Monday 10 October 2011

Manly Monday - Uncensored!

: So, it's 'Tocktober, right? And it's Manly Monday, right? So..... Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaa!

#1 keeps saying "enjoy'em while you got'em...." It sounds like she has something nasty in mind.

Tom: My apologies for little brother. He is a bit shameless. I'm going for the wet look instead:

And the sleek and speedy look too!

Vidock: I can do sleek and speedy too!

That move is known as "galloping for cuddles"! Quick and I were heading over to #1 and her visitors.

Thanks, everyone, for all the great Gotcha Day wishes. You're the best!

Bibi-Chan: True manliness consists of finding a lap to sit on and a hand to give you cuddles!


  1. I'm in shocked ! Genji, I think your thing talk to ME !!!!!

  2. Hang on to your nards while you can, little friend. The chemicals they produce might make you a little nutty at times, but they also help protect your bones and stuff.


  3. :Shock: Genji ~ yoo are a getting to be a BIG boy! MOL!

  4. My goodness Genji...*blush* oh MYYYYY! YOu are all grown up! Love seeing you and Tommy and Quick and Vidock this beautiful morning.

  5. Oh My Cat. There is no doubt that you're a mini-mancat, buddy!

    P.S. Fui had his bits until he was 6 months as we couldn't find a vet in Townsville who would do it earlier. He has mostly white furs on his back end. But the furs on his bits were black. They stood out a mile! :O


  6. Woah! That's some tocks right there. All we're saying is, keep a close eye on them, they have a nasty habit of disappearing when you least suspect it.

  7. In our crystal ball we see a car journey for Genji in the near future! Bibi are you enjoying some lap time? When Vidock arrives for his cuddle does his friend get a cuddle too?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Now that is one heck of a tock picture. Poor Genji. Bibi you are so smart to find that great lap. Hope all have a super day or night what ever it is where you are.

  9. Laughing. Had to look at that pic twice to work it out :D

    Nice cuddle pix, galloping and otherwise.

    Pippa and Katherine

  10. Ahem, wow, Gen-chan, some amazing 'tocks you have there hehe. Excellent wet look, Tommy and Vidock is quite manly while galloping with Quick. Bibi-chan sure has the right idea!

  11. Genji, I don't think there are many mancats on the catblogosphere that can show a picture like that! If you got 'em, flaunt 'em!

    Vidock, that is so sweet that you come galloping for cuddles!

  12. WAOHHH! Gen-chan! Enjoy them while you can little one. Keep a sharp eye out for #1 cos ours disappeared one day.We don't know where they went!

    the amigos

  13. Genji! We can give you some competition with Jura-ninja's munat! Where's Äiti with her camera..........

    That was indeed VERY manly Monday (even if you don't know what to do with them yet....)

  14. OMC!!! You did not give me enough warning so I could cover my eyes with my paws!!!! Boycats, you are impossible!

  15. WOW!!! You certainly are a little Mancat Genji! heehee Yup. we think #! has something in mind too ;)
    We love all of you handsome Mancats and agree with the Beebs, a good lap and pat is wonderful!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  16. I do love the cool speedy look and agwee wif Bibi Chan..a manly fuwwkid doesn't need to show ow pwoove anything, but is content to be comfowtabull in theiw own fuww.smoochie kisses

  17. Wowzers - what more can we say!!! BOL

    We think we would gallop for cuddles too, Vidock.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. Happy Tocktober to you too, Gen-chan! Little Princeton is not far behind you! What an excellent day fur cuddles! Surely Vidock got cuddles too? xoxo

  19. What the? ::momma Ellie zooms in and places paws over Cory's eyes::

    Genji!!!!! Now Cory...look away while I have mom scroll down a bit...::scroll:: Ah there is Tommy and Vidock...ok Cory you can look again.

    Sheesh! Boys....

  20. LOL! We might need a Not Safe for Work warning on this post!

  21. Mom says something about a Jerry Lee Lewis song now!

    PeeEssWoo: Oh Tommy!

  22. WOW! Tocks with ho-ha's! Don't get to see too many of those.

  23. Bokeh is telling him to run so they can't take them away. He just had his come up missing so he tries to warn all his dude pals. :)


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