Sunday 31 January 2021

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: Today is the last day of January which means the year won't be new as of tomorrow. But those are human preoccupations which we humour but don't abide by! We eat, nap and snuggle!

I think we'll start this week's post with this nice pic of #1 and Genji snuggling:

And a nice one of Genji and Ollie napping together:

Here is one of me giving #1 a kiss:

And sharing a snuggle with Mr. G:

In this one, we have Genji snuggled up to #1 i bed:

This one of Genji and Ollie with #1 in bed is a little fuzzy and is being photo-bombed by #1's nose! But we thought it was cute!

#1 did not spend enough time with the Vs and Hs last Sunday, because of the snow, to take proper snuggle shots, but she did get one with Heloise:

And Mr. G took this sweet one of #1 with his sister's woofie, Paddie:

That's al we have for you this week. Please keep safe and keep snugging!

Saturday 30 January 2021

Sei-Chan's Souvenir Saturday


Rainbow Sei: It haas been a while since we had a "proper" souvenir post with all of us, so I have decided to post nice portraits of each one of us, starting with Ikkyu who was the first!

Next up is our Sen-Chan, for whom the blog is named:

Mr. Soulful, Yuu-Chan:

Me, of course:



And our one and only Tommy:

Each and everyone of us is watching over you, #1, and everyone at The Poupountte!

Friday 29 January 2021

Friends on Friday - With Ollie!


Ollie: Woofs, Everyone! You know that I am a pretty friendly guy, and so I have lots of friends. Some of my friends live with friends or neighbours, like Noelle and Fernant. Others are friends I have met on walks and see regularly.

Last Sunday, I had a lot of fun with a friend I don't see that often. Her name is Paddie and she lives with Mr. G's sister, Ms. L! She is only a few months younger than me but she is huge, outweighing me by about 10 kilos (that's 22lb!). Anyway, the people were all having lunch together and she and I played and played! This first two photos were taken by Mr.G:

These next three were taken by #1:

In case you were wondering, Paddie is a Beauceron. That is a sheepdog from the Beauce region of France, which isn't far from where we live (next region over). They are also known as Bas-Rouge which means "red stockings", for obvious reasons!

And here is a shot of Mr. G with Paddie and me:

Then yesterday, whilst #1 and I were out on our very rainy walk, we met Loka and her lady, so we had a good romp!

I was completely soaked when we got back, and so was #1!

Thursday 28 January 2021

A Thursday Tale


#1 here. A couple of days, I finished a translation job for a client in Japan. The story was so nice that I thought you might like to hear it too. It is the tale of Bitchū Matsuyama Castle, located in Okayama Prefecture, in western Japan. It was built in the 17th century by a feudal clan. In order to make it impregnable, it was built on a mountain (a small one!). Because of its particular topography, between autumn an spring, the fog rises up from the valley and envelops the mountain, making the castle look as though it is floating on the clouds. It is therefore known as "The Castle in the Sky."

In the late 19th century, a law was passed abolishing feudal clans and outlawing castles. But this castle was in such a hard-to-get-to place that it was simply abandoned, rather than destroyed. Sixty years later, it was "rediscovered" by a local history teacher who made it his life's work to restore it. Nowadays, it looks like this:

It was even featured in a popular daytime drama called "Sanada Maru" a few years ago. In 2018, however, the region was battered by terrible storms, and the number of visitors dropped dramatically. The day was saved by..... you guessed it! A CAT! Here is the story as I translated it for the article:

"Help in these hard times arrived in the shape of a ginger and white stray cat. He started out by scrounging for his share of the custodian's lunch box, and decided to make the castle his home after the terrible rainstorms. In December, the Takahashi City Tourist Office designated him "Lord of the Castle." He was first discovered in the vicinity of the third enclosure (San no Maru), and in honor of Tani Sanjūrō, the famed head of the seventh unit of the Shinsengumi Shogunate police, who was from the Matsuyama clan in Bitchū, he was called Sanjūrō, Cat Lord of the Castle. Far from disliking it when visitors pet him, he purrs loudly and is totally unfazed by film crews and paparazzi, nonchalantly walking around the castle like a true lord.Thanks to Sanjūrō popularity with cat lovers, the number of visitors is greater than before the storm damage."

Here is the gorgeous ginger boy, Sanjūrō, Cat Lord of the Castle!

Here he is with adoring fans:

I hope you enjoyed the wonderful tale of Sanjūrō!

Wednesday 27 January 2021

Wednesday Whinnies


Heloise: WE GOT SNOW! It didn't last for very long, but it was pretty, and #1 arrived just as it was starting to fall. She said that I looked extra pretty with snowflakes in my hair!

Can you see my Sis, Violette, and my Mama, Hotesse in this one?

Tuesday 26 January 2021

Tama-Chan Tuesday


Tama-Chan: Can you believe that January is almost over? Not that it makes much difference to us kitties... Our needs are small: great food, comfy beds, lots of brushies and snuggling. You know the drill. Above all, I enjoy sharing time with #1, like helping her blog, for example:

And keeping #1's seat on the sofa warm for her!

I mentioned comfy beddies, right?

We seem to be having quite a few guests on our posts at the moment. We have one again today. This gorgeous girl is the resident diva at our vet, Dr. C's. Her name is Starlet and it is richly deserved!

Isn't she just gorgeous?

Monday 25 January 2021

Manly Monday


Vidock: #1 came to see us yesterday and, just as she arrived, it began to snow. It took her two hours to get home (45 minutes, usually). But I'm so glad she came and I got my carrots and apples!

Genji: My GloBat pics are usually taken in sunpuddles, but here is an unusual one taken in the evening!

And here are some neutral 'Bats!

Ollie: Mr. G took some nice pics of me when #1 was in Paris!

And #1 took this pic of me in the snow:

And our guest for this week is Monsieur Le Roux (aka Mister Red), who lives with Ms. C, where the Vs and Hs are:

Have a great week, everyone!

Sunday 24 January 2021

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: I am happy to see that #1 kept her promise and was back home early afternoon yesterday. Now she can stay home for a bit!

I think we'll start today with this pic of Genji snuggling with #1:

And here is, holding #1 down in bed in the morning:

Next up is one of me on #1's lap:

One of me and Ollie:

Here is a cute pic of Ollie getting a kiss from our friend, Ms. M:

We have some great photos with the horses this week, starting with this special one of Heloise giving her big sister, Violette, a kiss:

And here is Violette with #1:

And a selfie with Heloise:

Not forgetting Mama Hotesse:

Or The Big V!

Keep On Snuggling!