Tuesday 31 August 2010

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Well, what can I say? Tommy has certainly been a star of late, and deservedly so! We are all so very proud of him!

But let's face facts. There are four of us kitties here, so time to focus a little more on us, or rather on ME. I am after all the queen of the house. So, here, for your delight, is the latest Tama series:

A bit of "Tail on Tuesday"

And a little "Toesday" contribution for you:

Not forgetting a "Run" picture!

Life is good!

Monday 30 August 2010

Tommy's Mummy Monday!

: WOW!!!!! #1 and I had the most amazing adventure yesterday!!!! We went for a long drive in the car and when we arrived, this is what was waiting for us:

May I introduce my MUMMY, Minnie?


She is an older lady of 13 but she is just gorgeous!

Meet my sisters Sophie and Elsie:

And here I am with my breeder, Ms. A, and my niece, Emily:

Emily is a real sweetheart:

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This is my nephew George:

And here are a whole bunch of us waiting for a tennis ball to be thrown:

After all that exertion came dinner, with this very touching note on the menus:

(My father is JOE!)

And then we were served the most delicious cakes I have ever eaten:

I cannot even begin to tell you how hard it was to leave this morning. This is what our car looked like as we were getting ready to go (I am behind them all!!!):

It remains for me (and #!) to say a huge thank you to Ms. A and Mr.R for organising this get-together, and to Katie, Minnie (aka MUM), Cora, Harry(iet), Sophie, Elsie and Emily for their warm welcome, as well as to Dolly, Lydia, George and Charlie for adding to the fun! I hope we can do it again soon!

PS: You know what became perfectly clear during our reunion? The fact that I am HUGE!!!! I am considerably bigger than everyone else who was there, and look to be almost twice little Emily's size (she is two so she is fully grown). Nobody knows why I am such a big boy but everyone said I was super handsome!

Sunday 29 August 2010

Snuggles on Sunday

It's a relief that, before she and Tommy head off together, #1 found the time to take dictation so we could do a proper Snuggles on Sunday post.

I have been doing some snuggling with Tommy. There is quite a bit of competition for his snuggles, you know, so it can be hard to get Tommy-Time!

I also got a nice snuggle from Sei-Chan...

... who in turn got one from Tommy!

Sei-Chan has also been doing quite a bit of snuggling with #1...

... who has also been snuggling with Yuu-Chan!

We're still a little worried about Yuu-Chan who just doesn't seem able to get his energy or appetite back properly. We are hoping that this might be a side effect of the methionine he has been taking for the past 10 days and, now that the course of treatment is finished, he will perk up. In the meantime, a few purrs would be appreciated.

Bibi-Chan on the other hand is increasingly deserving of his nickname "Bibi-The-Terror" and tears around the house scaring Sei-Chan and annoying Yuu-Chan. As his mother, I am the only one who is perfectly able to put him back in his place... Anyway, he still adores Tommy just as much and spends all the time he can with him:

So that's our round of snuggles for today. #1 is, as usual, worried about going off and leaving us, even though it is only for 24 hours. I keep telling her we'll be fine and she and Tommy must have the best time at the reunion.

Saturday 28 August 2010


Hello everyone and welcome to my day of the week. It has been a great week because #1 has been here each and every day!

Let's start with me at the computer, supervising the new post:

Sharing a nap spot with that pipsqueak Bibi:


Up in the sky hammock:

And on my Japanese "zabuton" cushion, making sure my toy is close at paw:

Oh, and I get to spill the beans about where #1 and Tommy are going tomorrow! They are leaving around noon and won't be back until noon Monday. They are heading northwest, to the coast of Normandy, to where Tommy was born! His breeders are hosting a family reunion and belated litter birthday party! We have been told there will be a dozen springers there, including Tommy's mummy, aunt, sisters, brothers etc, etc. Doesn't that sound like huge fun? I wish I could go too. They have promised to take lots of photos.

Don't forget to join us tomorrow for Snuggles on Sunday!

