Tuesday 31 October 2023

Tama-Chan Tuesday


Tama-Chan:  Hello, Dear Friends, and welcome to my weekly post. Thank you so much for all the lovely wishes for our woofie, Ollie, on his fifth birthday! We had a quiet day and snuggled a lot!

We have had so much rain over the past few days that, as soon as there is event a hint of a sunpuddle, #1 bursts into frenzied activity to try and take a decent picture of one or the other of us. I thought this one of me turned out rather well:

Anyway, I have a rather nice series of photos for you this week, taken by #1 as she was giving me some lovely brushies. I thought she did quite well, wrangling the camera as she was brushing me! She says that's a great advantage of a real camera over a smartphone, that you can shot one-handed!

To elaborate a little, in these photos, she has finished an initial brushing with the Zoom Groom and has moved on to a special soft-bristled brush she brought at a famous brush store in Tokyo. It felt really good!

Monday 30 October 2023

Manly Monday - Happy Birthday, Ollie!


#1 here. When Ollie arrived at The Poupounette, in late January 2019, my heart was still completely broken by the loss of Tommy. The gaping void he left behind was so wide and so deep that something needed to fill it. I debated getting a different breed of dog, but Springers are so lovely that I eventually settled on another one, but of a different colour. Ollie could not be more different from Tommy except for the one, most important, thing. He is kind, he is sweet and he has not an iota of aggressiveness. To me, that is the most important trait in a dog. He did not know cats when he arrived but he quickly made friends of them. The cats adore him, most particularly Momo who is always ready to snuggle with him. To celebrate his fifth birthday today, here are some photos of Ollie since he arrived, followed by some of him and his pussycats.

With Tommy's sister, Sophie

With Genji

With Tama

With Fernant

With Noelle and their daughter, Lily

With Benny

With Momo

With Momo and Benny

With Ryū

Thank you, Ollie, for being such a good boy (despite your ongoing deafness sometimes when I call you). You are a true gift and we all love you and wish you Many Happy Returns of the Day.

From #1, Tama, Benny, Momo, Ryū, Violette, Vidock and Heloise

Sunday 29 October 2023

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: The weather has been truly ugly the past couple of days. Even Ollie doesn't want to stay outside longer than is strictly necessary. We are cozy indoors and continuing to look after #1 who is getting better but isn't quite there yet. As you all know, snuggling really helps to make everyone feel better, so that's what we've been doing. 

#1 and I do a lot of our snuggling when she is at her computer:

Benny likes head to head snuggling:

Baby Ryū invades #1's lap in the evenings:

#1 laughed at this pictured. She said it looks like he has a handle, for easy carrying!

I hate to admit it but this black and white combo of Benny and Momo is pretty cute.

In case you were wondering, Momo still loves to snuggle with Ollie:

And we have our usual early morning scenario on a daily basis:

As you can imagine, #1 still hasn't been to see the horses, so we once again have no photos of them. Sorry! Have a snuggly Sunday, Dear Friends!

Saturday 28 October 2023

Swinging Saturday!


Momo-Chan: #1 is finally beginning to feel better and I am celebrating!

Friday 27 October 2023

Family Friday


When the weather is awful, and #1 is not well, and the days are getting shorter, there is nothing to be done other than hunkering down and being a family!