Saturday, 28 May 2011

Still Waiting SEIturday

So, how many days to go out of the six, do you think? It feels like it has been a zillion days already and I want my #1 back. She has been sending news and says she has been very busy shopping for us.

Anyway, before she went off, #1 did do a photo shoot of me and told me I could have my regular SEIturday post!

Here I am supervising her at work:

Even when she thinks I am asleep....

Getting some loving...

And crossing paws that the six days will end very soon!


  1. We so feel for you. We have our suspicions we will be abandoned soon too but Äiti has promised it will not be for as long as it was last year. But what does that mean ?! SIX days is a seventyelevensquillion whole sleeps guys, and we admire your fortitude loads. She sure had better bring you loads of treats back......

  2. That is very good she is shopping for you. My humans just brought themselves back to me, but after more than 2 weeks, I was very happy with that!!!

  3. Woo do khross furry well - both with the paws and with the 'tude!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy and The Pest!

  4. It is very hard on all of you when your #1 is away. We are glad to hear that she has been doing lots of shopping for you. Hang in there, she will be back soon.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  5. DANG supervising sure is hard work! I hope you got plenty of treats for all that work.

  6. The sunshine makes your pretty furs look very red in your first picture in fact Sei-Chan you look "glowing".
    It sounds as though you are going to have lots of parcels to open when #1 gets home.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Hopefully your #1 will be home very soon, bearing gifts!

  8. The Four Abyssinian's would like to report tha #1 is safe and well and is definitely working very hard at the shopping ;-)

  9. She will be back before you know it. At first you looked disgusted but then we think you gave in when you got the attention, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  10. Our Mummy has been sooo busy and it is driving us crazy! She will be away for 2 weeks in July. Then Cat Daddy will go away for 1 month in August!
    But your #1 is good to do a photoshoot before going away!!
    Purrrrrs, KQ

  11. Hi Sei! The Feline Family will keep their paws crossed for you, too! It's so hard to wait for something we want...Lola and Sadie especially hate waiting!

    Feline Family is pretty new to cat blogs and still finding their way around. BigSexyBob aka Bob s a little shy but likes to make new cat friends and most cats like him a lot. Sadie, the smallest cat is also resident brat...she'll give you a hard time, but it's all bluster... Lola will be your friend for life, she's the baby of the group and loves any kitty who will play with her...

    We hope you'll come by our blog and meet The Family..Addie and JoJo are always around, Mr. Magoo, too. Jazzy & Hennessey are harder to find, but they'll pop in for visitors...

    We hope to get to know you Sei and your siblings, too! Bibi-chan looks so pretty, her coat shines!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. I hate waiting for the Woman to return. It's so dull and I don't get enough attention!

  13. Miss Sei-Chan is so adorable! She still has a kitten look about her, what a loving little girl she is!

    Hope you are having a fun time in England-safe travels!

  14. All this going away that Humans do is fairly pointless, in our opinion. After all, we Cats are at home, what else IS there?

    Miss Sei-Chan, Maui wants to give you a little peck on your sweet cheek; oops, now he ran off all embarrassed...

  15. I love your intense reddish colors!
    You are so exotic!

  16. At least your #1 is bringing home some gifts for you! My human showed up after her trip empty-handed.

  17. It can't be too much longer now, Sei-Chan. You sure are looking quite demure in your poses today. We hope #1 is back soon loaded down with lots of goodies.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  18. She will be back before you know it. :)


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