Wednesday 30 November 2016

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

The four Chans at rest in the living room yesterday afternoon. Can you see them all? Tama-Chan is on the back of the sofa on the left. Sei-Chan is on the back of the bigger sofa. Genji is on the back of "his" armchair with the blue Peggy's blankie. And Da Beebs is on the radiator under the window.

Tuesday 29 November 2016

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Hello Dear Friends. I can't believe it has been a whole week since my "Twheezeday" post. I am still not back to normal and #1 is having a hard time telling just how I'm doing. Overproximity syndrome, she suspects. I have now been on my new meds for several days and I am going to Dr. C's this morning, so we will update later on. I am out and about, not hiding or anything. I am eating, demanding treats (especially ham!) and brushies. I screamed at the Blue Boy when he came too close to me. But I am still quite congested, with occasional coughing fits.

We have had some nice sunpuddles and I think that #1 has rather outdone herself in the Tama Portrait category!

I was looking at some light bouncing off the wall!

She even managed to catch me at floor level, when I was having a bit of a wash:

And how about this for a sunpuddle?

I am keeping my paws crossed that I will get a good report:

A gentleman who does energy work and who has already worked on Da Genj, Sei-Chan and Vidock, has been working on me and told #1 I would be fine and she should not worry so much. We all hope he's right. 

VET VISIT UPDATE: I'm better! It' official! We were a little late in setting out for Dr.C's this morning as I confess I hid UTB for a while. But #1 managed to coax me out, and I sang the Aby Anthem all the way (45 minutes), without coughing or sneezing once! The first thing that Dr. C did was to listen to my lungs and my heart. Lungs CLEAR, heart beating normally and sounding fine. I am still not 100% but it does seem that I have turned a corner. I have three more days of antibiotics and I will continue on the diuretics, in diminishing doses, and the heart support meds, for a while. If all goes well, I shall go back to see Dr. C in a month and have a follow-up blood test and x-ray. So, we will continue to keep our paws crossed, but for now, we are happy!

Monday 28 November 2016

Manly Monday

Da Beebs: We finally got some sunpuddles on Sunday, and #1 was out in force with her camera!

By the way, I have a big day coming up next Sunday and I hope you will join me in celebrating!

Da Genj: I have been very good about letting #1 spend more time with my big sis Tama as she hasn't been feeling well, but of course I still sleep with her at night! 

 Here is a shot of me waiting for treats!

Vidock: I should be getting back to work soon, but #1 has been preoccupied with little sis, Tama, and Mr. JP hurt his back, so I am on vacation for a few days longer.

Do you like my proud look?

And my gazing into the distance look?

Tommy: As I live with kitties, I learned when I was young how important it is to bathe and keep yourself looking good, but I do get a big tangled sometimes...

And here I am, hanging with my brother Genj. I had just come in from romping in the fields and my coat was a bit wet.

We wish all of you a good week. #1 will be taking Tama to the vet again tomorrow for a check-up. All paws crossed.

Sunday 27 November 2016

Shnuggles on Sunday...

Tama-Chan: Greetings, Dear Friends, Or should I say ATCHOO! Yes, it's me, Tama. I told #1 that I wanted to do the SoS post, even though I have been feeling poorly.

As you can imagine, i have been spending a lot of time with #1 for the  last few days. I like to sit by her best of all. She cuddles me and also brushes me, which I love.

And here I am with my Tommy (taken before I got really sneezy):

My sister Sei-Chan has been good to me and spent some time sitting with me and #1 

She has also been snuggling with #1:

Did we mention before that she has a thing about #1's hair?

Da Boys have been heavily into undercover snuggles:

I am going to do my very best to be well again by next Sunday, so I can host sans-sneezing. Thanks again so much for your purrs and good vibes. Could you please keep them up for a few more days?

Saturday 26 November 2016


Sei-Chan: I wil tell it to you straight, Dear Friends. This has been a stressful week. My sister Tama is never sick, and she is the rock upon which the Chan world is built, so seeing her unwell has been very perturbing for all of us. I have been a good sister and watched over her as she enjoyed a restorative snooze yesterday:

Yes that is #1 I am sitting on. What happened was that #1 took her shower and was getting dressed when Tama-Chan hopped onto the bed looking for cuddles and comfort. #1 was only half-dressed but did not want to disturbed our Tama, so she just lay back and was there for her. We all stayed like that for over an hour.

In other news, it has been very grey the past few days but I do have a few sunpuddle pics left from last weekend. I am quite pleased with this portrait:


And here is a profile shot:

And here I am, enjoying a snooze on the radiator by the study window:

Wishing you a lovely (and healthy!) SEIturday! 

Friday 25 November 2016

Feline Friday

Tama-Chan: Meeiaow, Dear Friends! I hope you are not getting fed up with seeing my face on the blog... I had to go back to see Dr. C yesterday morning because there had been no clear improvement in my condition, aside from an initial positive reaction to the injectable cortisone. This time, #1 had to leave me there part of the day so Dr. C could get x-rays, draw blood and study the situation closely. The upshot is that we are still not sure what the matter is. There are several possibilities, some of which are not very nice, and, like Genji, I have tested positive for the Coronavirus. My blood work is pretty good overall, but my cholesterol levels are elevated (echoes of Tommy!) and my blood serum is looking very milky where it should be transparent. My heart is also a tiny bit more enlarged than it should be. So a bunch of elements, but they don't really come together into anything clear-cut at this stage. So, Dr. C has put me on a stronger antibiotic (Baytril) and she gave me a diuretic shot. She did notice that whereas I had been wheezy, I was getting a little sneezy, which is a good sign. So, we are being hopeful for now, and I have another appointment with Dr. C next Tuesday morning (plus phone check-ins every morning and Dr. C gave #1 a bunch of meds in case I might need them between now and then).

