Saturday 1 October 2011

Six Months Old on SEIturday!

Let's make one thing perfectly clear: today is MY day, OK?! I have decided to be generous and give pipsqueak a little space to celebrate his SixMonthDay but that's it! I get to have my "Sei" first!

Like the rest of the gang, I have breathed a huge sigh of relief to have #1 back with us. Today is going to be the best day yet: she doesn't have to go out at all. All day!!!

Today, I thought I would show you my excellent work floofilating the Zabuton Japanese cushion I like to nap on:

We have had gorgeous weather all week so have been spending lots of time out in the run. There are still lots of lovely green things to sniff out there!

But of course, one also has to come indoors sometimes for a little refreshment...

or banana playtime!

Ok, ok, OK! You can have the rest of the post.....

GENJI (aka Gen-Chan): The Shining Prince here! Can you believe that I am now SIX MONTHS OLD?! #1 keeps telling me not to grow too fast but she thinks that's wishful thinking given how much I eat...

Here I am this morning, looking rather serious (in fact I was closely observing a little ray of light that was moving on the wall).

Also this morning, enjoying some playtime!

I love everything about being a member of The Poupounette Gang, but what I love best (other than cuddles with #1) is my big brother Bibi. I want to be just like him when I grow up!

From #1, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan,
Bibi-Chan, Tommy and Vidock


  1. Happy, happy sixmonthday, Genji! You are growing up real good!

  2. Happy Sixmothday, Genji, and we are glad you wnat to be just like Bibi! We like him lots. Sei, there seem to still be lots of green things to sniff and check out in the run- do you chew any of them?

  3. Happy sixth month day Genji -we think Bibi is a great role model for you - you'll learn all sorts of tricks to surprise #1 with - ha!
    Are you all taking it in turns to sit on #1 to make certain she doesn't go out apart from Tommy's walks and to see Vidock.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Happy 1/2 birthday Gen-Chan! We think that it is great that you eat a lot (we love food too) and soon you will tower over the rest of the gang (well not Tommy and Vidock). Have a great day!

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  5. Happy 6 month birthday. You are growing and thriving and a beautiful member of the Poupounette family. And I'm glad that you and your brother Bibi are so close. YOu have someone to show you every step of the way in case you have things to ask him. xoxo

  6. SEI-CHAN we are very glad you got your say - not everything should stop for these young upstarts! But we do wish Gen-Chan a happy half year. And it is most excellent your #1 has been confined to barracks to celebrate it with you.

  7. Sei-Chan you are way to nice. Pipsqueak is going to think he's boss soon
    Benny & Lily

  8. Happy 6-months day, Gen-Chan! Your are growing into a beyootiful kitteh! We luf those pics! xoxo

  9. Sei-Chan you generosity astounds me. Did you get treats and extra loving for that?

    Happy 6 month birthday Gen-Chan!

  10. Happy Sixmonthday Pipsqueak! I mean, Genji! It was nice of Sei-Chan to let you have a bit of the SEIturday post.

  11. Happy Half-Birthday, Genji! Being six months old is so cool, we rememeber it well. Have lots of fun and enjoy all that quality playtime!
    Siena & Chilli

  12. ゲンちゃん! Happy sixmonthday!! I agree with #1, please don't grow too fast! But it's so nice to see you grow healthy and happy :-)

  13. Happy 6 month purrthday Genji, you are growing into one good looking mancat.

  14. Happy half-birthday, Genji! How great that you got to have #1 home all day on your special day!

  15. Sei-chan, you are a very generous discus. Happy 6 months day, Gen-chan!!!

  16. Happy six month Genji! I am not so sure #1 wants you to be just like HouBibi :)

    p.s. Sei-Chan you are looking very pretty as always.

  17. Dear Genji - I am sorry I missed your six montherversay! I blame my secretary. Love Rose x

  18. Dear Genji - I am sorry I missed your six montherversay! I blame my secretary. Love Rose x


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