Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tama Presents: Toesday and Toysday

We seem to be going through a very busy time here at the moment. We have a guest arriving today and #1 is running around getting the guest room ready, and I had to drag her by the hair to the computer to take dictation...

Let us start with me, to give you all a treat... Here I am in all my supreme me-ness, sitting in my basket in the run:

Today being Toesday as well, we have a couple of show-offs in that category, startimg with my sister Sei-Chan and her adorable pink toes:

And that little Bibi of mine quite likes to show off his perfect coffee beans:

We had a close-up of some Yuu-Toes a few days ago, so he decided he would prefer to have a Toysday shot today:

And guess what? We had another gorgeous rainbow yesterday evening!

#1 says apologies in advance if she doesn't manage to get around all the blogs today.


  1. I love Sei-Chan's pink toes! As reddish as my fur often looks (especially when I'm on my back), all you have to do is peek at my coffee bean toes (not unlike Bibi's) to know for sure I am a ruddy kitty!

  2. Sei-Chan needs some toe smoochies, they are so tiny and perfect!!

  3. I'm happy to see any parts of you, really.

  4. Oh, nice toes and toys! Of course, over here on this side of the pond it's Cheeseday. Mayzie said so and I'm with her on that. So, happy Cheesday to you all.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  5. Sei-Chan's little pink toes look like sweet little pink pearl erasers!

  6. Gorgeous toesies.. LOve the pictures and the rainbow shot is gorgeous.. MUm says she knows just what you mean about the visits and dont worry.. HUgs GJ xx

  7. Guests are fun! We hope you enjoy having them stay :) Sei-Chan's eyes are especially pretty today. You can see a bit of her mama there.

  8. cute little jellybean toes--bubble gum and licorice flavor?

  9. Oh those toes!!! Sei-Chan are those the most adorable toes in the whole world!!!? I think so.

  10. beautiful tosies! Sei-Chan, our the mom is still in love wif you! she's thinks you're just gorgeous!

  11. Yuu-Chan - your collar is very smart - just perfect for a young gentleman kitty.
    Mum was getting quite excited about the pink and coffee bean coloured toesies.
    Tama-Chan - you look quite regal sat on your throne - sorry we meant in your basket!!

  12. We are so busy loving the cute little pink toes that we almost forgot to look at the rainbow!!!

  13. Tama-Darlin', I WOULD say I could go all day on the Perfection that is Your You-Ness...yes, I would say that. But, the Jelly Beans and Coffee Beans and the wee neck of Sir Yuu sent my mom straight OVER THE BLOOMIN' 'EDGE!

    That is all.

  14. Oh my!

    What purrrrrfekht pikhs!

    Enjoy your khompany!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  15. We know what we're doing today...we're gonna figure out our toe pad flavors! The pads at your house look scrumptious! Tama-Chan, your bed looks quite comfy and Yuu, your toy looks like FUN! We love ribbony things.

  16. Nice toes!

    Nice Manly Monday too. Tom, you looked exhaustipeited!

    Nose kisses to everyone!

  17. No need to apologize - just thanks for the adorable photos. Love those toesies. And what a lovely rainbow.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  18. I love those toes! You kitties always look so sweet! Do send lotsaluv to #1 and also to dear, flappy eared Tommy!

  19. Tama-chan, you are as regal as ever! Sei-chan's toes are sooo cute and kissable.

    Yuu-chan is quite handsome too!

    9 and Chani

  20. I just love rainbows.

    Oh my...those are some darn cute toes.

  21. Mum wants to kiss all those cute little toes.

  22. Look at those terrific toes!!
    Did you make a wish on the rainbow?



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