PS: Just one more thing: My brother Yuu-Chan has entered the "Do the Q" competition! You can find his entry here.

Friday 27 August 2010

Fun on Friday!

I don't need to tell you about fun with boxes, do I....?! We had a couple of deliveries this week and they came in great boxes.

Sei-Chan got into the spirit of things too!

Actually, Sei-Chan and I have been "hanging out" a lot together lately, Ha Ha HAAAAA!

I've also been hanging out with my big brother Yuu-Chan, although he still doesn't play much.

And my Mama-Tama's idea of fun is hanging out at the window (in this case, showing off her translucent frootbats!)

Now Tommy is a champion of having fun! Yesterday, his friends Adele and Eve were around, so they had a major romp together:

Wishing you all a Fun Friday!

Thursday 26 August 2010

Thankful Thursday

: We are very thankful that our guest finally arrived yesterday, although also sad that she has already left again! She came all the way from a place called Kathmandu! Can you believe that?!

I took her to visit "my" medieval castle and showed her some of my moves and my flying ears:

The Chans are grateful that #1 has bought them yet another hammock, to try and reduce competition over sky hammock space:

And we are all thankful for having a new friend! Her name is Emma. She is three months old and lives with Ms.Z. She has the floofiest ears, and the floofiest tail and the floofiest tummy, and she is just gorgeous!

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Waking Up on Wednesday

A typical early morning scene at Poupounette Central:

You may notice that Tama-Chan is missing from the picture (Sei-Chan is on the left at the front, with Yuu-Chan on the right, and Bibi-Chan behind). As reigning Queen of this house, she sleeps in her own quarters rather than with the riffraff....

Yesterday's guest arrivals took unexpected turns. One guest cancelled due to car troubles and the other got the date of her arrival wrong by 24 hours! We're hoping she will get here today.

Tuesday 24 August 2010

Tama Presents: Toesday and Toysday

We seem to be going through a very busy time here at the moment. We have a guest arriving today and #1 is running around getting the guest room ready, and I had to drag her by the hair to the computer to take dictation...

Let us start with me, to give you all a treat... Here I am in all my supreme me-ness, sitting in my basket in the run:

Today being Toesday as well, we have a couple of show-offs in that category, startimg with my sister Sei-Chan and her adorable pink toes:

And that little Bibi of mine quite likes to show off his perfect coffee beans:

We had a close-up of some Yuu-Toes a few days ago, so he decided he would prefer to have a Toysday shot today:

And guess what? We had another gorgeous rainbow yesterday evening!

#1 says apologies in advance if she doesn't manage to get around all the blogs today.

Monday 23 August 2010

Manly Monday!

: Well, what a birthday weekend! We went out to a party on Friday night, had one here on Saturday night and then went to a family lunch yesterday. Woo Hoo!

The people whose house we went to on a Friday have a great woofie, Voyou, and he and I had a lot of fun playing.

By the end of the weekend, I was totally pooped!

Yuu-Chan: I had a HUGE adventure on Saturday night, although #1 was not pleased at all, either with me or with herself. You see, with all the people here, the door to the outside kept opening and I managed to sneak out. You know how much I love the garden and I could not miss the opportunity to explore. The only problem was that #1 was pooped and when the guests left, she went to bed without doing a proper kitty count. So, guess who got to spend the whole night outside? Luckily, it was warm and dry, the best possible weather for such an adventure. By dawn, however, I was tired and Manoushka from next door suddenly showed up, so I screamed for #1 at 6:45am and she leapt out of her bed, rushed outside and scooped me up in her arms. Poor #1 feels SO guilty, especially since it was me. I keep telling her Iam fine but she won't stop examining me.

Of course, I am handsome and manly from all angles...

Bibi-Chan: You may call me Mr. Fearless for I have conquered the skies!!!! I finally made it up on the high beam in the entrance hall!

And the one in the study!

This hammock is now MINE!!!

We hope you will all have a good week.