Sunday 30 June 2013

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: We are not yet quite into our "#1 Away" mode for posting and so we are still using quite a few photos from before she left. However, my first photo for today is one that Ms. R took shortly after she got here:

It is not good definition and a little dark, but it shows me giving #1 a big snuggle!

And here I am, snuggling with Tommy when he was still wearing his T-Shirt:

Here is a fun pic of a recent early morning scene in #1's bedroom, with everyone there except me (that's normal) and the Vs (that's normal too, Tee Hee...). Tommy was still wearing his cone then:

And a close-up of my wild boy Bibi:

Sweet Sei-Chan sharing an early morning snuggle with #1 on another day:

Genji having a snuggle with Ms. N:

Here is a fun one of Tommy having a great time with a Japanese visitor last week:

This is not a snuggle pic per se, but it shows Vidock's Mama, Jessy, and his full sister, Altesse, shooting the breeze together. Aren't they both lovely?

And how about this sweet pic of #1 and Violette?

Have a Snuggly Sunday, everyone!

Saturday 29 June 2013

Sigh of Relief SEIturday

Sei-Chan: Wel, that was the week that was! We are all feeling quite exhausted after all that endless excitement, and ready to take it easy. #1 is safely at her cottage in Prince Edward Island. Ms. R is taking good care of us (and of the squirrels too!). What we are aiming for now is peace and quiet.

Before she left, #1 did a few photo shoots of me and was rather happy with the results, so here are a couple of photos for your viewing pleasure.

Firstly, #1 thinks this is one of the cutest photos of me asleep:

And how about this for a super portrait?!

Looking simultaneously adorable, serious and supervisory, don't you think?

I guess I have to do squirrel duty again this week. Here is a baby shot that #1 took just before leaving:

Well, at least he is a really good colour match with me!

But there is more!!! GUESS WHAT? Today is our FIFTH BLOGAVERSARY! To see our very first few posts, you can go here. Back then, it was just Tommy and Sen-Chan. We can barely believe we have been blogging for so long. It has been five years of wonderful encounters, terrible heartbreak, warm welcomes, and an ever-expanding family. We are glad we are The Poupounette and we are deeply grateful for all of you, Dear Friends.

Friday 28 June 2013

Finally Friday!

Da Beebs: If ever a week deserved that title, this one has! Oh BOY! What a few days we've had. You've heard of my adventures and I do, with bowed head, apologise to #1 for worrying her so very much, screaming at her so much, peeing on her, and behaving as though I had never met her before. I am happy to say that when she woke up yesterday morning, the day she left, she found me on her bed, asleep in my usual spot. She snuggled me and I licked her face, and all was forgiven. Phew!!!

Poor #1 had a bit of a traumatic time again yesterday morning. Her train was almost an hour late getting to the airport and she almost didn't make her flight. The people at Air France were so nice!

Anyway, here are a couple of photos that Ms. R took yesterday:

 Me enjoying my meal:

Tommy relaxing:

PS: Oh, and guess what? Air Canada sent her suitcase to Toronto last night instead of Charlottetown! She did get it back safely this morning and really hopes that will be that for trauma...

Thursday 27 June 2013


Tom: Today was supposed to be a tough day anyway, with #1 leaving us for almost five long weeks in Canada. But it ended up becoming a traumatic day because of events that occurred yesterday.

Late morning yesterday, Ms. R inadvertently let Bibi out. You all know about his Houbibi adventures but the timing on this one was particularly bad. Within 10 minutes of getting out, he simply vanished. #1 and I went through the fields looking for him, not an easy task with the grass almost chest high (to #1). Nothing. The Beebs was not seen again until close to 4pm when there was a sighting in the garden. On seeing #1, he screamed blue murder and took off. The neighbours, Ms. H and Mr. P, gave #1 a hand and they eventually were able to lock him in the garage. He was under the car and crosser than anyone would have thought possible. When #1 ventured into the garage, he screamed like a banshee. This went on for about three hours...

Eventually, #1 called on Ms. H and Mr. P again, and they managed to grab him. It took #1 and Mr. P to hold him down as he fought like a madcat, hissing, clawing and biting. Thank goodness for really hefty gloves. He peed all over #1. They did manage to get him in the house and confine him to the back room with food, water and a litterbox. #1 and Tommy spent some time with him later in the evening and, after some initial hissing, all was quiet. The Beebs ate some of the food but was UTB.

We are all crossing our paws that he is going to calm down and settle down, and will be back to his usual self soonest. #1 is loath to leave but it would be really hard to cancel, or even postpone the trip. Ms. R obviously feels bad about it all but will soldier all. She has already bonded with me!

May we ask for some serious purring and crossing of paws for our little Beebster? We really don't know what came over him, and want our brother back to his usual happy and snuggly self. The back room is where he grew up as a tiny kitten and we hope it will have a calming effect on him. Needless to say, we haven't been able to do any visiting with all this, but will try to catch up soon.

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Wednesday Whinnies

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone! #1 told me yesterday that she was leaving for a while tomorrow. It made me sad, but I know I will still get lots of cuddles, and Ms. N has promised to take lots of photos! So, even though I was in the middle of my nap...

