Monday 15 April 2024

Manly Monday


Benny: Happy New Week, Everyone, and welcome to the post featuring the best boys, ie all the boys, of The Poupounette! We had a great time yesterday celebrating Ryū-Chan's first birthday. Mr. G took some great pics, so here are some:

And here I am giving Mr. G's Dad a good licking!

Ryū-Chan: I had a visit from someone called Rainbow Beebs, and I paid him my respects.

Momo-Chan: This is me wearing my scary face. Are you scared?

Ollie: Mr. G took this nice pic of me out in the garden.

We wish you all a very good week!

Sunday 14 April 2024

Sunday Celebration! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYŪ


In this Year of the Dragon, our very own little Dragon, Ryū-Chan (full name URYŪ 雨竜 or Rain Dragon, and pedigree name Ultimo de Pippin's Pride) is celebrating his FIRST BIRTHDAY today! He was the last kitten by his mother Piccolo (aka Pickle) who has now been retired and is living a life of leisure, and was a singleton.

Here he is, just after he was born:

And shortly thereafter:

Here he is at about two months:

Ryū: When #1 met up with my breeder half-way to hand me over, I was about three and a half months old. Here I am with Ms. V:

I spent my first few days at Poupounette Central in quarantine in the guest bathroom, getting to know #1.

I then came out and met my bros, Benny and Momo.

And of course Queen Tama!

#1 says I was already a very handsome boy!

And a very wise one!

I loved my new family and ate all my food and grew like a good boy! By six months, I was apprenticed to Queen Tama.

And I was growing nicely!

My brother Momo, in particular, has been a great mentor!

I learned about sleeping under the covers with #1:

There was this big guy called Ollie... I found him a bit scary at first but both my kitty bros adore him, so I got closer:

Then I had my first Christmas! We all got special collars!

I have continued to grow, but apparently not "into my ears"!

I love my family!

And I adore my #1!

Here is my official birthday portrait:

Little Dragon, you have enriched all our lives since you joined our family. We wish you a VERY HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY and Many Happy Returns of the Day. May you be healthy and strong, and always keep that wonderful sense of fun and adventure! We love you!

From your #1, your "mentors" Benny and Momo, your "sensei" Queen Tama, your pal Ollie, and the big horses Vidock, Violette, and Heloise. 😻💖🐱

Saturday 13 April 2024

Sei-Chan's Souvenir Saturday


Rainbow Sei: As you know, it has been a busy week here at The Bridge. It has also been a busy week for #1 who hasn't been able to take the time to trawl through old photos on her other computer, so this will be a somewhat curtailed post, without everyone present. We hope you won't mind.

Let's kick off with one of our beloved Tommy, another of #1's many favourites of him:

Here is a nice Globat one of me:

And a funny Globat and tongue out combo of Genji!

Da Beebs seldom looked anything other than regal:

And lovely Hotesse:

Don't forget to come and visit tomorrow because a certain little Dragon will be celebrating his first birthday!

Friday 12 April 2024

Family Friday


Ollie: Woofs, everyone! Are we the only ones to notice a sharp drop in the number of comments on our blog? Queen Tama was quite miffed when she only got seven comments on Tuesday... We are checking the spam folder regularly and finding some good stuff in there!

Anywoof, #1 has been taking me for walks up the lane and she took this nice pic of me with the bluebells:

The kitty boys were quite excited when #1 bought a couple of simple scratchers snd glued them together to make a really big one.

Here is one of Momo and Ryū waiting for their morning treats. Benny was still in bed!

Queen Tama enjoying a restful moment, with little Ryū not far behind:

On the subject of family, #1 went to visit Vidock's family earlier this week. His Daddy, Orgueil, is a grand old man of 23 but still looks great. You can see where The Big V got his kissing spot from, can't you?

She also saw his older half sister, Sissi, who had the same Mama:

And this is his older half brother, Tom. He has the kissing spot, so they have the same Dad!

Thursday 11 April 2024

Thankful Thursday - True Thankfullness


Today, we are most thankful for being together, having a loving #1 and also a loving Mr. G. We know we are very lucky because many do not have these gifts. We also know that each day is precious. This week, we said goodbye to a very old friend, Gemini over at Cat Post Intelligencer. They have not blogged for a while, but there is a lovely tribute post for Gemini here. Our handsome friend Lightning over at The Chronicle of Woos has also run off north of the Rainbow Bridge, where the huskies gather. He was also a long time blogging friend and we shall miss him.


Friends of #1 also lost their beautiful filly, Oriana, yesterday. She was less than two months old and we can barely imagine their sadness, and the sadness of her Mama. 

So, even on days when we are not feeling at our best and friendliest, we must remember how precious each life is and be deeply thankful for every breath and every moment.

The cherry tree that stands over Tommy and Bibi's graves is in full bloom this week. We will always remember them and always love them.