Sunday 31 July 2011

Snuggles on Sunday!

: It seems like a lot of our posts these days end up focusing on young Genji. I suppose that is what happens when you have a kitten in the house... And, as we have mentioned before, he does know how to endear himself to all of us (except when he steals ALL our food!).

I simply could not resist giving him a lick yesterday:

And look at this:

We suspect that snuggles cannot be far behind!

Here he is, contemplating a morning snuggle with a still-sleeping Bibi-Chan:

But right now, Gen-Chan is mostly snuggling with #1:

Although he does like to hang out with auntie Sei-Chan too:

She, of course, is just as keen as ever on snuggling with her Tommy¡

Who always enjoys a snuggle with #1:

We just updated our header to include Gen-Chan, and hope you like it!

Saturday 30 July 2011

SEIturday in the Sun!

We are finally getting some sun again! Someone was saying the other day that they had never seen our countryside look so lush and green in late July before! Anyway, in our house sun means run!

It makes a bit of a change from supervising the baby of the family

... although I have to confess that I have taken rather a liking to little Gen-Chan and have been playing with him quite a bit. No snuggling yet, though!

And in answer to a query we had, yes we have a little tatami space in our house. It is just 3 mats but we love it. Tommy is not allowed on it, so it is entirely a kitty play and relaxation spot!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Thursday 28 July 2011

Tama and Tommy on Thursday

: Our posting is a bit discombobulated this week, so we thought we would do a joint "T' post today.

Here I am this morning, supervising young Gen-Chan at play:

I am happy to report that this came just after a lengthy Zoom-Grooming session with #1. Major purrs!

We are all enjoying being back to a more normal routine. I have been having some lovely naps in the comfy round bed:

And also keeping an eye on #1:

Tom: #1 keeps telling me to be careful still, but I really think that my leg is all well again. I have been enjoying the most wonderful zoomies around the field!

I also wanted to tell you that, on my last day with my family in Normandy last week, the sun came out and we had a pond party! It was awesome!
The girls jumped right in...

And so I did too!

Although #1 did also snap this rather urchin-like photo of wet me the other day!

On the subject of Toms, I wanted to make a mention of Vidock's BIG Tom brother. He went to the show on Monday too and also did well. Here is a photo of him there:

He is two years older than Vidock, so that gives you some idea of what Vidock will look like when he is almost fully-grown.

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Waking Up On Wednesday

After all the excitement of the past week, yesterday was a stay-at-home day for #1 and we just loved it! In the evening, we all napped around her in the living room as she watched a DVD (LarkRise to Candleford - Season 2). You can barely see her, but Mama Tama is on the back of the sofa. Sei-Chan was on the armchair on the other side.

I love that bed!

Genji hanging out with #1:

And then, in the morning, #1 had a bedful! Me on the left, Sei-Chan in the middle and unmistakable Genji on the right.

As she never sleeps with her "subjects," Queen Tama was squatting #1's chair in the office...

It's so good to relax!

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Three Cheers for Vidock Tuesday!

: Well, Dear Friends, I'm sure I could not have done it without all your wonderful support from around the world!

#1 says she is hugely proud of me and that I was one of the best-behaved horses there. Believe me, when there are more than 40 young stallions around, good manners sometimes go out of the paddock...

Anyway, here is a little photo reportage of my day yesterday.

Getting my tail wrapped for the journey:

Heading out with Ms. S:

Into the van. Tom was already there:

Mr. E braiding my tail on-site:

Off to be presented:

Strutting for the judges:

Being looked over by one of the three judges for the final selection:

And a victory lap for me!

A very happy #1:

And Champagne for my "staff" on returning home!

Monday 25 July 2011

Manly Monday

: Today is my Big Day so I get to go first. Yesterday, I got a fabulous spa treatment of shower and shampoo. I was a bit scared at first, and it tickled, but it turned out to be really pleasant!

Then I got put in a stall filled with fresh hay so I wouldn't get myself all dirty again. Right next to me is my BIG big brother, Tom. He is very cool and I get along really well with him:

But across the way is a three-year old colt who is also being shown tomorrow. He is called Univers and he is "a bit of a lad" so he and I had neighs...

He was desperate to come over and bite me but he couldn't! Hehehe!!!!!

Tom: I have been spending a lot of time over at Vidock's place too. It's fun to just sit and watch what's going on:

Although it occasionally gets a bit repetitive...

This morning, I also got to spend a bit of time with young Fernant. It had been a while... Look at how big he is!

Oh, and #1 wants me to tell you that I am back to eating normally now that I am home with my kitties. I guess I really missed them.

Bibi-Chan: Here I am supervising young Genji:

That kitten is really something else. He spends his days tearing around and then steals everyone else's food! Which leaves me no choice: I have to go and steal his Baby Cat dry food!


Gen-Chan: So what if I steal everyone's food? I am always hungry! #1 says she has no idea how anything that small can eat that much...

Anyway, here is my first officiel mancat-in-training photo:

Posing is very tiring work.........