Tuesday 31 May 2016

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Well, if things continue like this much longer, then we're all going to start growing fins and webbed feet... Thank goodness we had some nice sunshine last week and spent some time in the run with #1 so she could do a photo shoot.

Now we are stuck indoors:

And the current version of fun is supervising #1 as she "digs out" our third bedroom which we will need for guests in mid-June. It has been used as a storage room for the last several years so you can imagine the fun...

 Could any of you send some sunpuddles over, please?

Monday 30 May 2016

Manly Monday

Tommy: It rained ALL day yesterday, and so hard that we barely were able to go out for quick pee stops. And it's supposed to continue raining today and tomorrow. But it was nice on Saturday and I made a new girlfriend! Meet Taz:

Isn't she just drop-dead gorgeous? And look at that smile! She's my age too, so we are ideally suited! I thought it might be fun to go home with her for a day or two, so I tried to sneak into their car:

But it didn't work, and #1 told me she would miss me too much. It was a little too bad, though...

Vidock: Taz's parents wanted to meet me and I so showed them my moves:

Genji: I have been getting lots and lots of cuddles because #1 is still worried about me. She watches me like a hawk and spends her days feeding me delicious tidbits. So I have been looking extra-cute for her.

Before it started raining, Da Beebs and I were very busy in the cat run. Look what we brought in on Saturday evening!

It was only a little grass snake, but #1 was a total spoilsport and put it back outside. Sigh... 

Da Beebs: Here I am, enjoying the cat run whilst it was still sunny:

We're glad that Trav has a dry place to hang out when it's so wet, although we're sure he misses the sun too!

When #1 and Tommy went to meet Taz and her family, they also met a couple of very cute kitties. They are full brothers and are called Odie (black) and Masha (meezer). Don't they remind you of Raymond and Busby? 

Have a great week, everyone. We hope the sun will shine down on you!

Sunday 29 May 2016

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan. This is promising to be an excellent snuggly Sunday! Yesterday, #1 handed in the second of the two big  projects she had been working on for the last month or two, so she has no work that needs doing now, and she has promised us all kinds of snuggles!

Because they are so very special, we wanted to kick off today with Trav's first ever snuggle pics! It's not with #1, but no matter! Here he is with Grisette, Jade's (Tommy's outdoor BFF) sister. Those two seem to get on really well, and #1 managed to capture these great pics of them on a "date"...

Look at this picture, we think Trav is smiling!

Here I am, enjoying an early morning snuggle with #1:

And, of course, Genji doing the same:

No guesses at what Sei-Chan was up to!

And here is my Beebs hanging with Tommy:

A friend, Mr. G, took this really cute pic of Tommy and #1 snuggling yesterday:

And here is Mr. G snuggling with Tommy!

And also with the Big V!

 And Miss Violette got lots of snuggles from visitors yesterday!

 All in all, very satisfactory snuggles!

Saturday 28 May 2016


Sei-Chan: Another week, another SEIturday. I have been enjoying my return to a more normal life now that I don't have to spend my days plotting how to escape from #1. I am continuing to take my meds like a good girl with my food, so all is calm! And I am always the first one to get fed in the morning, so I know I am special.

The weather has been weird but it finally seems to be getting warmer. There have been quite a few sunpuddles and I have always been there to enjoy them!

#1 got rather a fetching whisker shot of me!

And another of me at my ablutions:

Nice facial sunpuddle here:

And a full-body sunpuddle!

Now I can finally settle down for my nap on my zabuton:

 Have a great SEIurday, Dear Friends!

Friday 27 May 2016

Feline Friday

Genji: Purrs Everyone, Genji here! I wanted to say a big thank you for all the kind words about me. It's true I have some ongoing problems I am dealing with, but I am not going to let them get me down. Plus I have a #1 who loves me and takes great care of me, and that counts for a lot!

