Monday 31 October 2011

Manly Monday - Genji at 7 Months!

: Hurray! I get to go first because I am 7 MONTHS OLD today! Here, for a start is my official 7 Months Portrait:

#1 says she is very proud of me and that I am growing beautifully!

I am a pretty laid-back kind of guy...

And I love playing with my woofie brother, Tommy!

It is very manly to play with your woofie bro!!!

Tom: Sigh... Yes, little Genji is well and truly over his initial fear of me...

#1 keeps telling me that I am a saint!

Well, at least I get to run in the fields each and every day! The other day, I got in touch with my inner Greyhound:

And I think I achieved a very manly look when I managed to dye my feet red!

Vidock: I'm coming #1! Coming for cuddles!

Yes! It is very manly to roll in mud so you are totally caked in it!

You want a close-up? Sure. Why not?

Bibi-Chan: Rolling in mud?! That Vidock has some very strange ideas... I personally like to be a model of good grooming:

So that my furs always gleam:

Oh, and since it is Halloween tonight, how about a slightly scary picture of me?

Can you see the Ghost Cat in the background...?!

Sunday 30 October 2011

Snuggles on Sunday - The Extra Hour!

Our clocks went to winter time last night so we got a whole extra hour in bed, making it our favourite weekend of the year. Still, #1 is going around muttering about not forgetting to feed Tommy earlier so she can take him out for his run just after 5pm as it will be dark by 6pm.

In other news, Genji went around all yesterday evening meowing (well, more chirping in his case...) with joy now that Lady Catherine Bastet has told him that he is "the sweetest, most beautiful kitten in the cyberworld." In celebration, he had a mega-snuggle with #1 last night!

Following advice from our friends, we organised a nap pile yesterday afternoon with #1. She took a nap in the back room and we took turns attending to her.

First there was Sei-Chan:

Then came my Bibi:

Genji first attended to the wingside, having discovered the snuggly sleeper!

And then moved over to share #1's pillow!

As for me, Dear Friends, I was already fast asleep elsewhere and it was just too much effort to get up. I am planning to be there today! In the meantime, here is an archive shot for your pleasure!

Sei-Chan has of course been snuggling with Tommy:

And here is Tommy snuggling with his stuffie:

Saturday 29 October 2011

Stay-In SEIturday

It's a rather dull day out there today, although it is warm. We have been reading about the big snowstorm heading towards the East Coast and hope our friends there will be safe. #1 says she has caught some kind of bug (a BUG??!) and, aside from necessary ROTE and Tommywalks, she is staying in this weekend. We agree.

I will keep her desk chair warm and welcoming:

and then keep her warm when she actually sits on it:

Or keep an eagle eye on her from the radiator by the window:

And encourage her to take naps:

It's going to be a busy weekend!

PS: We are all charmed by the comments being left lately by the Lady Catherine Bastet, except for little Genji who is going around looking totally crestfallen and repeating "I don't think she likes me." He's not a bad sort, you know, little Genji... Just young and sometimes overly enthusiastic. I hate to see him looking sad.

Friday 28 October 2011

Frootbats and Flying Ears on Friday

We cannot believe that it is already Friday. We have had some very nice days this week but it's misty and a bit grey today. The autumn colours are particularly lovely this year, with more red than usual (we generally get mostly yellow and brown).

But I digress... Friday is Frootbat day! I will kick off today with one of my rather razor-like bats. The photo is of course dedicated to Lady Catherine Bastet!

And here are some rather fetching Mama-Tama-Bats:

Glowing Sei-Bats:

And oversized Gen-Bats!

Plus, of course, one pair of Flying Ears!

or rather a whole flying Tommy!

Thursday 27 October 2011

Thankful Thursday

: We are a little late in posting today as #1 went off to have a massage this morning (under my supervision) for which she is enormously thankful.

I am thankful that she has taken me with her to lunches and dinners this week. Behold the scene last night:

#1 really has excellent friends!

We are thankful that the nice chimney sweep guy came today. so we can make a roaring fire in the fireplace tonight! Bibi-Chan supervised that project:

The Chans are all thankful that bedtime for #1 is treat-time for all of them, and they all gather around in expectation every evening!

And I am very thankful that #1 always lets me take a toy along when we go visiting!

And we were most intrigued by the comments left by "Lady Catherine Bastet" yesterday! Needless to say, Bibi and I are utterly charmed...

Wednesday 26 October 2011

One Day Late Wednesday

It did not escape my attention that "somekitten" hijacked my Tuesday post yesterday. The nerve! Well, I can tell you one thing; it's not going to be "Whippersnapper Wednesday" anytime soon!

Now where was I? I have of course been resting, as is my responsibility as Queen of this household:

Finding sunny spots can be exhausting work this time of year...


And we are still getting some fine days, so there is cat run patrol duty. Here I am, trying out one of our new stumps!

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Tuesday TAIL



Or is that a "Prelude to a Snuggle"?

Or maybe just a "handle" on things?

Anyway, I love that fire blankie...

Monday 24 October 2011

Manly Monday Miscellany

: We have been enjoying some beautiful sunny days of late and I have been working extra-hard taking #1 on walks.

Remember the cows that were in our garden a few days ago (yes, they were cows, not sheep!)? Well, they escaped so many times that their owner had to take them away to a different field. And in their place yesterday was this gorgeous girl:

She is a Percheron and, as you can see, of a very different build from Vidock. She is a heavy draft type. And she is extra-snuggly!

In other news, little Genji is becoming quite a climber!

Whilst the Beebs is busy looking manly...

And Vidock is enjoying the last of the summer grass:

Sunday 23 October 2011

Snuggles on Sunday - Softly, Softly...

We would like to thank everyone for the lovely comments yesterday. They really warmed our hearts and we feel so fortunate to have a community that is so supportive and caring.

We are taking excellent care of #1. The weather has been lovely and so Tommy has been taking her out on numerous walks and making sure she always has a ball to throw. And we have of course all been snuggling away. She went to spend the day yesterday with some cousins but when she returned, we were all at our posts next to her in the evening:

You can't see me but I was supervising from on top of a large pile of freshly ironed sheets.

Sei-Chan got in some extra snuggles with #1:

As has Genji, #1's #1 snuggle-buddy!

Our usual snuggle programme continues of course. Here is my Bibi with Tommy:

and me too, of course!

And our big little brother Vidock is always ready to give #1 a smooch:

Wishing you all a snuggly, sunny and peaceful Sunday.