Saturday, 16 January 2021

Souvenir Saturday With Rainbow Beebs


Rainbow Beebs: Hello everyone. Your pal Beebsteroo here, reporting from the Bridge. #1 has been thinking about me even more than usual. Today is supposed to be grey, rainy, maybe even a bit snowy, at Poupountete Central, and I thought I would send #1 and all of you some warm and cozy images of my handsome self.

I'll start off with one of me and Tommy:

Remember how much I loved the sky hammock? And I did some awesome dangling up there! I truly am mama-Tama's son!

I looked so good in red...

#1 always said that I had the most amazing eyes, but also looked adorable when they were closed!

I miss my #1... All of you, remember to hug your kitties, woofies, horsies and all loved ones tight.


  1. You were very handsome, Beebs, and will be forever. #1 misses you very much too. We all do.

  2. Aww, dear Angel Beebs, those closed-eyes photos are just the sweetest ever. Thank you for sharing your delightful warm and cozies!

  3. Such sweet memories of you and Tommy, Angel Bibi. We get hugs from our pawrents every day, but it never hurts to remind them to do it.

  4. Angel Bibi, you were adorable, and we appreciate sending these wonderful images of you. We know #1 misses you an awful lot.

  5. Those were all such wonderful photos!

  6. Beebs! It is so wonderful to see you! We LOVE all those sunny shots of you! You look so cuddly and happy! We hope you have a marvellously Happy Day!

  7. Oh Beebs, those were great memories!
    Mum and I have a great bone and are always close to each other. I love hugs,cuddles and scritches and being near to her.
    Say Hi to all at the Rainbow Bridge!
    Purrs, Julie

  8. That was nice of you, Beebs, to send all those warm and cozy pics to warm the heart of your #1.


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