Saturday, 9 January 2021

Sei-Chan's Souvenir Saturday


Rainbow Sei: Hello from all of us at the Bridge, and our best wishes for this new year to all of you from us. We will all try to watch over you as best we can, but please continue to be careful. It's a scary world out there!

I will be posting January photos this week, and I shall start with Ikkyu. This photo was taken on January 1, 2003. #1 had moved back to France from Chicago just a few weeks before::

Here is Sen-Chan, snapped on January 7th, 2008:

Adorable baby Bibi, on January 6th, 2010:

Glorious Yuu-Chan, on January 10th, 2010:

One of me, from January 22nd, 2010:

Tommy, on January 1st, 2014:

And here is Trav, on January 2nd, 2016:

Wishing you all a good weekend!


  1. We enjoyed seeing each and every one of you, we always do.

  2. Such beautiful angels! Thanks Sei! Have a Happy Day!

  3. They are all lovely, especially the way Sen-Chan relaxed.

  4. We love to see you Angels! Trav reminds me of one of my own ferals, I miss him!

  5. Great memories of all. We can't help but smile at sweet little Bibi!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. Such wonderful photos! Sen-Chan looks so content in this photo :-) Happy memories, they are precious xoxo

  7. Such lovely pictures of our Bridge friends!!
    Thanks Sei!!!!!
    Purrs, Julie


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