--- I agreed to get up when she told me this was our last chance for a ride together until August. It was a beautiful morning and it was really nice to go explore!

There were French Air Force jets in formation flying in the sky, but it didn't worry me!  I am always happy to make my #1 proud!

And here I am afterwards, waiting for my treat bucket:

Here is one more photo of me, taken a couple of days ago. #1 says I look ready to take part in a beauty competition (known as "halter classes" in the horse world...):

Vidock: Dum DeDum DeDum.... Oh! Neighs Everyone! How are you doing?

I guess there is a kind of sameness to my posts at the moment...

But I do have something fun to report today! I have a brand-new half-brother! His name is Duc de Prainville and he was born last Friday night. His daddy is Papa Orgueil, just like me!

Here he is on his very first outing yesterday, with his Mama, Impériale:

And here he is, trying the gallop for the very first time!

Live long and prosper, little brother!

PS: A quick update from Poupounette Central - Ms. R arrived safely last night and we all like her!

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Tama-Chan's Toesday Miscellany

Tama-Chan: First of all, we just realised that this is our 1,700th post! Of course, what with #1's impending departure and Tommy going to see Dr. C today, we have not organised anything special. Then I remembered that today was Toesday, so how about this?

I know that Sei-Chan's pink toes and Genji's mauve toes have their fans but I say let's hear for the coffee bean toes!

As Sei-Chan mentioned in her SEIturday post, the lizard activity has been keeping us quite occupied!

And I did a bit of extra posing for #1:

After which I relaxed in one of my favourite chairs, with some nice reading at paw:

And now, if you will excuse me, I shall get back to supervising #1's work (of course I have eyes in the back of my head, don't you?)

TOMMY UPDATE! Tommy had a good visit with Dr. C who was happy with how the wound had healed, so he did not need anything more than three more days of antibiotics and instructions to continue wearing the T-Shirt for a little while. We are all so pleased!

Monday 24 June 2013

Manly Monday

Tom: Hi Everyone, Tommy here! First of all, thanks so much for all the support as I have struggled with cones and T-shirts. I confess that I have been rather naughty and #1 has gotten pretty stressed at times. She says the wounds are healing despite my best efforts to prevent that from happening. We shall see what Dr. C says on Tuesday morning.

In the meantime, don't think I have been too miserable! I am getting to have my share of fun. On Saturday evening, Harley and his family came to dinner and we had a ball playing with each other and with Ms. N:

Then yesterday, we dropped by to visit Ms. L and I got to play with my buddy Marcel!

Marcel is a great mancat. One of these days, he will have a woofie of his very own!

Genji: I have been doing my meerkat imitation. Do you think I'm good?

And I had a great time playing with our guests too, including Ms. N and also Ms. S (at whose place Vidock was born and where the Vs lived before):

Da Beebs: As you know, I am a Mummy's boy and I enjoy sleeping either in or on the bed with her every night:

And no, Sei-Chan and I were not hoping/trying to get the ham out of your sandwich, #1. Whatever made you think that? We were just minding our own business...

Vidock: Just look at this! With all the rain we've had, we're back to the floating treat bucket situation!

Maybe I need to look upward more, right?

Have a great week everyone. Ms. R, who will look after us whilst #1 is away, is arriving tomorrow afternoon. We're excited to meet her!

Sunday 23 June 2013

Snuggles on Sunday!

Tama-Chan: What with Tommy between in his cone and/or T-Shirt and #1 being super-stressed about her impending departure and Tommy, we kitties have had a very busy time of it this week, offering snuggles of comfort to one and all.

First Tommy has been getting attention from me:

From Sei-Chan:

And from my Beebs:

Meanwhile, Genji has been concentrating on #1...

...who always finds time to snuggle with us, here with Sei-Chan:

And she even managed a snuggle with Big V, Vidock!

She has also had a couple of rides on sweet Violette who has been absolute star every step of the way!

On one of the rare occasions when he got to go out without any "armour", Tommy had a quick cuddle with his friend Damia:

We will be stocking up on snuggles in the coming days and are crossing our paws that Tommy's vet visit on Tuesday morning will be good, even though he hasn't been!

Saturday 22 June 2013

Seriously Busy SEIturday!

Sei-Chan: Well, Dear Friends, I barely have time to stop and take care of this post. I have simply been SO busy lately!

First of all, I have been supervising the squirrel kids. Well, someone needs to baby-sit, right?

And then, I have been helping my sister Tama on lizard watch:

I have been keeping my nails sharpened in case I might need them:

I have also been keeping my paws crossed that our sitter, Ms. R, is as nice in reality as she sounds in her emails, and that she will like us all, especially me!

And yes, five weeks is an almost unthinkably long time for #1 to be away, but she really needs a change and we think it is good that she is going to PEI where she has many friends and can walk on the beach and such.

I tried to find a little peace and quiet under this cushion but some ex-boy kittens managed to find me pretty quickly...

And now to help #1 with her blogging:

Maybe I need to get away from it all too?