Saturday 31 December 2022

Sei-Chan's Souvenir Saturday


Rainbow Sei: Hello, Everyone, and welcome once again to the day of the week when we make sure you don't forget any of us who have gone to the Bridge! Today is the last day of what has been a pretty tough year for our #1, and our dearest wish is that the next year will be much more gentle on her, and that all our pals at Poupounette Central and Ms. C's have a healthy and happy one too!

I have prepared for you an assortment of photos that were all taken between December 31st and January 3rd. In no particular order:

Sen-Chan, just a few days before he left for the Bridge:

Yuu-Chan looking very cozy:

Me in my hammock:

The first amongst us, Ikkyu:

Me and Yuu-Chan:

Tommy looking mysterious!

Mama Hotesse:

A great group shot of Tommy, Genji and Da Beebs:

#1, Tommy.... and a slipper...!

Genji looking regal:

Da Beebs looking serious!

And our buddy, Trav. He has finally come out of his shell and is enjoying being part of our Rainbow Gang! He managed to find his brother, Manoush, who was our neighbour for some years, and that made him so happy.

Friday 30 December 2022

Vidock & Co. Vendredi


The Big V: Handsome neighs, everyone! I hope you are all well and busy counting down to the end of teh year. Not sure what a year is, but #1 says that's a lot of apples and carrots.

Anyneigh, when it's chilly out there, eating well is a great way to keep warm, and Ms. C keeps us well supplied with delicious hay. Let me tell you, a fresh bale is a particularly fabulous thing!

Miss Violette took advantage of us being busy with the new bale to sneak in some extra treats from #1 (Correction from #1: Vidock doesn't let Violette get anywhere near me when I have treats, so Violette and I have developed a strategy so she can get her share).

Can you believe that? Aspersions being cast on my ability to share? Look: Heloise is just behind me (and she had better not come any closer...).

Heloise: Don't worry. #1 also makes sure that I get my fair share!

Thursday 29 December 2022

Thankful Thursday


The Chans: Today, we are thankful that our #1 serves us four square meals a day when she is home! Plus crunchies!!!

And yes, we are served on the kitchen table because a certain woofie would steal our food otherwise!

Tuesday 27 December 2022

Tama-Chan's Throwback Tuesday


Tama-Chan: So, it's that neither here nor there week, between the two holidays. It's been mostly grey and not very conducive to taking photos, but then I had an idea! Thirteen years ago, I had my four kits in early December and by Christmas, they were pretty active. It's possible that we did not even know quite a few of you back then, so I thought I would share some pics of back then. Here goes:

#1 said that I was an amazing mother, but once I was done, I was DONE, which is why I was a tad annoyed when that Bibi boy decided that he was going to hang around... I miss him now, though.

There is something else I wanted to mention. Today marks four years to the day since we lost our beloved Tommy, the best woofie that a cat could ever hope to know. He was so kind to me and my kits when they were tiny. Here are some pics:

We will never forget you, Tommy. We hope you are having fun up at The Bridge, along with Da Beebs, Ikkyu, Sen-Chan, Yuu-Chan, Sei-Chan, Genji and Hôtesse.

Monday 26 December 2022

Manly Monday


Ollie: It was a very quiet Christmas Day for us at Poupounette Central but we have some exciting things planned for this week. On Wednesday, Mr G and family, Ms. C plus #1's cousin, Mr, P, are all coming to lunch! And then on Friday, #1's friends from Luxembourg are coming to spend a few days here on their way back from England. We are looking forward to all of it.

Little Momo has discovered a new game of getting under things and then pouncing, so here I am indulging him:

And here I am hanging with my bro, Benny:

Benny is certainly looking very Christmasy!

Momo was not amused by our attempts to put the Santa hat on him! We'll try again.

And The Big V is looking handsome as ever!

Sunday 25 December 2022

Christmas Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: As it is Sunday and I am the Queen I get to host our Christmas post. First of all, we would like to wish a Very Merry Christmas to all our friends who celebrate. Here is our card:

And since Christmas this year falls on a Sunday, we will also include some snuggle shots! I'll kick off with me snuggling with #1:

Here is Benny snuggling #1's legs in bed:

Not quite a snuggle, but I did get pretty close to that white fluffball named Momo:

Here we have Ollie and Benny snoozing together:

The light is not great on these next two, but here I am snuggling with #1 AND that hooligan, Benny! That's what I call the Christmas spirit!

It's still quite rare for Momo to come and snuggle but here he is, snuggled up to #1 in bed:

Lately, Benny has become quite the lap cat and he snuggles with #1 every evening:

We still don't have any viable snuggle pics with the horses, but #1 took this really sweet pic yesterday of Violette getting a piece of hard stale bread:

We wish all of you a lovely day filled with warmth and those you love.

Saturday 24 December 2022

Sei-Chan's Souvenir Saturday


Rainbow Sei: Hello from the Bridge, Everyone. We can see that while Europe is getting unseasonably warm weather, North America is in a deep freeze. Stay safe and warm, everyone!

In today's post, we will look back to Christmases past, when we were still with our #1 at Poupounette Central:

Here I am, wearing my lovely Beastie Band Christmas Collar. #1 put it on Benny this year and he has already managed to lose it somewhere in the house. That boy is some naughty!

Here is a cute one of #1 sharing a Christmas cuddle with Tommy:

Going way back, here is Ikkyu opening one of his gifts:

Genji wearing a lovely Christmas collar:

And a cute Santa hat!

A great classic shot of Da Beebs and Tommy:

With a Beebsy close-up. Da Beebs really loved Christmas!

And here is baby Sen-Chan checking out the tree:

We don't have any specifically seasonal shots of Yuu-Chan who only spent one Christmas with us, but here he is, sleeping on the radiator on Christmas Day!

And Tommy looking somewhat long-suffering in his antler ears to close the selection!