Tuesday 31 May 2011

Tama-Chan's Thankful Tuesday

Even though the sky is grey today, the mood is sunny here at Poupounette Central this morning as we have our #1 back with us. She returned, as promised, yesterday afternoon, and with a very tightly packed car. Unfortunately, she also brought a nasty cold back and is feeling quite sorry for herself. But we shall take good care of her!

So, do you want to see the stash of goodies? Here it is:

From the picture, it looks like Tommy is getting rather more than us in terms of toys but the fact is that he "works" his toys a lot more quickly than we do so he needs replacements on a regular basis.

Here is my Bibi doing some investigating:

Here are the special treats sent to us by our friends at Four Abyssinian Cats:

And some large cookies for Tommy:

And last, but best of all, #1 brought us a packet of British HAM, just for us!!!!

We apologise in advance if we don't visit much today. #1 is planning to spend most of the day in bed (other than a quick visit to Vidock this afternoon).

Monday 30 May 2011

#1 Goes Visiting!

Today is the day that #1 promised she would come home, so we have all been bathing madly and Tommy is furiously trying to get his ears into some kind of order (Yep. F the Terror has been chomping on them...).

Anyway, rather interesting rumours have been reaching us. In between shopping trips, #1 apparently stopped over to visit the gang over at Four Abyssinian Cats. If you are not familiar with them, this household consist of two Abyssinian girls, Amber (sorrel) and Crystal (fawn) and two younger brothers, Jasper (fawn) and Dino (sorrel) who are looked after by "The Housekeeper." The boys are about the same age as me and are "famous" for the trouble they get into! They, like me, are very gregarious, especially Jasper who came and settled at #1's feet, before hopping onto her lap to give her a cuddle!

Here is Jasper again, enjoying a balloon The Housekeeper recently brought home:

The girls were a lot shyer and #1 did not manage to get that many good shots, but here are a few more:

By the way, #1 swears she still loves us most of all! But she especially enjoyed meeting the fawn Abys as she has never had any herself. Oh, and the four sent us some treats! I can't wait to try them!

Sunday 29 May 2011

Mothers on Sunday

Today is Mother's Day (Fête des Mères) in France and we thought it would be nice to do a tribute to all of our Mamas and Grandmamas. This of course includes a tribute to ME as I am Mama Tama after all! I asked #1 to try and find good photos of everyone, so here goes.

Let us start with the matriarch of our kitty gang, the lovely Viña del Mar who is Sei-Chan's mother, my grandmother, and therefore Bibi-Chan's great grandmother:

Here is my own Mama, Bassano. The photo is not the best as she is a bit of a wild girl...

And last but not least is me, Queen Tama, Mother of The Beebs!!!

Let us now move on to our brother Tommy. Here is his lovely Mama, Minnie:

And his Grandmama, Katie:

Last but not least comes our BIG little brother, Vidock. Here is his Mama, Jessy:

And we also have a nice photo of his paternal Grandmama (Papa Orgueil's Mama), Belle des Choux:

Isn't she gorgeous?!

We all feel very luck to have each other and our human family, but to still be connected with our birth families. Happy French Mother's Day to all our Mamas and Grandmamas!

Saturday 28 May 2011

Still Waiting SEIturday

So, how many days to go out of the six, do you think? It feels like it has been a zillion days already and I want my #1 back. She has been sending news and says she has been very busy shopping for us.

Anyway, before she went off, #1 did do a photo shoot of me and told me I could have my regular SEIturday post!

Here I am supervising her at work:

Even when she thinks I am asleep....

Getting some loving...

And crossing paws that the six days will end very soon!

Friday 27 May 2011

FrootBeebs Friday!

Hi everyone. The Beebs here! We are just about surviving being without our #1 and are counting the minutes until her return. In the interim, however, I figured out how to turn on the Mac and decided I should have a frooty post all to myself!

The reason why my coat is gleaming so beautifully is because #1 had just spent the longest time Zoom-Grooming me. I LOVE the Zoom Groom!

