Saturday 30 November 2013


Sei-Chan: I have to confess, Dear Friends, that I had a few doubts about whether this post would actually get written. #1 has had a mad week and we have barely seen her. She has tended to rush out of the door most days, with Tommy in tow, and to not be seen again until the evening. This weekend, it is ongoing madness, but she has promised us that things will calm down next week (aside, that is, from her little foray into the huge horse event in Paris next Thursday and Friday…).

So… I looked through my photos and was pleased to find that there was this one. This is me doing my best "May I have some ham?" face:

Quite irresistible, don't you think?

Other than that, I have been hanging out with my Tommy when he is around:

Taking cozy naps:

And enjoying the odd sunpuddle:

Have a Great SEIturday, Every Friend!

Friday 29 November 2013

Vidock and Violette Vendredi

Vidock: Studly Neighs, Every Friend! How are you all? I am well and have made great progress in my lessons, although some people have also suggested that I am occasionally naughty… Me? Naughty? Is that even conceivable?

Well, OK.. So I am giving #1 a hard time when she tries to put my headcollar on, but a stud has to have some fun, right? Apparently not, and I have been told off and they are plotting against me, I am sure.

In the meantime, just look at me, will you?

Don't you think I have the smoothest moves?!

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Dear Friends! I know that many of you are kitties or love kitties, so I thought I would show you that, even though I don't actually live with the Chans, I like kitties a lot!

That is one of the kitties where I live. His name is Câlin which means "cuddle" and he is a sweetie!

As you can see, my mud situation is… kind of muddy…

But there is another side to the field which isn't so bad, so #1 can get to me and bring me out for a groom and treat bucket! I just love it when #1 comes to see me!

Thursday 28 November 2013

Thankful Thursday

#1 here. Today is the day when our American friends celebrate Thanksgiving. Here in France, it is just another day. In fact, there is no such holiday in this country, and it is a bit of a shame because, let's face it, the French are rather better at complaining than being thankful… Anyway, even though we won't be doing anything festive at Poupounette Central, we would like to send our warmest wishes to our friends in the United States, and tell you a bit about what we are thankful about.

We are thankful that in the five and a half years we have written this blog, we have made so many wonderful friends all over the world.

We are thankful to be all together and to have the gift of good health at this time.

Violette is grateful to have a home, to be cherished, brushed regularly and for her treat buckets!

Vidock is thankful for his wonderful new accommodations and teacher, all the great things he is learning, the love that surrounds him, and of course, the treat buckets!

Tommy is thankful that his ouchie is gone and he no longer has to wear either T-Shirts or cones, also for his walks in the fields and trips to the restaurant with his #1, his balls and stuffies, and all the yummy food and treats!

The Chans are thankful for their Tommy, their warm and comfy beds, their sunpuddles, their cat run (which #1 occasionally climbs into with them to share the fun!), the snuggles with #1, and all the yummy food, most especially chicken!

And I am thankful for all of them!

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Wild Wednesday

Genji: We have had only minimal rain these past few days, and it has not been too cold, so #1 has opened the run for us most days and we like to take advantage of the wild feel it has (as #1 has not done any maintenance work in it lately!).

Don't you think I look dashing in these natural surroundings?

Hear me roar!

Da Beebs is not sure he really likes this angle…

But he had a good time ferreting around in the grass:

And doing his high-beam exercises:

Sei-Chan is always a little more hesitant about launching herself into the wilderness:

But Tama-Chan is still very much on her "Queen" kick (don't tell her I said that!)

We don't get to go out into the real" outside, but we do have a pretty good (and wild!) time in our run!

Tuesday 26 November 2013

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Well, after the liberties that #1 took with me in composing last week's post, I think we need to re-establish my standing as Queen of this house, don't you?

I rule!

Any questions?

It's hard work, you know…

But I do have good staff. First, look at this picture:

And then look closely at this one:

Yes! #1 put a little pillow down for me. She is definitely a keeper!

Monday 25 November 2013

Manly Monday

Vidock: Studly Neighs, Every Friend! I get to kick off the Manly post today! So here is a very manly photo of me, looking out over my pasture:

My training is continuing to progress really well. I am losing fat and building muscle and #1 says I am looking even more handsome!

Here's looking at you, Kids!

Da Beebs & Da Genj: We have a rather fine smackdown series for you today!

It started out rather sweetly  with Genji giving Bibi a little head lick:

But it all quickly went downhill from there…

We had great fun! And we also have a couple of nice portraits to share:

Tom: Since we've had pretty nice weather lately, #1 and I have been able to spend time out in the fields. She of course throws the ball for me, even if she is busy taking photos:

Even on the way back home!

And then, once we get home, I make sure my balls are well taken care of!

Have a great week, everyone!

Sunday 24 November 2013

Snuggles on Sunday With Some Special Guests!

Tama-Chan: We are settling in to a pleasant routine of enjoying #1's presence and also some of the lovely late autumnal sunpuddles that have graced us these past few days. Life is good at the moment at Poupounette Central and we hope it is good for you too, wherever you are.

As you know, I simply love to snuggle with my Tommy…

And as you also know, I am not the only Tommy-hog, as Sei-Chan gives me a good run for my money:

Here is a shot of Tommy with Sei-Chan and Da Beebs, all relaxing on the sofa

And a fun one of Genji and Da Beebs!

Now for our guests! Our long-time readers may remember our little buddy Tora-Chan. He was found as a tiny kitten, wandering alone not far from my breeder. We learned that one of the male cats had escaped at one stage and he had probably fathered a litter with a feral lady cat. Anyway, this kitten looked all Abyssinian and needed a home. We fostered him for a few days until we found him a perfect Forever Home with a Franco-Japanese family of friends. Tora-Chan (Tora means "tiger" in Japanese), who is just a couple of weeks older than Da Beebs, is loved to bits and shares his home with Siamese kitty Kaze and grey smoke kitty Chibi-Chan. We think he remembers #1 and what she did for him and he loves to snuggle!

We are sure he is related to the gang as he shares both my looks and mannerisms and those of my Beebs. Here he is with his Japanese Dad, Mr. Y:

And his young master, Mr. G:

Little Tora-Chan is one lucky boy!

And for our second guest for today, we have our buddy Marcel, Tommy's good friend, and one of Ms. L's kitties! Marcel just adored Tommy from the first time he met him!

You didn't think we had forgotten our Vs, did you? Here is #1 with her Big V who is being such a good boy!

And with sweet Violette!

Wishing you all a warm and snuggly Sunday!