Tuesday 30 June 2015

Tama-Chan's Thankful Tuesday!

Tama-Chan: This is such a  happy post for me to write, Dear Friends.  Our #1 was back with us by 1pm yesterday and we gave her quite the welcome home. She is pretty tired from her trip and it is quite hot here, but we are basking in thejoy of being together again.

I had a celebratory meal:

My Beebs had a celebratory snooze!

Da Genj had a celebratory cuddle:

Sei-Chan was supervising...

And Tommy was very happy to romp in the fields with #1 once more!


Monday 29 June 2015


The Gang: #1 emailed us from the airport in Toronto as she was waiting to board. We will update the blog when she gets home. Thanks, everyone, for your support on the sitter debacle.


Sunday 28 June 2015

More Elsewhere Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: She is coming back tomorrow!!!! We can't wait. She is in a bit of a state a she received a pretty nasty email from our sitters telling her our house was squalid because, among other things, it had six litterboxes in it, and saying that their presence had improved the quality of our lives considerably. Apparently, #1 is not able to look after us properly and our house is not fit for human habitation, but we want her back anyway!!! She says she has had it with house-sitters, aside from nice people who have returned to us time and time again.

We obviously have no new SoS pictures to have with you, but # sent us a few "elsewhere" ones to post. She met this mare whom she really liked and who seemed to like her too:

Her name is Reality and she was the ninth top-selling horse at the big auction yesterday.

Remember that handsome Elkhound woofie? #1 had quite a few snuggles with him:

And here is a cute story. Some friends of #1's sold a mare last year, and she was sold again yesterday, coming in at the top-priced mare for the whole auction. These friends, along with their two kids, came to the auction and Ariel, the mare of course recognised them. There was a lot of snuggling all around!

Horses have great memories!

Safe travels #1!

Saturday 27 June 2015

Still Two Days SEIturday

Sei-Chan: Meeeeee-Ow, Dear Friends. The countdown is definitely on and #1 should be back in two days, on Monday! We are happy to report that she has found someone to pick her up at the train station in the shape of the very kind Mr. T. Three Meeeows for Mr. T!

It would seem that #1 has been having all kinds of adventures in the depths of Ontario Amish country. Here are a few photos she has sent us:

I cannot, needless to say, leave you without a photo of me, so here is one of my favourites from the archives:

Friday 26 June 2015

Fffffffttttttttttt..... Friday

Genji: Listen up, Dear Friends. #1 is returning to us on Monday, late morning, and guess what? Our sitters have decided to leave us on Sunday morning... You know, I thought they really liked me but now I wonder. In the end, we really need our #1 to be back here and pronto! Right now, she is trying to figure out who is going to come and get her at the train station (which is an hour away) on Monday. So, if you could please cross your paws that she finds someone who might be willing to do it...

In the meantime, #1 is at this amazing horse sale in the middle of Ontario's Amish country. She had dinner last night in an Amish farmhouse, with a bunch of Amish ladies! Here are a couple of pictures she took yesterday afternoon as they were starting to get ready for the sale:

She also met this really nice Elkhound woofie who apparently LOVES cuddles!

And here is a nice pic of me from the archives, for your viewing pleasure:

Thursday 25 June 2015

Tommy's Thankful Thursday

Tommy: Woofs, Everyone! You remember the photos we showed you a few days ago of the items #1 had put in her suitcase to bring back to us, aside from everything that's gone into the shipment? Well, she went to PetSmart one ore time!

Not bad for a secondary stash, don't you think?

Today, #1 is heading west of Toronto, to a place called Milverton, not far from Kitchener, where there will be a big Percheron sale Friday and Saturday. I suspect you may get some horse photos... In the meantime, here is a nice one of me from just before #1 left:

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Wings on Wednesday

Da Beebs: Todays is the day when my #1 leaves prince Edward and flies to Toronto. She is not coming back just yet as she will be spending a few days in western Ontario at a big Percheron horse sale, but it is her first step on her journey home! This seemed like a suitable picture to post:

Prince Edwards Island is famous for the magnificent lupins that grow wild all over the island, and they are now in bloom, something #1 was really happy to catch:

As for me, my behaviour remains unchanged and I continue to leave deposits of frustration all over the house. #1 says she hopes I will return to my usual well-behaved self when she returns and stays put. We will see. It has been too, too traumatic for me to be without her for so long...

