Saturday 30 April 2011

Saved SEIturday!

I bet that when you read in yesterday's post that #1 was abandoning us all day today, you wondered whether my SEiturday post was going to be offered up on the sacrificial altar... but NO! She did have the decency to help me prepare it before leaving.

We have had another busy week and made a new friend. Fernant's mum's nephew, Master Y, has taken to coming over to see us every time he comes to visit his aunt. He just loves us! He even climbs into the cat run with us!

He's a real gentlekid so we don't mind sharing our space with him!

Talking of "our space" how are we doing on building up the excitement about the run? We have stuff to tell you... soon...!

In the meantime, #1 did a pretty good job this week photographing my perfect pink toes!

... and catching the sun on my furs...

Oh, and when that pipsqueak Fernant was here, I made sure that #1's chair was protected!

She keeps saying that I'm the cutest girl ever, so I guess I'll forgive her for leaving us all day...

Friday 29 April 2011

Friday Fun?

The Chans:
Fun? What fun? It is almost 7pm and #1 has spent virtually all day drinking Champagne in front of the TV with a friend, exclaiming at hats and beautiful horses... Whose idea of fun is that?

And, to add insult to injury, she is abandoning us all day tomorrow to go to Paris for a family Lunch. Humphhhhhhh!

Thursday 28 April 2011

Twinkle-Toed Thursday!

: Neigh everyone! Your favourite stallion-in-training here! Guess what happened to me on Tuesday? I got a full pedicure! #1 came into the paddock, put on my halter and led me down to a special room. Let's call it the torture chamber, shall we?

I just knew they were going to do something awful to me...

Then, they grabbed my foot!

And did all sorts of things to it!

And the other foot...

And more torture...

And all the while, Mr. Floppy Ears was getting cuddles from Ms. S. So not fair!

But when it was all over... Ta DAAAAAAA.....

Mr. Twinkle Toes! Ready to tap dance with the best of them!!!

PS: We apologise for being rather late in posting. I am told there has been a flurry of activity all day on the side of the house, where something called "the cat run" is located. More on that soon!

Wednesday 27 April 2011

Pals on Wednesday - Guess Who's Back?

: Well, I have barely had time to draw a few deep breaths and make sure my ears are still attached, and Young Fernant is back among us! His family have visiting family and they have all gone off for the day on some cycling excursion. Well, we could hardly leave him locked up in the garage all day, could we? So, we went to get him AFTER I had had my morning Frisbee workout and everyone is now snoozing in the study as #1 works.

Here are some photos of the two of us taken over the past few days:

#1 did not mention that I had to share my bed...

Any chance you could let just me in?

Seriously, though, we have some great times together!

It's grand to have a pal!

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Tama-Chan Tuesday: Farewell to a Friend

We were all so very saddened yesterday to learn that beautiful Sweet Praline had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Unlike many of you, we had not known her long, but she was such a fabulous lady cat and we all were in awe of her. She and her Mom Paula faced her final illness with such dignity. We are honoured to have known you, Sweet Praline.

Here is a magnificent Emperor Moth that #1 photographed on Sunday. We think it makes a fitting tribute for our friend who now has her own wings:

In other news, we are all recovering from our weekend with Fernant... Actually, he was a really good boy and even us girls got on well with him. But poor Tommy was a bit exhausted after constant ear pulling and jaw chomping, and he was very happy to go back to the big field with just #1 this morning.

We have been hearing rumours that our cat run will be closed on Thursday. What do you think is going on? Apparently, two friends of #1's are coming over to "make improvements..." Hmmmm. Perhaps I should get out there once I have finished blogging.

Monday 25 April 2011

Manly Monday - Four Boys Ahoy!

