Saturday 30 June 2018

Rainbow Sei's Souvenir Saturday

Rainbow Sei: Since yesterday was the 10th Blogoversary of this publication, I thought it would be nice to dedicate this Souvenir Saturday post to Sen-Chan who was one of the founders, along with Tommy.

Sen-Chan was a red Aby and a very special boy. When #1 got him, he was 3 months old and had a terrible cold, so the breeder sold him at a big discount. The kitty really wanted to come home with #1 so she took him home, and then directly to the vet. Dr. C looked after him really well and he grew better and stronger although he was very prone to colds and other infections. What #1 did not realise was that he harboured an awful illness in the shape of Feline leukemia. Sen-Chan only lived 18 months but #1 did everything she could to make those months happy and fun and full of love for little Sen-Chan. So here are some photos from the time he spent with her.

January 2008, with his best friend Tommy:

May 2008 - Reaxing on #1's bed:

July 2008: Reading one of the earliest blogs we followed, Isis Meows. Isis was Sen-Chan's official girlfriend:

August 2008: This guy knew how to relax!

And he loved helping with bed-making!

September 2008: Sen-Chan loved the outdoor life!

October 2008: Sen-Chan loved to play!

November 2008: Sen-Chan with itty-bitty Tama-Chan

Sen-Chan left us in early January 2009. He will be forever missed. He was "Poupounet" and this blog is named after him.

Friday 29 June 2018

WE ARE TEN! Celebrating our 10th Blogoversary!

Tommy: As I am the only one among us who has been here from the very beginning, I am hosting this special post in celebration of our 10th Blogversary.

Yes, it all started on June 29th, 2008, with myself and Sen-Chan writing this post:

In the past ten years, we have had happy arrivals and sad departures, and we have made so many wonderful friends all over the world. We have even had the opportunity to meet some of them in the flesh. It has been an enriching experience for all of us, and we would like to start by thanking all of you who have been with us through the years. On the 30th of June 2008, for our second post, we had our first comment from Dragonheart and Merlin! We are so happy that they are still our friends!!! 

We were wondering how best to do this post and thought it would be fun to look back on the posts welcoming each of us. First off is the first post in October 2008 by Tama-Chan which, at the time, was Tama-Chan Thursday:

Nest to join us in February 2009 was our sweet Sei-Chan. This was the very first post in which she was featured: 

In October 2009 came the wonderful Yuu-Chan

And in December 2009, Tama had her four kits, including our one and only Beebs!

October 2010 marked our very first Wednesday Whinnies post by a very young Vidock:

July 2011 marked the arrival of Genji who flew in from south-west France!

And the core Poupounette Gang was complete in the spring of 2012 with the arrival of Miss Violette. Her first post was actually before she joined us officially when she took the initiative to come and visit Poupounette Central!

And there was also our "Trav" who made his first official appearance on the blog in May 20165 with this post:

Over the years, we have lost Sen-Chan, Yuu-Chan, Sei-Chan and Trav to the Rainbow Bridge. We understand that this is the way of the world but we miss them all very much, as we miss all the friends who have gone too. But it is a pleasure each and every day to share our lives with all of you, and catch a glimpse of your lives. Thank you! 

We will have a commenthaton to benefit Winnie's Wish with items on their wish list until the end of the month, so we hope that many of you will visit and leave comments!

Thursday 28 June 2018

Tommy Thursday

Tommy: I had the most fun time and adventure yesterday. We went with #1 and Ms. P about 2 hours south of here, to the heart of the Loire Valley, and visited Amboise and the Chateau de Chenonceau. I met so many fun people along the way!!!

Here I am with Ms. P in Amboise:

First, I met this very small guy:

Then, #1 and I waited outside as Ms. P visited the castle at Amboise:


The red-headed guy was also called Tommy and he was from Venice Beach, CA!

We then went to Chenonceau. Here I am in front of it with Ms. P:

But I think more of you will recognise it when you see this photo:

Can you see me on the left?

Here is a close-up of the chateau:

When we were standing there, suddenly we heard someone say "Tommy." It was a guy we had already met in Amboise and who had also come to Chenonceau!

Now I have to tell you about something amazing. Everywhere we were, there were refreshments especially for woofies!

In case you didn't know, "toutou" means woofie in French.

And look at this sign at Chenonceau Castle!

These were truly awesome places to visit! 

PS: PLease join us again tomorrow when we will be celebrating our TENTH BLOGOVERSARY!

Wednesday 27 June 2018

Wednesday Whinnies With Violette

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone! I have had a fun week. You may have heard that #1 has a visitor this week. It is her sister-in-law, and the two of them came to visit me on Monday. Ms. P had never met a Percheron horse before and she totally fell in love with me as soon as she saw me. Firstly, she wanted to brush me:

After she brushed me I hung out a while with my friend, Noelle:

And then......

Ms. P was so excited to be on my back, way up there! Since she does not know how to ride, Ms. C took me on a lead rope, and we went for a nice ride:

#1 was mostly taking photos, but here she is, holding me:

And when we got back, Ms. P gave me my treat bucket!

I have said it before, I love having visitors, especially those as nice and full of admiration for me as Ms. P!

Tuesday 26 June 2018

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Dear Friends, #1 is in another of her mad phases. We have a guest all of this week and she is running around and also trying to get some work down, so she is mainly in panic mode! It is a really good thing that she took a totally outstanding picture of me the other day:

I think it's one of a kind. Do you agree?

Monday 25 June 2018

Manly Monday

Da Beebs: It is very manly to help #1 finish off her croissant!

Da Genj: And to help guard #1's Percheron horse photo archives!

Tommy & Fernant: Is there anything to add to this photo?

Another photo, maybe?

Vidock: I don't know about you, but I think I look pretty manly...


Sunday 24 June 2018

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: It's been a very busy week at this end and #1 has been out a lot but we have managed to do OK on the snuggle shot side.

On Thursday, some cousins of #'s, Mr. H and Ms. C, visited from California. Ms. C actually writes a blog about her two cats and her dog. You can find it here. Tommy hung out with them all day as they did touristy stuff, and they were very keen to meet the Chans, but also Miss Violette!

Here is Tommy getting to know Mr.H:

I allowed Ms. C to admire me:

And Genji was of course a complete tart...

Violette was a big hit!

Mr. H said she was the biggest horse he had ever seen! 

Otherwise, as you know, Camp Tommy is on at the moment and #1 took this rtaher cute pic of Tommy and Fernant snoozing:

The Blue Boy has been doing his usual thing with #1:

Oh, and #1 took this rather crazy selfie with Da Beebs!

 Happy Snuggling Everyone!