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Tama-Chan's Hostess Tuesday

Tama-Chan: #1 asked me if I would host a post about the girl kitty and the girl woofie she met over the past few days. I suppose that, since there are no new photos of me, I can be gracious about this hostess thing, right?

The girl kitty first. She is the sister (actual litter-mate) to Sami-Chan, who was featured in yesterday's post. Her name is Sama-Chan and she is rather a lovely colour: She started out by coming over to investigate #1:

She then expressed her approval at #1's presence:

And finally, she hopped onto the table and settled down right next to #1!

We think she has pretty good taste!

#1 also met a little Springer girl called Claire. She is actually the daughter of Raid, the spotty guy we featured in yesterday's post. She is tricoloured with white, black and some tan and, being a girl, she is a lot smaller than her Dad:

You do realise, don't you, that come next Tama-Chan Tuesday, #1 will be back with us?!


Monday 22 June 2015

Manly Monday - More Interlopers

#1 here again. Yes, I have continued to cheat on the Gang but it really cannot be helped. Life with no exposure to fluffies and furries is just not possible.

So, on Saturday, I went with a friend who is looking to get a new dog to meet the daddy of the potential puppy. This guy is on temporary loan to Canada from Finland, and he is apparently a vey well-known Springer. But he just introduced himself as "Raid"...

Well, he was not as handsome as Tommy, but he did have rather deliciously spotty paws!!! And he was very sweet.

I also spent a little time with a "Chan"! This was an "Island Chan" so named, with his sister, in honour of the Poupounette Chans. This guy is called Sami-Chan and he is a big orange boy!

Sami-Chan loves to "horse around" with his Daddy!

I did also meet some pretty girls, but perhaps Tama-Chan can introduce them tomorrow.

Sunday 21 June 2015

The SoS Archives - Volume 2

#1 here again. Following on from last week's SoS post, we are once again looking through our archives for SoS photos.

We featured Yuu-Chan briefly last week, and will start with him again this week. Yuu-Chan was just the kindest kitty, always ready to comfort those in need. Some of you may remember that we had a little foster, Tora-Chan, here for a few days, before he went to his wonderful Forever Home with friends. Yuu-Chan made sure he was well cared-for during his short stay at Poupounette Central:

Yuu-Chan was also the most loving older brother to Da Beebs:

We will never stop missing you, Yuu-Yuu.

Da Beebs was always a major snugglebug. Here he is with one of his brothers:

And snuggling with his sister and #1:

And he started snuggling with Tommy early!

Da Genj arrived with a Masters in Snuggling:

And he has never looked back!

As for the Vs, their size has never stopped them from snuggling! Here is an early example of my snuggling with Vidock:

He really is the living proof that stallions love kisses:

And here is one of the first photos of Violette snuggling with her #1, just after she was rescued:

There have been so many more since, but here is a fairly recent one:

We hope you have enjoyed this two-week journey through our SoS archives. Remember! Sundays are for snuggling!

Saturday 20 June 2015

SEIturday Stash

Sei-Chan: Our #1 has been really busy doing the final clear-up at her cottage. She says there is no way she could have done it without her kind friends who helped her dispose of so much stuff. The shipment coming to France was packed up and taken away on Wednesday, and she gave her keys to the cottage to the new owner yesterday. She says she did a lot of shopping for us before the shipment left and there will be many treats for us, and treats and toys for Tommy, to unpack when it arrives. But she did also put a few things in her suitcase so there will be goodies for us when she arrives home on June 29th. She sent us a photo:

Can you see? There are Temptations, LUVs and some of those freeze-dried chicken treats for us. For Tommy, there is a large-size Chuck-it ball launcher and a non-stuffed soft squeaky toy. And there is a gift for him for Ms. J, who helped #1 so much with the cottage clearing. It is a fancy "Island" bandana!

I did want to put up at least one photo of myself and asked #1 to look through what she had. She found these two photos we haven't shared before of me hanging out on this colourful quilt shortly before she left:

Wishing you a Happy SEIturday!