Wednesday 31 August 2016

Wednesday Whinnies

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone! Did you miss me? It seems like absolute ages since I posted anything much about myself. Let me start with this nice close-up:

I had a hooficure a few days ago. I really needed it because I had lost both my shoes (I only wear them on my front hooves) in the field. 

Afterwards, #1 hung out with me and let me have some nice green grass along the verges. You know what they always say about it being greener...

And then, she took this really awesome picture of me. Someone who saw it called me "the velvet horse"! 

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend! Because I was such a good boy at my big event, Mr. JP is taking me to do all kinds of fun stuff at the moment. Yesterday, we went to the river!

#1 took that from a bridge that spans the river.

I had a great time splish splashing!

And #1 took some artistic photos:

We're going again on Friday, and this time, Mr. O, the documentary film-maker is coming to film some footage!

Tuesday 30 August 2016

Tama-Chan's Tips on Tuesday

Tama-Chan: I think I have made a major discovery! You know when #1 is so busy that she doesn't have time to take photos of us to post on the blog? Well, the trick is to look so irresistibly cute that, however busy she may be, she just stops in her tracks and gets out her camera (it's always in her pocket). Here are a few tips for you.

For example, here I was, getting a bit of sun on #1's bed:

And I just looked up at her:

And you know that full body dangle that my Beebs posted yesterday? Where do you think he learned it?

Nice furnishing fabrics always help too!

And then there is opportunity. Never miss a good opportunity!

Especially when your younger siblings are busy stuffing their faces...

Monday 29 August 2016

Manly Monday

Genji: Apparently, the humans have a saying that goes "a picture is worth a thousand words" so...

Da Genj... Da Mancat!!!!

Da Beebs: I believe in conserving energy, so here is a full body dangle for you:

Tommy: Just call me CamoPup!

Vidock: I am still working through pics of my big event. Here I am with my good friend from Italy, Ms. S. She is quite famous and does all kinds of shows with her black Percheron stallion!

 Have a great week, everyone!

Sunday 28 August 2016

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: After all the recent absences and early departures, we are determined to enjoy our snuggles at the moment, despite the torrid heat. So, for the past couple of days, #1 has awakened in the mornings to all of us around her.

My snuggle location of choice is on her left side in bed:

As you can see, Tommy was not far away:

And of course, neither was Sei-Chan:

The boys were both on #1's right side:

Da Genj had some "on" time:

 And my Beebs also had some downstairs snuggle time:

Here is a slightly blurry pic from last Sunday of Tommy giving his Mummie, Minnie. a kiss:

 A snuggle selfie of Violette and #1:

And an older snuggle pic of #1 with the Big V from the big event:

Wishing you all a very Snuggly Sunday!

Saturday 27 August 2016


Sei-Chan: Did you gather that we have had more craziness here the past couple of days, with #1 rushing off at ungodly hours to go and help with judging the likes of this?

No? We couldn't believe it either but it's a fact. Now she tells us that she will actually be home and there will be no more madness for at least two weeks. Yes. You got that right. Two weeks...

Anypaw, I do have one or two pictures for you, thank goodness. Here I am, trying to keep cool in front of one of our blowy machines:

And eyeing #1 suspiciously from my basket above her desk:

I hate to say this but I am beginning to think the woman cannot be trusted...

I shall be keeping a very close watch on her.

Friday 26 August 2016

Feline Friday With Da Genj

Genji: Miaow, Everyone? How are you all doing? We are a bit melty at this end as it is very hot at the moment. We have no A/C here but the downstairs in our house stays nice and cool so that is where we hang out. And it has been cooling off at night a little.

Anypurr, I decided there really hadn't been enough photos of my handsome self lately, and so convinced #1 that I needed a post all to myself. I hope you agree. Let's kick off with this shot of me snoozing in the sun downstairs, on the back of Tommy's sofa:

And here I am, hanging loose in one of the sky hammocks in the study:

Showing a bit of lavender pawpad in this one... 

There was an interesting box lurking on the dining room table, and I decided to investigate:

And a whisker shot as a bonus!

And how about a glowing Frootbat shot to end this post?

 Have a great weekend, Everyone!

Thursday 25 August 2016

Tommy's Thankful Thursday!

Tommy: Even though #1 is leaving us most of today and all of tomorrow as she is volunteering at an international (horse) driving competition, I have many things to be thankful for. As you know, this past Sunday was my 9th birthday and I got to spend it with my Mummie, Daddy, Aunt, three sisters and niece, as well as my breeders, Ms. A and Mr. R. How lucky can a woofie be?

We got there mid-afternoon on Saturday. I had a bit of a romp with everyone, especially my ball-loving sisters, Sophie and Lydia:

We then went off on our first birthday outing, at a place called Granville which is on the coast. We stopped for some refreshments. I was so pleased to be with Ms. A!

And in the evening, I got to go out to the restaurant with them! They were very welcoming and brought me a bowl of water!

 The next day, we went to an agricultural fair and my Mummie, Minnie, got to come along too! Here we are together at the fair (my Mummie has the green collar):

My Mummie is 13 years young and lovely as ever!

 And on our way back from the fair, we stopped to see an old horsey friend and enjoyed some mother and son exploring:

In the evening, we took my sister Sophie with us for a big romp on the beach:

And we went straight to dinner from there:

On Monday morning, I got in some good playtime with my sisters before we left:

Here are my sisters Sophie and Lydia:

 Remember my niece, little Miss Emily?

And here is my Daddy, Joe. He is 14, he is blind in one eye and his hind legs don't work well, but he still loves his ball!

It was really hard to say goodbye to everyone after the best birthday weekend ever!

But when we got home, we found out we were invited for drinks that evening with our neighbours, including Fernant and Damia! 

I am spending the afternoon today with Fernant, and then all of tomorrow with Damia. It is very hot here at the moment, up to 37C (almost 100F).

Oh, and here is our official birthday portrait, of #1 and me, taken on the beach on our birthday: