Saturday 31 July 2010

Spectacularly Sensational SEIturday!

Dear Friends!!!! It has been almost a week since we posted anything! Not good! But there are several valid excuses, the most technical one being that we have been without broadband Internet almost since #1's return! She is currently camped out at the neighbours' who are away and have kindly given her access to their WiFi set-up. Thank you, neighbours!

So, she DID come back on Thursday, late morning, as promised! We were all beside ourselves. I had spent so much time sitting in the same spot on her bed, waiting for her, that it is totally furred over! Bibi immediately screamed for food, claiming he hadn't been fed for the past month. Yuu-Chan tried his hardest to melt into her. And Tama looked at her with huge reproachful eyes. As for Tommy, he gave her so many hugs she almost fell over

We don't yet have a lot of photos, but we can share a few with you. For a start, here are Tommy's flying ears, along with his new yellow Frisbee:

Here is Tama, chilling in the run:

Here I am, being my usual shy self:

Here is "Bibi The Terror" looking fairly grown up!

And last but not least, here is Yuu-Chan, a free boy again at last! He has been in solitary until now so a certain nameless BB wouldn't bug him constantly...

He continues to get better. The main focus now is to get him to put on some more weight. He is almost back up to 3kg, but could do with a few more hundred grammes.

#1 says there are lots of toys and treats for us but she hasn't yet unpacked properly. We did get one amazing little bird toy that chirps when it is dropped, It even has feathers! Tom got some cool stuff too and will share it with you soon.

We're probably not going to be blogging regularly until our connection is fixed. They're supposed to call in on Monday morning. Will they? And will they fix it?

Sunday 25 July 2010

Sunday Miscellany

Hi everyone. Yuu-Chan reporting. Why me again, you ask? Well, I am the only one with an updated photo! Sadly, Ms. S left today. She is travelling to Kabul (yes, THAT Kabul, in Afghanistan!) to start a new job, and so she has little time to take photos the last few days. Mr. S is staying with us until #1 returns, so we are in very good hands.

I am doing really well and eating up a storm. Just look at me!

Can't wait for #1 to get back. She is scheduled to be home on Thursday morning! In the meantime, I am handing the keyboard over to her.

Hi, #1 here, still in beautiful Prince Edward island. I had a fun time yesterday playing with my two Springer pals, Murphy and Leo, and thought I would share some photos with you.

Murphy in front of the cottage:

The Boys playing Tug-of-Frisbee!

Leo learning what a Frisbee is all about!

Synchronized Frisbee-Running!

Tuesday 20 July 2010

Tommy Tuesday

I know that Tuesdays are usually reserved for our queen, Tama-Chan, but things have been stood on their head a bit since #1 has been away, so here I am, with news of everyone.

Mr. and Mrs. S have been away in Paris since yesterday and Uncle U has been staying here and looking after us. You know what that means, right? ViVi is here! It's always fun when she visits! In other news, Yuu-Chan continues to make progress. He has been going outside regularly on his harness and loves it. We posted some pictures of him on Sunday. As for the girls, Tama-Chan is spending a lot of time in the run, as usual...

Sei-Chan spends a lot of time on #1's bed, dreaming of her return...

Bibi likes to look out of the window. Maybe he is on the lookout for #1...

As for me, I have been enjoying my games of Frisbee with Mr.S!

We are grateful to be so well-loved by our carers, and that our brother Yuu-Chan is so much better at last. Now we just need #1 to come home. One more week!

Sunday 18 July 2010

Yuu-Chan on Sunday

Hi everyone. It's been so long! As you know, I haven't been very well. I even spent quite a long time at Dr. C's. But now I am back home and Ms. S is taking excellent care of me. She cooks me all kinds of great food: chicken, minced beef, sometimes lamb or pork. Yum! She says she needs to fatten me up as I lost a lot of weight when I was sick.

I have been in solitary since I got home, staying in the back room, mainly to prevent a certain boisterous kitten from roughing me up... But Dr. C suggested to Ms. S that it might be a good idea to put on my harness and take me outside to get some fresh air when the weather is nice. So, that is what she did this morning!

After spending some time investigating the garden, I decided to just hop up on the table and relax for a while:

As you can see, I'm still pretty skinny, so I am spending a lot of time eating, and Dr. C is getting in some extra-potent vitamin paste for me next week. I hope it tastes good!

I hope you're all having a good Sunday!

Thursday 15 July 2010

Island Friends - Part Two!

#1 here again. Sorry to be hogging the blog! The news from home is good. Yuu-Chan is continuing to improve and is now trying to get out of the room where he is still in "solitary." Maybe tomorrow...

In the meantime, here is the next round of Island Friends introductions. Those of you who have been reading our blog for a while may remember this guy from last year:

His name is MURPHY and he is a 6-year old springer boy who lives with Ms. K. Growing up, he had a brother, Oscar, also a springer, but Oscar went to the Bridge a year ago. Oscar is much missed but Murphy was joined late last year by.... drum roll....... LEO!!!

As you can see, leo is the same colour as Tommy. He also has exactly the same goofy smile. He is still only 10 months old, so he has some way to go before he gets Tommy's ripped physique!