: Neigh, Neigh, Neeeeeigh! I get to go first today! So, take a look at this photo:

Isn''t that the manliest young stud you have EVER seen? That being so, how can the girls possibly resist? I mentioned there are two girls (we call them "fillies" around here!) in the paddock next to mine and Viking's. The fact that one of them is my half-sister is of course irrelevant. They are gorgeous, and it is most important for them to notice me. So I parade in front of them!

Their names are Sissy and Sirène, and they are very, very clever. Look what they can do!

That's my buddy Diego with them by the way. They can also do this:

They really are too dreamy. Do you think they will ever notice me?

Tommy and Fernant: Tommy here, speaking on behalf of both of us. That kid is so exhausting! He is into everything and wants everything. It takes all of my manliness to deal with him!

We were invited out to lunch yesterday and all he wanted to do was play tug-of-war!

Anyway, here is a "Peek-a-Boo" shot of me on one of my recent visits to Vidock:

And here is pipsqueak Fernant trying to look grown-up in the wet grass this morning:

Bibi-Chan: I have been having some very manly exchanges with young Fernant!

And here is the latest manly portrait #1 took of me:

Or do you think I look manlier in this one?

Sunday 24 April 2011

Snuggles on Sunday - The Fernant Edition

: WOOOOOOF Everyone, Fernant here! I am hijacking the blog today because I AM HERE! My Mum left at lunchtime yesterday and won't be back until Monday. So, I am staying with Tommy and The Chans!

There have been games of Bitey-Face!

And sharing the sofa with Tommy and #1!

I got to go to town for the first time ever!

When we went out for our evening run, I got to play with my bro Basha:

And in the evening, I relaxed with Tommy and The Beebs:

But I also gave #1 some special Fernant-Love!

By the way, we went to town for the awards at our annual municipal arts show and we were pretty proud of #1 who won First Prize in the Photography section! The photos were of Percheron horses (surprise, surprise!).

Saturday 23 April 2011

Sunny Sleepy SEIturday!

It has been such a busy week over at Poupounette Central that we are all reeling from the activity. The weather was grand and #1 and Tommy were all over the place, so everyone is looking forward to a bit of quiet and togetherness at the weekend. Did I just say QUIET? You do know that Fernant is staying until Monday? Methinks I shall need to hide a lot... That Bibi, however, can't wait for him to set paw inside the house so he can play with him!

Anyway, same old, same old, but I have been spending time out in the run...

And hanging out on #1's bed during the few hours she spends there.

...firecely guarding #1's desk chair!

A girl's work is never done!

PS: #1 here, in answer to a question about (Horse) Tom in yesterday's comments. "Approved" means that Tom has been official approved for reproduction by the French Percheron Horse Society and the National Stud. In order to maintain the quality of the breed, only offspring born of approved stallions can be registered in the Percheron Stud Book.

Friday 22 April 2011

Friends and Family on Friday

: Hi everyone. Tommy here. I have had a week filled with all kinds of fun and excitement, and friends too!

A young buddy of mine, Master K, is visiting from Germany. He comes about twice a year to visit his Grandmama and I always have the the best time with him!

I also got to frolic in the big field with Damia:

And went to visit my Big Little Brother, Vidock in his summer pasture!

AND young Fernant and I went to visit my friend Pie!

Oh and guess what? We have new friends in the field next to my big field!

Vidock: Neigh everyone. Yes, Mr. Floppy Ears and #1 have been coming to see me in my summer pasture and guess what? There are two beautiful girls in the pasture next door! But more on that next Monday. In the meantime, I wanted to introduce you to my other Tom-Brother! Yep! I, Vidock, have TWO Tom-Brothers! You know Mr. Floppy Ears so here is the other:

Tom de Prainville is two years older than me, and we have the same Papa, Orgueil. Tom is an approved Percheron stallion and trained to drive and ride! One day, I will be like him!

The Chans: Here is a family photo of all of us, from the same photo shoot as Wednesday's. Things are fairly peaceful around here at the moment, which #1 is grateful about. But... Fernant will be staying over the weekend, so anything could happen...