I must say I was very happy to get home yesterday afternoon. We had dinner guests so poor #1 then had to get a meal on the table in only just over an hour. She was supposed to be away all day today but she has canceled so she can be with me. We are all keeping everything crossed that I turn the corner and start feeling much better over the weekend.

And as it is Feline Friday, here are pictures of the other Chans too!

My Beebsy son:

My sis, Sei-Chan:

And Da Blue Boy, Genji:

Thanks again to all of you for your friendship and support.

Thursday 24 November 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

Tommy: We realise that today is Thanksgiving Day in the States, and would like to wish all our friends over the ocean a lovely day. We are thankful above all to have each other and a good, loving home.

Now, may I please ask those of you that are reading blog posts today to spare another good thought for my little sister Tama? She is still wheezing and coughing too much and #1 is really worried about her. She will be talking to Dr. C again this morning to see what the next step might be. Tama is being so good about taking her meds, and we all want her to be all better.

Tama has been very special to me ever since she was a small kitten, and I am crossing all my paws for her. Here is an archive pic of the two of us when she was still an itty bitty girl:


Wednesday 23 November 2016

Winsome Wednesday Whinnies

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone! I wanted to thank everyone for purring for my little sis, Tama. She is still coughing a little, so #1 is also giving her prednisone for a couple of days, on Dr. C's recommendation. We would be grateful if you would hold on to those good thoughts.

I have to confess that I am looking a little less than white and glamorous at the moment. we've had quite a bit of rain and it's muddy out here! Still, #1 managed to take this rather fetching portrait of me:

By the way... I have to confess that I was a little bit naughty... I realised that the electricity on one of the electric fences was out, so I led a party of us mares over into the next field so we could do a girlie dance for The Big V. He was beside himself! Neeeeiiiigh!

Vidock: Well, just look at this studly face? Wouldn't YOU break through electric fences to get closer to me? Hmmmmm?

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Tama-Chan Tuesday (or should it be Twheezeday?)

Tama-Chan: First of all, many thanks for all your good wishes after Sunday's post. I did have to go see Dr. C in the end. #1 was all worried about me and she just hated hearing me wheeze and cough. So, I do have some kind of asthma-like bronchitis. Dr. C gave me a shot of cortizone and a 5-day course of antibiotics. I was already feeling better by yesterday afternoon, so I am hoping that it will all be a distant memory soon. I have to take three pills a day in the morning. They are a little large so #1 divides them into two, which makes six pills to swallow1 Fortunately, #1 knows how very partial I am to soft cheese of the "Laughing Cow" kind, so I get my pills in cheese and they go down a treat!

I must say that she is looking after me well:

As you can see, a blankie has been added to the pillow!

This picture was taken before I got sick. I was checking things out in the garden:

And, as you know, we got some sunpuddles!

I was also quite pleased with this close-up portrait:

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get back to my slumbers:

Monday 21 November 2016

Manly Monday

Tommy: Happy New week, Everyone! We seem to be in for another week of grim weather here, but we did have some unexpected sunpuddles on Friday and Saturday, so #1 was taking photos furiously!

#1 got herself a new pair of flannel sleep pants from LL Bean and guess what? They are Tommy pants!

Can you see all the little Tommies? Here is a close-up:

In other news, we went for pizza and I of course got a slice!

Vidock: Nothing much to report at this end, other than that it's a little muddy at the moment...

Da Beebs: It's true, #1 was clicking away wildly when the sun was out! I rather like this shot:

Can you see the tip of my tongue sticking out?

I also helped #1 with the sheets...

Da Genj: I waited for #1 to be done with the sheets so I could just sink into them!

We have a lot of nice sunpuddle portraits. Here is just one:

You get to see my tongue too! I don't know why I was licking that thing, though.

Sunday 20 November 2016

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: I don't know if it's the nasty weather but I have been a little wheezy the past couple of days and #1 is keeping a close eye on me. If things have not improved by Monday, I shall be off to see Dr.C. So, could you please cross a paw or three that that doesn't have to happen?

I have been doing my fair share of snuggling this week. Here I am with #1 on the sofa in the evening:

Then, I had a long Zoom-Groom session which is like a  mega snuggle session!

And here I am with Tommy:

My Beebs has also been doing a lot of snuggling with #1:

As has Da Blue Boy, Genji:

Yes, that is a telephone, the kind with a cord? Why? Because the power occasionally goes out and the cordless ones don't work but this one does! 

Those two even took a selfie!

And here is Sei-Chan with Tommy:

Here is Violette getting a snuggle and a carrot:

 And here is a nice smooch, or rather lick, from Vidock!

 Remember! Sundays are for Snugging!