Sunday 31 May 2009

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: It's a glorious morning here and we are al feeling very frisky! Sei-Chan and I already had a wild bout of chase and wrestle and Tommy of course has been for his run around the castle moat. All feels well with the world!

This week, I have a couple of different angles of me snuggling with my Tommy:

#1 says she regrets not catching the moment when he had his mouth wide open and half of my head was in it!

As I was feeling a little off-colour earlier this week, I spent more time than usual snuggling with #1:

But I confess that, these days, I do spend an awful lot of time snuggling with my little sister Sei-Chan.

#1 says that we display perfect harmony!

And in conclusion, we would like to follow on from our rose photo of the other day with this one of a poppy, the first to flower in our garden!

Have a snuggly Sunday, everyone!

Saturday 30 May 2009

Sei-Chan on Saturday!

My turn at last and the sun is shining here although it is also quite windy. It's another 3-day weekend (May is one long 3-day weekend in France) so everyone is feeling very relaxed.

I have had a great week following #1's return. I really didn't like it when she was gone. My sister Tama-Chan was a bit off-colour for a day or two but she is back on form and we have been having a great time. We made up a fun new game last night: Tama-Chan goes under the covers and I stay on top of the bed and pounce on her as she moves around. I am sure #1 really enjoyed it too!!!

I do love to play! This is one of my favourite toys:

Most of the time, I play on my own but #1 sometimes joins in and sends the ball spinning around really fast. I turn pirouettes as I try to stop it! Or we just gently bat it to one another.

But I have to say that playing with one's siblings is the most fun of all, especially if your sibling happens to have a great tail...

I have also started to play with Tommy. Here we are playing hide and seek:

He really is a great woofie brother!

And after playing really hard, what better than to have a nap!

Friday 29 May 2009

Frootbat Friday!

Tama-Chan: Thank you all for your concern and kind words yesterday. I am feeling a lot better although I can't say I enjoyed all the pills and the liquid that #1 "forced" down me (in the nicest possible way, of course). I had a good breakfast and started off my morning with a wild bout of  THoE with Sei-Chan. Wheeeeeee!

Here are this week's Frootbat offerings:

Yes, that is my tail Miss Pink Frootbat is intent on grabbing...

We also have the "Double Frootbat" effect:

And, as you can imagine, Tommy wanted to include his "Flying Ears Friday" selection which, I must admit, is a rather good one this week!

In conclusion, we were inspired by Marlene over at 9 and Chani's blog to ask #1 to post a photo of one of our roses, taken yesterday

We hope everyone has a great weekend and would like to remind the hard-working students among you to take some time off and resource!

Thursday 28 May 2009

Tommy Thursday

Tom: This will be a relatively short post as #1 has a lot to do, starting with finding places to put away that huge stash of food from England!

But first, a couple of nice photos of me. The first in the field yesterday as I patiently waited for my tennis ball to be thrown:

And a rather nice eye-level close-up taken last night:

As far as the girls are concerned, Sei-Chan's armpit appears to be getting better and she is being very good about licking it only very minimally. Tama-Chan has a bit of an upset tummy today and so is feeling a little sorry for herself. She is on medication following a phonecall to Dr.C. #1 has been going around mumbling about it always being something...

We have a couple of new awards we would like to tell you about, but that will have to wait for another day.

Wednesday 27 May 2009

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Wondering what #1 was up to on her trip to London? It can be summed up in one word: SUPPLIES!!!

Yes, they do sell cat and dog food in France but the choice is nowhere near as good, and the prices are better across the Channel.

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Tama-Chan's Toesday and Awards!

Tama-Chan: We really missed being in touch with all of our friends whilst #1 was away (and we really missed her and Tommy!), but at least  I had my little sister to play and cuddle with! And Uncle U did come over one day to spend time with us. 

You all asked about Sei-Chan's vet visit, and we are happy to tell you that Dr.C thinks it's probably an insect bite which she scratched and scratched and it then became infected. We have a special potion to dab on it and hope she will be all better very soon. I think she also missed her #1 a lot... But I have been taking good care of her, and since today is Toesday, here is a picture of my tender toes around her!

She of course never misses an opportunity to display her lovely pink toesies for all of us to admire!

I tend to be a little more discreet about mine...

As for Tommy, he of course has seriously workmanlike toes, the very same ones that he injures on a regular basis...

We have been given a couple of wonderful awards over the past few days! Thank You!! First, our friend Fenway gave us the International Bloggers Community award:

We are supposed to pass the award on to 7 friends, so we would like to tag Misha at The World According to Misha, (New Zealand), The Amigos at Cat Tales (Singapore), Abby and Stygia at T'Abby Normal (USA), Isis and Setra at Isis Meows (UK), Matilda at I am Matilda (Japan), Hero at There Goes My Hero (The Azores), and Clive at Assistance Dog for Autism (Ireland).

Our friends Siena and Chilli gave us the Super Comments Award which goes to our friends who are most faithful in leaving us comments. It would really not be possible for us to tag just a few friends as so many of you are so kind in visiting us and leaving us comments regularly! So, if yo read our blog and comment on it, consider yourselves tagged!

Monday 25 May 2009

We're Back!!!

Tom: Actually, the most important thing is that #1 is back! She got in a little after 5pm, having set out from London at 8:15am, so it was a long day's drive for her. Fortunately, Ms.A and Pie very kindly delivered me back home, so she didn't have to come and get me. The girls were eagerly awaiting both our returns.

