Monday, 30 January 2012


: The weather people kept changing their minds as to whether it was going to snow or not today. It now looks as thought the answer to that is YES! #1 is vacillating between the liking of snow and the knowledge of how much I love it, and tricky roads to drive on. We shall see.

May I introduce my latest stuffy toy to you? Being a tiger, I think it is most manly!

Yesterday, I was able to show off my manliness to a very pretty girl. You may remember meeting Effie before. She is an English setter and a cousin of mad Fernant's. She loves to play with the tennis ball (Fernant, on the other hand, just likes to steal tennis balls...).

The lovely Effie:

My apologies for subjecting you to this "Labrabutt" but that is Fernant, after all...

Bibi-Chan: At my end, it's been photo shoot city the last few days as we have enjoyed lots of sun puddles and #1 never lets an opportunity slip!

Ahem, by the way, HOUBIBI rode again a couple of days ago!!!

Gen-Chan: I have also been photographed from every possible angle but I have also been playing bitey face with Tommy and wrestling with The Beebs

Vidock: May I ask you cross a few hooves for me this week? As you know, I am being shown again this week and hoping for better results than last time around...

As we don't have any good new shots, here is an archive one to remind you of my good, and very manly looks!


  1. Very manly post guys. Vidock, we're sending you good luck! We think you will do FABULOUSLY and can't wait to hear about your adventures!

    Sending nose kisses to everyone!

  2. Dare we hope for a Snow-Bibi picture?!?!?!
    Paws crossed for Vidock - sometimes humans are just blinded by our magnificence and make the worng decisions when judging. If they get it wrong again, make sure you stamp on them!

  3. Stay warm, every-Chan! And best of luck to you, Vidock!

  4. Vidock - ahem - whispers : you've got something in between your teeth
    just in case you get embarassed!
    Now boys we are overwhelmed by the mancat and mandog manliness this Monday - just cool it next week please!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. A lovely Monday for all of you. Best of luck Vidock!

  6. What an incredible Man Monday! My hairy slobbery sister Bob is in Love with Tommy and she can't wait for mes to read your Blog! We will cross out claws for Vidock!

  7. Lovely pictures of all of you! Vidock, we wish you the best of luck. We are crossing all things crossable here for you!

  8. You all lovely as per usual :) but Genji that photo of you showing your lovely, innocent eyes looks particularly lovely!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  9. Vidock, I don't have hooves but I will cross my eyes, Chey...

  10. Vidock...each and every one of us out here is rooting for you big time!!

  11. Happy Monday- and Vidock, we is rooting hard for you!

  12. You guys had a busy weekend. We are looking forward to some snow pictures. Bi bi you are loving all that attention
    Benny & Lily

  13. Tommy, chewing on a tiger is VERY manly! We never had any doubt. All the kitties are adorable as ever. Vidock is a winner in our book! Thank you for your very kind words today. Its awful knowing a friend had to suffer through that,and her poor family! Its comforting to know so many nice people! Stay safe & we're purring for Vidock.

  14. Snow! And it was just recently so nice and sunny. Bibi, are you even thinking of escaping again while that wet white stuff is out there?

  15. Firstly, send a little snow over our way! Murray would love some!

    Secondly, love all the photos - winter sunshine always makes photos super special.

    Thirdly, keeping hooves, paws and fingers crossed here for Vidock.

    Murray's Mom had a great horse filled morning today - she had to give a talk on equine assisted learning this morning and although she was worried about it, it was lovely to see such interest from the group (all ladies learning equine assisted therapy!)

    take care
    Clive & Co

  16. You all are looking very manly today. We're purrin and pullin fur you, Vidock! Enjoy that snow. xoxo

  17. EVERYbuddy is manly and handsome and just perfection. xoxoxox

  18. You're all so lovely and sweet to each other. Good family! Paws, whiskers, eyes and tails crossed, Vidock, for a GREAT show.

    Lizzie & 3 kitties

  19. Houbibi is SNOW channeling his Inner Sibe!

    Paws khrossed fur SNOW!

    PeeEssWoo: Great pikhs of woo Tommy!

  20. I loved seeing you playing, Tommy! I also love Labrabutts :)


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