The two brothers love to hang out together:

And snuggle together!

Tommy said that if I did a post about Murphy and Leo, I just HAD to include a photo of him too, so here, on Thursday instead of Friday, is a Flying Ears shot!

Wednesday 14 July 2010

Wild Wednesday

The wild lupins of Prince Edward Island:

And new-born Dark-Eyed Junco chicks!

Tuesday 13 July 2010

Island Friends

Hello. It's #1 here. Thanks for all the great words on Yuu-Chan's return home! He is continuing to improve and is being spoiled silly by Ms. S!

Yesterday, I had a lovely (and very long) lunch with the PM from Sumac Stories! It was lots of fun. Meeting blogging friends is such a treat!

Even though I miss all the Chans and my Tommy terribly, I am gaining some comfort from my friends' furry friends over here. Today, I would like to introduce BITZ, who is an older lady living with Ms. J. She is a very sweet girl who loves cuddles... She spent some time cuddling my sweater and bag which, I suspect, had some residual "Chan-Aroma" on them!

She is also rather clever about keeping hold of the remote!

And she likes to hang out on the garden funiture on the deck...

Monday 12 July 2010


: Hi everyone. Tommy here. We are interrupting our regular Manly post in order to give you a great piece of news: YUU-CHAN IS HOME!!! The little guy was really sick and #1 was terribly worried about him, but Dr. C took excellent care of him and he is now back with us. Ms. S says he is 98% back to normal but he needs to continue on a couple of meds for a few days, and he needs to be fattened up, so he is getting some amazing home-cooked cuisine (Dr. C actually shared her family dinner of lamb with him when he was staying there!). Today, he got some minced beef (cooked, of course!).

He is looking a little bedraggled still as he had a couple of bits shaved for blood tests and the IV, and he still doesn't have a whole lot of energy to groom himself to the max, but he is our brother and we are just so pleased to have him home!

I thought that perhaps, you might also enjoy being reminded of what I look like...

And Bibi-Chan insisted on being included too. Here he is, getting a bit of a cuddle from Ms. S after he had stuffed himself with food!

So, I guess this has ended up being a bit of a Manly Monday post after all! Thanks to Ms. S for taking the photos and our long-distance scribe for the text!

Thursday 8 July 2010

Bibi's News Roundup

Bibi-Chan: Firstly, thanks everyone for leaving nice comments after our post of yesterday. They truly warmed our hearts. Unfortunately, my big brother Yuu-Chan had to go to Dr. C's yesterday afternoon as he just didn't seem to be doing that great. She is keeping him until there is serious improvement. He had a full series of blood tests that showed nothing abnormal, aside from the infection. He still has a fever and has lost some weight, probably due to the meds making him nauseous. She has sent off some other bits for more testing although he is not showing any signs of anything horrible. She thinks he is just a very fragile boy and it will always take him longer than usual to get over stuff. So, please keep the purrs coming!

In other news, I am being tortured as Ms. S is only feeding me 6 meals a day! Can you believe that?

You do notice the emptiness of the food bowl?! I know there is dried food there but it's just not the same! My Mama Tama has taken to supervising my meals. Do you think she is making sure I eat properly? Will she campaign for more frequent mealtimes?

My big sister Sei-Chan has always been a bit weird in that she actually prefers dry food! Can you believe that?

Tommy has been spending his time trying to persuade Ms. S to play Frisbee with him. He is going to be one happy puppy when Frisbee-Guy Mr. S arrives on Saturday! In the meantime, he has stopped licking endlessly at his paw. All that slurping was pretty gross...

By the way, in case there is a next time, #1 has ordered one of those BiteNot collars for him. Thanks for the recommendation!

We will of course have some pics of Yuu-Chan for you as soon as he gets home. In the meantime, thanks to Ms.S for providing these ones. We keep getting messages from #1 saying she is missing us desperately, in which case why did she leave?????!

Wednesday 7 July 2010

Further Quick Update

#1 here again, coming to you from gorgeous Prince Edward Island. Actually, I have been so busy with work that I have not had any time to have fun so far, but that will come. I just wanted to let you know that Yuu-Chan continues to get better although it is taking longer than anticipated. The infection had obviously settled in pretty deeply. He is being so well cared for by Ms. S that I suspect he is going to emerge from the experience somewhat spoiled...

In other news, Tommy's paw is all healed, and the girls and Bibi are all fine.

Sorry about the lack of photos. I am having a technical problem in that area. I hope to solve it soon.

Thursday 1 July 2010

Yuu-Chan Update

#1 here, coming to you from sunny Nova Scotia. Yuu-Chan and Ms. S just got back from visiting Dr. C, our wonderful vet. Her verdict is that Yuu-Chan has an infection around the joint of his ankle, probably coming initially from a bite during play. He has a fever and the joint is swollen, but he has been put on antibiotics and a new kind of anti-inflammatory, and he should start to get better very quickly. The trick, actually, will be to keep him quiet as he improves. So, he may have to spend some time in the back room, alone or with just Sei-Chan for company.

I don't have any new photos of him to post as I write this, but how about a nice older one?