Yesterday, she decided that the cat run needed a little weeding, or rather de-vining! So, some of us kept he company:

I thought I would try out the hammock whilst I was at it:

Queen Tama did some lounging:

And Da Beebs decided to help #1 with her work:

Sei-Chan preferred to stay and enjoy the sunpuddles indoors:

And Trav has been enjoying the sunshine too!

Don't you love the glowing frootbats?

Thursday 26 May 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

Tommy: Woofs Everyone. Tommy reporting after yesterday's vet visit. It took all morning. This is because our vet has all the equipment in-house and we decided to wait for the results of the blood tests.

Let's start with me shall we? Over all, I am in great shape, apparently. But, I do have slightly elevate cholesterol levels and so #1 needs to adjust my diet a little. It's not going to be a drastic adjustment and I should continue  to be a happy boy.

Things are a little more complicated where our little Genji is concerned. His amylase levels remain elevated, although not as bad as they were before. He was so stressed when he arrived that his heart was going BOOM BOOM, so Dr. C waited until later, when he had relaxed quite a bit to listen to it again, and it was OK, except that there is a suggestion of a tiny murmur. His urea levels, which had been perfect, have risen a bit, probably because he has been eating such a high protein diet. So, the little guy remains fragile and needs to be closely watched. Dr. C is having a think about what the best options would be for him, food-wise, to balance the various issues.

But, in case, you were thinking that Da Genj is sickly or anything, we want to share with you a little video that #1 took after we got home form the vet's yesterday:

Genji is a happy boy and we will all make sure he stays a happy boy!

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Wowie on Wednesday

Wowie: Moos Everyone! You won't believe this but I am alone in the field again! After just a short spell  in the field with me, the two lady horses went away. Apparently, they have gone to meet a handsome black stud and....blush... you know... Anyway, the apple lady tells me they will be back soon enough, so not to worry. In the meantime, she is visiting me every day with my apples.

My field is looking really pretty at the moment! 

I am just waiting for my pals to come back.

By the way, the apple lady mentioned that two of the gang were going to visit Dr. C, our vet, this morning. Genji is getting a three-month check-up after his terrible bout of pancreatitis, and his annual shots. Woofie Tommy is getting a blood panel because he is getting on a bit in years, and it would be good to make sure that everything is as it should be. So, some good thoughts would be appreciated, friends!

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Yesterday, I was lounging on the back of the sofa in the living room...

and a little dangle came over me...

It has been a fairly peaceful time at Poupounette Central. I have been hanging with my sister Sei:

Trying to score treats with my Beebsy son:

Helping #1 after her shower, as usual:

And generally looking cute:

I am pleased.

Monday 23 May 2016

Manly Monday

Da Beebs: This weekend was one of those times when we were grateful to be indoor kitties. It has rained, and rained, and then rained some more. #1 says that even Trav has been spending most of his time in one of his hay boxes at the back of the garage.

Fortuately, we had  some nice sunpuddles last week:

Da Genj: Copy on that!

Tommy: I of course always go with #1, wherever she travels. On Saturday, we had some nice horsey visitors from Australia. They wanted to visit our local chateau (the one where Violette was stationed a couple of weeks ago). I of course went along. We went up into the museum section and #1 forgot that woofies aren't allowed... Fortunately, there wasn't anyone else there:

And in the evening, we went for pizza!

We also had a brief session of Camp Tommy this weekend as Fernant's parents were away:

Vidock:Needless to say, the Australian ladies came to admire my studly self and were duly impressed. I showed them my moves:

And posed for them:

Da Trav: #1 put a photo of me on Facebook a couple of days ago and several people said how sad I looked, and even a little dirty. You mustn't worry about me, Friends. Yes, I am quite often a little dirty because I like to roll around in the dirt and the great outdoors is where I mostly hang out. But I am not sad. I have always lived rough and had to fend for myself. This is the best I have ever experienced. Now I am safe and always have a full tummy and a dry, comfortable place to sleep. I know I am loved.

Have a great week, everyone!