Monday 31 March 2014

Manly Monday

Vidock: #1 said I  could go first again because I have been really good at school recently, even though I was a little naughty with Mr. E yesterday when he took me back to my paddock.

So…on Saturday, Mr. E and Ms. S came over and Mr. E decided that this would be the day that he would try a working collar on me for the very first time. He brought my Daddy's collar which I thought was pretty cool. And I thought I looked pretty nifty in it:

I told you I was a GOOD BOY!

I will share some more photos of this experience with you on Wednesday!

Da Genj and Da Beebs: The other day, we were sitting at the window in the kitchen and there was a baby lizard! He looked so yummy sweet!

No, we didn't catch him. The window was closed. Sigh…

Da Beebs tried being philosophical about it:

But Da Genj is still hopeful…

Tom: I'm so glad #1 can take me to the big field again!

So I can run my heart out.

I'm wiped when I get home!

Have a great week everyone!

PS: Did you know that some humans' brains are in their knees? That is what we feel must be the issue with #1 as she indeed forgot that it is GENJI's BIRTHDAY TODAY! We will do a proper post later in the week but in the meantime, here's to you, Birthday BOY!

Sunday 30 March 2014

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: No doubt about it, all our hard work has paid off and #1 is now walking once more without a cane!

We took turns hanging out with her as she watched TV in the evenings. Here I am with her:

And here is Sei-Chan:

Here is my Beebs having a snuggle with her in the kitchen:

And Da Genj, as usual, somewhat overwhelming in his demonstrations of affection!

How about this cute overload pic of Sei-Chan snuggling with Tommy?

And here she was last week, snuggling with Mr. E!

Tommy again, snuggling with my Beebs:

I of course have also been snuggling with Tommy!

As they haven't featured on the blog this past week, #1 not having been over there, we do have a special "V" snuggle section today!

The Big V had a very exciting day yesterday and he will tell you all about it tomorrow. Here he is getting a cuddle from Mr. E at the tail end of it:

And one from Ms. S too (or was she just cleaning out his nostrils?!)

And yes, here he is with #1!!!

If he looks tired, it's because he was!

As for the lovely Miss Violette, here she is with a visiting little girl:

And with #1!

Did you notice what is missing in both those photos with #1? NO CANE!!!

And that's our SoS post for today. Please remember to snuggle in close with all those you love today.

Saturday 29 March 2014


Sei-Chan: Yet another week has gone by and, although we were glad to have #1 at home so much of the week, we are glad that she is walking so much better and should be able to resume normal life soon.

I have resumed my general supervisory duties in addition to nursing her:

And even have a bit of pink toe to show you!

And another "through the cat flap" portrait!

Shows off my green eyes well, don't you think?

I also tried the dangle but, to be honest, I think my sister, Tama, is a lot better at it than I am…

Have a great SEIturday, Dear Friends!

Friday 28 March 2014

Forever Friday

We get quite a lot of rainbows where we live, probably because we get quite a bit of rain!

And they of course make us think of all our family members who are now over the Bridge.

There was Madrac, who was Tommy's "auntie" when he was little (she was also Mad Fernant's predecessor). We think she probably taught him the proper sleeping position:

She was endlessly patient with Little Tommy:

And she taught him how to play bitey face!

She was also good friends with little Sen-Chan when he first came!

And when he grew up and started going out, they would play with each other in the garden:

She and Sen-Chan went to the Bridge only one week apart, so we imagine they found each other pretty quickly and have been hanging together ever since. We like that thought.

Thursday 27 March 2014

Thankful Thursday

Tom: The first thing we are thankful for today is that #1's knee continues to get better. In fact, she has started to forget her stick here and there , which we think is an excellent sign! Paws crossed that a few more days of rest will see her right.

We are also very thankful to be all together and to have had #1 spend so much time with us these past few days. You can see how happy and content we all look:



Da Beebs:


And you know me! I'm always happy!

And last but not least, we are thankful for spring, which continues to make inroads here. There are lovely violets in the garden!

And the first bluebells have begun to flower!

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Whiskers on Wednesday

Da Beebs: #1 looked at this photo of me and giggled:

She says my curly eyebrows are proof positive that I spend too much time on the stove and I will get cooked one day!

Da Genj is always going on about how amazing his whiskers are:

My Mama Tama is into cute these days and she has decided to enter a baby whiskery picture of herself (she was about six weeks old at the time):

And, not to be outdone, Sei-Chan came up with this one of herself at about seven weeks:

Tommy's whiskers are definitely a bit unruly too!

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: It has suddenly turned quite a bit colder but we are still getting a lot of sunshine, so I am concentrating on my furtan at the moment:

#1 says I have been kittenish of late. I tend to roll around in the carpet a lot…

I can't help being cute.

And when I get tired, I take a nap and have sweet dreams!

Occasionally, in the company of my sister, Sei-Chan:

Wishing you all sunshine and good company too.