#1 says that the most wonderful thing in the whole world is to wake up in the morning and see all of us there! She hasn't yet had the time to take many photos, but here are a couple of us from last night, just blissed out:

We are off to the vet's this morning.  Sei-Chan developed a bald patch under one armpit whilst #1 was away and she would like Dr.C to check it out as it looks pretty sore.

We're very happy to be back and will be visiting our friends in the course of the day!

Tuesday 19 May 2009

Toesday (and the rest of the week too!)

Tama-Chan: We are late in posting as we have been very busy with our guests and #1 has now told us that she is abandoning us! She is driving to London, with our guests, tomorrow (going through the Channel Tunnel) and she will be back on Sunday. Tommy is going to be staying with his friend Pie, and I will be taking care my little sister, Sei-Chan. Our neighbour will come in twice a day to feed us and clean litter boxes, and Uncle U has promised to come and spend Friday with us, to give us all the cuddles we need.

So, as we will probably not be posting again until Monday, we thought we would give you an early abbreviated version of the rest of the week.

Let's start with today, Toesday:

It is terribly important to keep one's toes clean and shiny!

Moving on to Wednesday which, this week, is "Whiskers on Wednesday"!

Yes, it's me again! I m really not trying to hog the blog. It's just that #1 took all these photos of me!!!

Thursday is Tommy's day. He went off to Chartres this morning with #1 and our guests. Whilst they were visiting the cathedral, #1 found a great space for him to run in.

Those flying ears, of course, are the prefect segue into Friday. Let's see if we can find some suitable Frootbat photos:

That would be the shy frootbat, and this the pink frootbat!

Saturday is Sei-Chan's day, and here she is, looking cute with her bunny:

And finally to Snuggle Day Sunday

The only thing better than a sister to snuggle up against is....

Your woofie brother!

Sorry we haven't been able to visit everyone's blogs properly the last few days, and that we won't be around for the rest of the week, but we look forward to finding out what everyone has been up to as soon as #1 gets back!

Monday 18 May 2009

Manly Monday

Tom: Well, believe it or not, we actually are having some sunshine today! That is just amazing after all the rain and grey skies! #1 and I got up earlier than usual to take our guests to the 7:45am train as they wanted to spend a day in Paris. And then we went for our walk around the chateau. I have been pretty busy since our guests arrived and, as we have been out and about, I have been on the lead more often than usual, something I do NOT like! Still, I always get to run free in the fields, so I can hardly complain...

And after a good game of tennis ball, here is the scene back at home:

The warrior rests, with all vital equipment by his side!

I thought I would also mention that one of our guests has been showing his manly side to the full by spending a great deal of time playing with Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan, and even getting out the Zoom Groom for them!

Now that's the kind of gentlemanly manliness #1 always goes on about!

Sunday 17 May 2009

Sultry Sunday (and a few snuggles)

Tama-Chan: The weather is even more awful than usual, which is a shame as we have visitors from Canada. But They're being good sports about it, and spending their time cuddling us instead.

#1 is busy, as you can imagine, and she says we don't have suitable new snuggle pictures right now, but she did find a portrait of me that has not been on the blog before and in which she says I look sultry. Do you think so?

Well, OK, one snuggly picture...

Sei-Chan seems to have decided I'm her new mummy. #1 is telling me it's good training for me. Training for what, I wonder?

And for you Tommy fans out there:

Saturday 16 May 2009

Sei-Chan on Saturday

Sei-Chan: The weather still stinks, according to those who experience it. We kitties, of course, always enjoy excellent weather indoors!

Last night, I was helping #1 with stuff on the computer and she started muttering about how was she supposed to photograph me, cute as I was.... Any idea what she was going on about?

I have been considering future careers. I am not quite sure yet what I might do with myself, but #1 is saying she thinks that "Diva" would be appropriate.  Hmmm..... Diva, diva, DIVA.... I think I like it!

In the meantime, it's most fun wrestling with my sister, Tama-Chan, first thing in the morning, wen we're both fresh from a good night's sleep.

I am going to hand over the rest of this post t my woofie brother, Tommy, as he had a bit of an adventure this morning, and wants to tell you about it.

Tom: We went to the chateau this morning, even though the weather is yucky. We were about a third of the way around the moat when #1 looked back and decided we should retrace our steps. She had seen something and thought we should go and investigate. What she had seen turned out  be a 6-month old Brittany Spaniel called GUSTO, with fairly unusual colouring. His mistress was a nice young woman and as she and #1 got talking, Gusto and I became acquainted


It is so much fun to make new friends!

Friday 15 May 2009

Friday: Frootbats, Friends and Flying Frisbees!

Tama-Chan: As they say, "Finally Friday"! It has been a week of consistently bad weather and one spectacular thunderstorm a couple of nights ago. But we were not frightened by all the boomies!

I was hugely touched to see that my boyfriend Misha is featuring a photo of me on his Friday post! Thanks, Misha! We also have lost of photos to share with you today, starting with the "Squashed Frootbat" effect:

and then the "Single Frootbat" effect...

And of course, the "Baby Frootbat"....

Talking of babies, Sei-Chan has been making considerable headway in becoming friend with Tommy. She was unsure about him at first, but he has of course won her over with his charm:

Tom: As my sister mentioned, the weather has been truly awful the last few days, but #1 and I have done a remarkable job of finding the few moments between the downpours to enjoy our outdoor frolics. Yesterday afternoon, she even got out my Frisbee for the first time in weeks!