Saturday, 1 April 2023

Sad Saturday - A Farewell to Ms. A


#1 here. Our long-time blogging friends may remember Ms. A (aka Alex) who, in late 2007, entrusted me with a puppy called Tommy. Over the years, Ms. A and Mr. R became good friends. We dog sat for each other and often celebrated the litter's birthday, which coincided with my own, together. Tommy had the unusual and wonderful opportunity to continue to get together with his parents, aunts, sisters, nieces and nephews. When she was helping me pick out a puppy, Ms. A pointed to Tommy and said "This is Tommy. He looks after his sisters. He is the best puppy of the bunch." Even though I had initially planned on getting a girl, I trusted her judgement and Tommy came home with me. The rest is history.

Ms. A sadly left on her journey to the Bridge last Monday after a battle with the C monster. We can imagine the welcome she received from Monty, Harrie, Cora, Joe, Minnie, Scooby, Lydia, Sophie, Elsie, Emily and others too, not forgetting Tommy. But we are so sad that she has gone and we can imagine the depth of Mr. R's sorrow. 

Here are some photos taken over the years, in remembrance of a wonderful friend.

After Tommy went to the Bridge, Ms. A came with me the day I picked up Ollie and she went on to adopt two girls from Ollie's breeder, so the Spaniel link remained as strong as ever.

Today would have been Ms. A's three score years and tenth birthday. Happy Birthday at the Bridge. Au Revoir, Ms. A. Till we meet again.

Friday, 31 March 2023

Feline Friday


Momo-Chan:  I wanted to say a big thank hou to all the kind people who wished me a Happy Birthday. I had a great day and I have a great life!

Benny: Are you scared yet?

Queen Tama: Boys......

All photos by Mr. G.

By the way, we just noticed that this is blog post #5050 for us!

PSA: Thanks to something we read on Basil's Blog, we thought to take a look at our comment spam folder, and there we found almost 300 comments by our friends which had been tagged as spam, some dating back many years but most of them recent. So, if you are on Blogger and haven't checked your spam folder recently, take a look!

Wednesday, 29 March 2023

Woofie Wednesday


Ollie: Woofs, Everyone! Ollie here! I wanted to do something really special for #1's return, to show her how much I love her, so I found something that was absolutely delicious to roll in. I have no idea why she was not impressed or even a little pleased! She started out by using something called "Dirty Dawg" on me as a dry wash, and then yesterday, her friend Ms. R, came over and I had to have a whole body shampoo with something called "Dirty Beastie"!

#1 did say that I was really good as she washed me.

And I even got kisses!

And then a nice towel dry:

Tuesday, 28 March 2023

Terrific Tuesday! Momo's FIRST BIRTHDAY!


#1 here. I have returned home just in time to join in the celebrations for our little Momo's first birthday! He started out by being a fun idea in my head, to have a pure white cat to go with the pure black one. But Momo is so much more than just a colour. He has turned out to be a wonderful addition to the Poupounette Gang. He is very sweet ands gentle, but also very playful, and he loves everyone. Benny and Ollie are his best friends. Even Queen Tama tolerates him, and that is saying a lot!

Here are a bunch of photos, starting with the first time I met Momo, to today. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Momo-Chan, from all your fanily! We love you!


Sunday, 26 March 2023

Friday, 24 March 2023

Violette & Co. Vendredi


Violette: #1 came to see us and bring us apples shortly before she left. We know she will be seeing some stunning competition horses where she is going, but she told us that no horse would ever be more beautiful than us as far as she is concerned.

Left to Right: Heloise, The Big V and me!

The Big V and me:

The Big V:

Miss Heloise, looking a little windblown:

Me looking gorgeous...

Profile view of Heloise:

And as she drove home, #1 saw that Mama Hotesse was sending her (and us) a sign:

Thursday, 23 March 2023

Thankful Thursday


Ollie, Benny and Momo: We are thankful to have such wonderful brothers!

Wednesday, 22 March 2023

Woofie Wednesday


Ollie: The weather was nice and spring-like yesterday, so #1 and I hung out for a while in the garden. I had a lot of fun chasing shadows and insects!

#1 leaves this afternoon on the first leg of her journey to Slovakia. She will take a train from Le Mans to the airport, and then stay overnight at an airport hotel. Tomorrow is a general national strike so trains probably won't be running. She is hoping that her flight from Paris to Vienna on Thursday won't be cancelled. She and two judges also going from France will then be met at Vienna airport for the 200km drive to the competition site.

Mr. G, we are ready for you!