It was going to be just me today but then I found some fun Frootbat pics on the Mac and thought I would share a couple with you. First off is one of our current neighbours, this very "batty" Charolais calf and its Mama:

And what about this gorgeous little Percheron filly?

It clearly is a frooty world out there!!!

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Wordy Wednesday

So, today is Wednesday and, true to her word, #1 got up at dawn so she would have enough time to take Tommy out for a run and then she was gone a little after 8am. Fernant's family is looking after us and she left all the food properly organised for us. But of course, she gives us various treats and goodies and we will not be getting any of that stuff whilst she is gone. Boo Hoooooo. How many days is 6 days?

I am planning to spend the bulk of it sleeping

And so is Bibi-Chan:

My sister, Queen Tama, will doubtless be lounging about in her usual fashion:

Tommy, on the other paw, will be busy guarding his ears from wild Fernant. I am not sure this is actually an adequate shield...

And Ms. S has promised to give Vidock lots of cuddles whilst #1 is gone.

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Tama-Chan Tuesday

I have been pondering #1's imminent (tomorrow!) departure for England and am really not pleased at all. I think she has absolutely no business leaving us, whatever the reason. I need to have her here so she can look after me, Zoom-Groom me and play with me.

I decided to have a pout on my Zabuton:

But then she gave me all this attention and I couldn't resist showing off...

So I decided to go and do some character-building exercise in the run

After which I found the best sunpuddle going and just relaxed:

Come back soon, #1! We will be doing some posting whilst she is away, but will probably not be in a position to comment on Wednesday or Thursday. Oh, and we will sort out the Paw-it-Forward stuff when she gets back.

Monday 23 May 2011

Manly Monday!

Whaaaaaa? It's Monday? Manly Monday? But I''m not awake yet and I think it should be Mellow Monday instead...

To follow on from Sleepy Sunday...

And Snoozy Saturday...

Life is just so delightful at the moment!!!!

Tom: Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I have a great adventure to tell you about! Last Thursday, #1 was invited by a friend who runs the Ecomusée du Perche to come and see a farrier demonstrating the shoeing of a Percheron for an elementary school class, and I, Tommy, was invited too!

I supervised as he talked about what he was going to do:

And then I got to hang out with the kids who were GREAT!

And Lobo, the Percheron who was being shod, was a pretty cool dude too!

Vidock: I have to tell you that, I, personally, am not a great fan of farriersat this stage, but maybe that will change. Perhaps I need to meditate on the subject...

Viking, Apollon and I were moved to a new field on Thursday and we have been having fun thundering around it!

Notice who is out in front both time?!

Have a great week everyone!

PS: #1 was very touched by all the nice notes from our English friends asking if she would be in their vicinity so she might visit. She does not think that will be the case, as she will be mostly around High Wycombe, but if any of you are close to there, please give a shout!

Sunday 22 May 2011

Snuggles on Sunday

We are back to our regular SoS post this week but I have to tell you, dear friends, the news is not all positive. You see, we have heard that #1 is abandoning us next Wednesday and is planning to be away for six whole days!!! Can you believe it? She is going to England and she keeps saying she is going to bring back lots of goodies for us, but still.... The only good thing is that Tommy will be around, spending his days with Fernant (will he have any ears left by the time #1 returns?), but sleeping here at night so we can snuggle with him. Phew!

So, we have indeed all been snuggling with Tommy, starting with me:

This one is a bit blurred but you get the idea...

And Sei-Chan of course!

We have no good shots of The Beebs snuggling with Tommy this week, but here he is with #1 in the early morning:

He is still very good pals with Fernant!

And here we have sweet Sei-Chan stopping to give me a kiss:

A sweet shot of Vidock (R), and Viking (L) with their pal Apollon:

Little yearling pony colt Apollon gets on very well with his two-year old Percheron pals!

Of course, Vidock found the time to come over and give #1 some snuggles too!

All in all, a great snuggle week all around!