Monday 30 June 2008

Too Much Loving?

SEN-CHAN here. Now that I have had three (or was it four?) meals and my morning and noon-time naps, I am ready to blog!

#1 and I have been having a deep philosophical discussion about whether there can be too much loving. You see, I adore her and I adore cuddles. We have lots of cuddles at bedtime and then she falls asleep! And I mean she is OUT. By 6 or 7am , it will have been HOURS since our last shared cuddles and I simply cannot stand it anymore! So, I show her just how much I love her with lots of nose licks and also eyelid licks and I simply do not understand why she is not happier!? Can there really be too much loving? Are humans strange?

The phone often rings early in the morning and then something #1 calls a fax machine starts churning out very chewable items she calls work. I like to supervise this process and, as needed, place my seal of approval on the sheets:

The Field of Treasures by Tom

This is TOM. I get to go first today! I want to tell you that it is the most gorgeous day here and #1 had the best time in "our" field this morning. The field is behind our house and I started playing there the day after I came to live here. Back then, it was barren but now it is so full of the most wonderful stuff! It has not been cultivated in 3 years, according to #1, so everything is growing there. There are trees, cereals, bushes, delicate little flowers, and all kinds of bugs! The grass in places is chest-high to a human so I can hide and leap out of it! Here I am, flying through it


#1 says she loves to see my ears flying when I run!

By the way, today, I sprung a bird for the first time. You know that this is what I am designed to do... spring birds. #1 wasn't too happy about it. She called the red partridge "Gwendoline" and apparently, she is a friend. But I didn't harm her. It was more like the kids who run after seagulls on the beach to make them fly. Wheeeee...................

Would you like to see the view from the field?

All that running and leaping is pretty exhausting, so I occasionally need to take a rest:

Sunday 29 June 2008


SEN-CHAN: Now that you know me. I thought you might like to see what I looked like when I first came to live with #1. 

Here I am the day I arrived:

Pretty cute, don't you think?

I settled in pretty quickly. Here I am a couple of weeks later:

I made sure I stuck close to #1:

And then Tom arrived and I had a friend for life!

TOM: My turn! When I first met #1, I was surrounded by my brothers and sisters who were making SO much noise. When we slept, it was in heaps!

I settled in quickly and Madrac from next door, who is 12 and a real lady, taught me a lot:

I had a great bed, with my name on it, and a teddy!

And a big field to play in...

BY CHRISTMAS, we were completely settled in to our new home and ready to enjoy all that life had to offer us:


Welcome to the World of Sen-Chan and Tom, deep in rural France! This is where we live but we are a pretty international threesome (that includes #1 who looks after us, also sometimes referred to as Ms.V). Sen-Chan has a Japanese name. In fact, his full name is SENGIKUMARU (千菊丸). Tom has English parents (Minnie and Joe) and was born in Normandy, and #1 has been a bit of a nomad thus far.

Anyway, first and foremost introductions from the protagonists:

SEN-CHAN: I was born on July 9, 2007, at a cattery
called Apelsinam. I am a sorrel Aby. Like most Abys, I am both very active and interactive. Unlike the conventional wisdom on Abys, I talk a lot and have wide vocabulary of sounds. I love to eat but am slim as a whip. I am an indoor cat but they sometimes called me "Houdini" because I love to escape, and I do occasionally go out in my handsome red harness. I love toys but don't have many as goofy Tom steals them all and chews them up. I moved in with #1 on October 31 and was sick right off the bat, so have had more than my fair share of visits to the vet over the months, but everyone says I look great! I love everyone and specialise in my very own cuddle, the "nose-lick" - no nose is safe from me!

TOM: No fancy name for me! Just T.O.M. (no it does not stand for "The Outstanding Male" although I think I am). I was born in Normandy. There were seven of us pups running around when #1 came to visit. She was looking for a little girl but my breeders kept telling her that I was the best of the bunch, a real "gent" and she eventually believed them. I moved in on December 1st. I am in total awe of my big brother, Sen-Chan, who tries to keep me tidy and clean, and who is very wise. I have a couple of great pals in Madrac, an older yellow lab lady who lives next door, and Pie, a beautiful Beauceron mix who lives with Ms. A, a friend of #1's. The most important thing you should know about me is that I LOVE MY FRISBEE!

So what's with the name THE POUPOUNETTE?
Sen-Chan's nickname is "Poupounet" which means "cute little baby" in French and when #1 first did a newsletter with us, she was looking for something that had the feel of "gazette" which led to "Poupounette." It's unique!