my usual Tuesday post to Tommy, #1 said I could do a post today instead. Here I am at the laptop downstairs...

It's been a busy time here. #1 has been running around and has had to go often to feed the horsies over at Vidock's. Then there is the Tommy issue. He is being pretty good! But things occasionally get to be a bit too much!

At such times, I like to hang out with my sister Sei-Chan, and enjoy Bird TV. It's very relaxing

The weather has been pretty stinky lately, with a lot of rain and wind and low temps, so we haven't had much time in the run, but I take what I can get and do my usual patrols:

Of course, I also have to keep some energy for looking beautiful at various points around the house!

We do apologise for not visiting as much as usual over the past few days. We are hoping that things will be quieter as we head into the weekend.