Tuesday 31 July 2012

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Hello everyone. Let me start with something serious today. Several people have expressed through comments on the blog or private messages the inability to vote for my son Bibi in the Balance Beam competition of the Cat Olympics. As far as we are aware, this problem has thus far not affected any Mac users. We thought it might have something to do with which version of Windows is being used, but a quick test revealed this not to be the case. The conclusion is therefore that it is browser related or maybe browser/OS combo related. #1 tested a friend's iPad last night, using Chrome, and the pop-up window was immobile and would not scroll down. She played with it for a while and eventually got it moving but she couldn't tell you how. Anyway, if you are a frustrated Bibi fan and are still eager to vote, you could do so via email to corycatblog at gmail dot com. Bibi is super excited to be in the finals and, as his Mama, I am very proud!

That kind of being proud really takes it out of you, so...

I occasionally do have to open an eye or even two, just to check that everything is running smoothly in the house:

#1 rather likes this shot of me in the hammock by the window. She says I look as though I am smiling angelically, and the wind is going through my ears. Really?

For those of you in need of daily Tommy updates, he continues to do really well. He is putting more and more weight on his hurty foot, and is full of energy and eating really well. As for Violette, her treatment only started this evening as we weren't able to get everything she needed before. Some of it is pretty evil-tasting apparently, but she is getting a very unusual French twist to help it down. She will tell you about it herself later this week!

PS: This week, after Tama-Chan Tuesday, you will also be getting Tama-Chan THURSDAY as it will be my birthday on August 2nd!!!

Monday 30 July 2012

Manly Monday

Vidock: I trust you noticed that I was the only one missing from yesterday's post? So, what if there was no suitable photo? I think I look snuggly, even on my own!!! Anyway, you will be seeing rather more of me in the next couple of weeks as I have a big show on August 15th and I am in training and will be prettied up for it!

One of the nicest things about the field that Big Tom and I have been in the past few weeks is that there is a stream running through it:

It's lovely both to drink from and also to cool the feet on hot summer days!

I thought I would share with you my wonderful fly-swatting technique. It consists of standing directly behind Big Tom so that every time he swats with his tail, he gets my flies!

Tom: I am continuing to improve, and #1's biggest problem at the moment is to rein me in as I want to run!!! The weather has turned rainy again so I have to wear an elegant plastic bag on my bandage when I go out...

Let's go, #1!!!

Oops... I'm not really supposed to do that...

I'm supposed to SIT quietly with my ball...

Genji: #1 says I look rather handsome in this photo:

I do love my hammock!

Here is a synchronised lounging shot for you. Guess which one is me?

And here is a bonus shot for you. Meet Genji, The Raccoon Kitty!

Bibi: I am #1's sweet boy and I love to sleep in on her bed!

And hang out with my brother, Tommy:

By the way, I am a finalist in the BALANCE BEAM competition in the Cat Olympics 2012! If you're looking for someone to vote for, you can vote for me here:


Urey: Peek-a-Boo everyone!

My schooling is coming along really well. I am an excellent student!

Oh, and our recent visitor, Jane, went to visit my future digs and met my future owner. Isn't that exciting? Here is what the digs look like:

And here is a little manly bonus for you. #1 was out at a lunch yesterday and these guys were there. Meet Socks and Fluffball!

Sunday 29 July 2012

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: After a very emotional week, there was serious need for some snuggling at this end. At the same time, #1 was so focused on Tommy that she wasn't clicking away quite as assiduously as usual, so we do not have a full complement today. Anyway, let's see what we've got for you.

Here, for a start, is my Beebs with his buddy, Tommy:

And here is Bibi-Boy again, snuggling under #1's covers...

And hanging with #1 whilst watching TV:

Here is #1 and Velcro Genji:

And here I am, having a little snuggle with Tommy:

Here is Sei-Chan getting a morning cuddle from #1:

#1 with Violette:

And one with Urey:

Our last shot is not a SoS shot but we thought you might like to see one of Tommy with his hurty paw actually on the ground!

Saturday 28 July 2012

Sultry SEIturday

Sei-Chan: Well, Dear Friends, are you ready for some kitty pics? It has been a long haul with our Tommy, and today marks one whole week since he first got sick. We have all paws crossed that all his issues are now sorted and that his paw will be taking his weight again soon. Dr. C thought it would be Sunday or Monday before he hopefully starts walking a bit on it again.

In the meantime, his meals are still being served in bed:

He is dealing with the stress as well as he can...

