Friday, 16 December 2022

Family Friday


Benny: It's not true that I am a naughty boy, or that she has put me on sale!!!! We are family and we stick together!

My bro, Ollie, said he would stand by me!

I'm a good kitty, #1! I can't help myself if the toys on that tree are the best!


  1. Of course you are a good boy Benny, those toys are too tempting!

  2. Benny, you must understand that families are all the same. We love one another fiercely, even when we annoy one another. And you are oh so handsome!!

  3. Benny, every family has an adventurer.
    You are that adventurer.
    Curious, friendly and loving.
    Do not change!
    #1 will never sell you.
    Purrs, Julie

  4. No worries, aren't going anywhere!

  5. We know #1 would never put you up for sale, Benny. You're too cute to ever be mad at.

  6. Charlee: "Yeah, that is quite possibly the most cozy couch I have ever seen. I think Mama and Dada need to get a couch like that."
    Java Bean: "Oh yeah, lots of pillows for me to pull off!"
    Chaplin: "Careful Bean or you might get put up for sale too."
    Lulu: "Nobody is putting anybody up for sale! Not Benny, and not Bean, either!"

  7. Hey Momo, our Macy loves the toys on the tree too!

  8. Benny, the Cat Toy Tree is so much fun. Mom is furry pleased I have only knocked down 1 toy this year. I am much more interested in the new nip nanner that we got the same day the tree went up. You and the others look like you are having the purrfect snoozes! Keep on being awesome, Marv


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