Tuesday 31 January 2012


Tama-Chan: Well, the snow was a bit of an non-event, which is a relief, really. Tommy got enough to play with but there wasn't enough for #1 to be stuck here. But it's getting a lot colder. With wind chills, the night-time temps are supposed to go down as low as -15C (that's 5F!). Time to crank up the central heating!

Radiator-top space is going to be at a premium!

They say, however, that it will be sunny, so there should be a few sunpuddles to lie in:

I just love the feel of the sun on my furs!

And here is a Toesday treat for you!

By the way, Silver-G, aka Genji, is 10 months old today!

Monday 30 January 2012


: The weather people kept changing their minds as to whether it was going to snow or not today. It now looks as thought the answer to that is YES! #1 is vacillating between the liking of snow and the knowledge of how much I love it, and tricky roads to drive on. We shall see.

May I introduce my latest stuffy toy to you? Being a tiger, I think it is most manly!

Yesterday, I was able to show off my manliness to a very pretty girl. You may remember meeting Effie before. She is an English setter and a cousin of mad Fernant's. She loves to play with the tennis ball (Fernant, on the other hand, just likes to steal tennis balls...).

The lovely Effie:

My apologies for subjecting you to this "Labrabutt" but that is Fernant, after all...

Bibi-Chan: At my end, it's been photo shoot city the last few days as we have enjoyed lots of sun puddles and #1 never lets an opportunity slip!

Ahem, by the way, HOUBIBI rode again a couple of days ago!!!

Gen-Chan: I have also been photographed from every possible angle but I have also been playing bitey face with Tommy and wrestling with The Beebs

Vidock: May I ask you cross a few hooves for me this week? As you know, I am being shown again this week and hoping for better results than last time around...

As we don't have any good new shots, here is an archive one to remind you of my good, and very manly looks!

Sunday 29 January 2012


You all know, Dear Friends, that Tommy is the ultimate snuggle magnet in this house and that, even when we kitties don't snuggle with each other, we always snuggle with him. So, today's post is a tribute of sorts to our Tommy, the ultimate snuggle magnet!

He and #1 had a great time snuggling this week when #1 was watching a DVD:

And here they are having a snuggle whilst visiting some friends:

Tommy is happy to share the love, so here he is with a friend of ours a couple of days ago:

But of course, what he enjoys most of all is snuggling with us kitties! Here he is with young Genji:

Here I am having a snuggle with him:

And Sei-Chan of course!

As for The Beebs, we don't have any photos from this week of him snuggling with Tommy, but he was cuddling with #1 in bed this morning!

And Bibi and Genji have been doing some more snuggling of their own:

And finally, here is another photo of Vidock with #1 after his first clean-up session!

PS by Sei-Chan: Thank you so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes! I had a great day with lots of ham and Dreamies (Temptations European-Style). I played laser-pointer with #1, and she gave me a pedicure!

Saturday 28 January 2012


As you know, Dear Friends, I always do a SEIturday post anyway but today is an extra, super special SEIturday because it is my THIRD BIRTHDAY!

Here, to start us off, is a photo of me at 3 months!

And here I am, aged three:

As you can see, napping has always been a favourite activity of mine!

Let me share with you photos of me as I was growing up with some of my very favourite people. Let me start with me and my Mama, Viña del Mar:

And with #1:

Me and my big sister Tama-Chan:

Me and my Tommy of course!

And with my sweet brother, Yuu-Chan, who is now at the Bridge:

As you know, I have two other brothers now, Bibi-Chan and Gen-Chan. I love them both but they are pretty boisterous. I am a very shy girl and I spook easily, so I don't really enjoy rough play but I do love to play! #1 sometimes plays with just me, which is wonderful!

I feel that my main job is to supervise #1 and make sure she is taken care of in every way. I am a lucky girl to live with my family at Poupounette Central!

Friday 27 January 2012


: Neigh everyone! Remember that I mentioned on Monday that I was going to get cleaned up this week in preparation for my being shown next week? Several of you sent nice messages commiserating about the prospect of a bath. Well, actually, I did not get a bath yesterday. That will be next Wednesday, the day before D-Day. Yesterday's challenge was to get the encrusted mud off me, and also trim any hairy bits.

Let us start with a "before" picture:

You have to admit that I had done a pretty good job on myself, adding layer after protective layer of mud over the weeks!

Anyway, I had three ladies attending to me which, as a young stallion, I found most agreeable! And look! #1 seems pretty happy to be attending to me, doesn't she?

Here is Ms. S making sure that my ears look sleek and beautiful rather than hairy messes:

Ms. S explained that a lot of people use twitches to keep horses still whilst they are getting ear hair or chin hair taken care of, to make the horse be good and stand still. I am happy to tell you that, in my case, the effective technique consisted of lots of kisses on the end of my nose by #1!

Ms. S attending to me whilst #1 makes sure the floor is clean. Believe me, there was a lot of debris!

And here I am, all cleaned up, ready to go back to my box:

Of course, as soon as I was back in the box with Big Tom, there was quite a bit of "horsing around." #1 did tell me to be careful because, she says, bite marks don't really look good to the judges...

So, that was step 1 of "The Fancifying of Vidock." To be Continued...

PS: Our thanks to our guest, Ms. L, for providing most of the photos for today's post

Thursday 26 January 2012

Tantalising Thursday!

: And so, yesterday, you got to see the shiny handsomeness of my big brother, The Beebs. Today, #1 is busy and running around, so I shall leave you with a picture that shows off my tummy to full advantage:

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Wonderboy Wednesday!

Don't tell me you didn't guess that I would be the wonderboy?! You all seemed to really enjoy my Mama Tama's photo shoot yesterday, and so I thought I would give you a bonus today with a photo shoot of her most spectacular product, ME!

We have had generally rainy and grey weather but as soon as the sun comes out, #1 is stalking us with one or other of her cameras. I think she did a pretty good job this time around.

Firstly, it is of course very important to make sure one is clean and shiny for the shoot:

and the tummy furs:

It is important to remain alert at all times!

Oops! A little speck of dirt on my nose!

So how about this?

That one also works for "Whiskers on Wednesday"!

And this?

And the other side, just for good measure:

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Tama's Tuesday Tantrum

Well actually, my tantrum was yesterday, on Monday, but it does sound rather good in the Tuesday title, don't you think? #1 is not quite sure what started it as she was elsewhere in the house but she was alerted to something when Sei-Chan suddenly started growling in the afternoon. She came downstairs quickly and I was running around growling, hissing and spitting, a very unhappy girl. I am not telling on anyone but let's face it, Sei-Chan and Tommy were upstairs with #1, so you know who that leaves as the culprits...

Anyway, the end result is that I got time out in the back room so I could calm down and relax. Even though I call it "time out" it's actually a very pleasant experience. #1 tries to stay with me as long as she can, and she grooms me at length with the Zoom Groom which I love! It makes me feel so much better. It was somewhat annoying to have Genji crying outside the door for most of the time but what can you do? I eventually relaxed properly and #1 was able to open the door once more in the early evening.

Here is my half-way between contrite and pleased photo:

The whole episode also gave #1 the opportunity to do a great photo shoot of me!