And please note the lovely paw print bandage used by Dr. C. She says she doesn't have much of that one, but she used it this time because it was Tommy!

Now, on to ME!

I have taken on a new job of guarding the study door:

And look who's been helping me!

In fact, the Silver Streak and I have been hanging out together quite a bit:

There have been lots of lovely sunpuddles to lie in this past week:

So all that is now needed for the world to be perfect is for Tommy to be 100% mobile again!

We all enjoyed watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics last night. We are rooting for Team GB, most particularly the Dressage Team which is quite outstanding this year. #1 took this rather nice pic of the stadium from our TV!

Friday 27 July 2012

Violette Vendredi

Violette: Pretty neighs, everyone, Violette here. Let me start with big thanks for all the love and support for Tommy. We will update this post later today after he has returned from the vet's, but it won't be until evening, European time.

I am feeling a little embarrassed writing this as I really think that #1 deserves a break after all of Tommy's woes, but I have a small woe of my own to report. You see, I got a fever three weeks ago and had a runny nose and a bit of a cough. We called the standard vet in and he gave a treatment. I got better but not ALL better. So today, our super-duper best vet was over to look over a bunch of us, and he examined me closely:

He is both a vet and an equine osteopath and he knowns just how to make you feel good!

Mr. E had given me a shower in the morning so I looked much cleaner than usual!!!

He listened to my lungs...

... and was not happy with what he heard. It seems that I have the start of chronic bronchitis. When I first had that fever and a runny nose, the original vet should either have let the fever to do its infection-fighting job, or reduced the fever and given me antibiotics, which he did not. Fortunately, it seems the whole thing has been caught in time and all hooves are crossed that I will get 100% better, the other option being emphysema which is not the kind of thing a 3-year filly wants to be having, believe me!

So might I bother you for a few purrs, woofs and neighs as I tuck into my supper?

Oh, and in case you're wondering about the other V, here is a pic of Vidock enjoying the Dolce Vita!

UPDATE: Tommy's home! We will give you more detail in tomorrow's post, but here is a pic f him being greeted by Genji on his return, and sporting a very elegant paw-bandage!

Thursday 26 July 2012

Tommy Thursday

Tommy: Yep, it's me again I bet that you're all getting really tired of me and my woes. Believe me, I am too, and when we went back to dr. C's this morning, I filed a complaint!

Yesterday afternoon, #1 had finally managed to pinpoint the location of my paw problem, narrowing it down to up from my little toe. There was quite a bit of swelling and she wondered if it might be broken or perhaps there was some kind of foreign body that had dug its way in there. So, off we went back to Dr. C's this morning and it was x-ray time! As #1 Assistant, #1 donned the lead apron and held me still as Dr. C maneuvered me into the correct position. The lovely pictures showed (1) that I have very elegant and perfectly healthy digits with nary a break in them but that (2) there are two nasty looking "bits" in there that Dr. C suspects may be blackthorn or something equally unsavoury. She decided that I had suffered enough and would have operated on me right away to remove them had I not indulged in a sumptuous breakfast of chicken breast. So, I am booked in for noon tomorrow. More paw crossing and rumbly purrs, if you don't mind. Hopefully, that will finally solve the problem.

In the interim, I did go out to dinner with #1 last night, and spent some quality time chomping down on sticks:

And I got an excellent new ball from Nip and Bones in the post! Highly chewable!!!

And Genji has been providing lots of moral support!

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Wordless (almost) Wednesday

#1 here. Tommy's paw seems a little more relaxed and he even has shown signs of putting it down once or twice, but we're not there yet. So, he continues to get lots of attention and massages:

And we try to spend some time hanging out together in the garden, in the shade, together:

The Chans are all fine and the boys would like you to know that they caught a lizard yesterday.

PS: IKKYU, my very first cat, is featured in today's blog post by Chrystal over at Daily Dose!

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Tama-Chan's Tommy Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Well, today is of course my day but, as you can imagine, all of Poupounette Central's energies are pointing in the direction of our beloved Tommy. He is miserable because his paw hurts and he can't go out to play. #1 is doing her best, cooking him up delicious meals and giving him regular massages. Here is a pic of him taken yesterday evening:

As for me, I have been looking cute:

And watching that Bibi Boy of mine ham it up!

I found some rater comfy towels to rest on...

And now that the sun has finally come out, there's lots of hammock-in-tthe-run time to enjoy!

We would very much appreciate some more purrs and paws crossed for Tommy's paw to get better quickly.