Saturday, 23 November 2013


Sei-Chan: Greetings, Dear Friends! We have had quite a  mixed week weather-wise, but in general, it has been better than it might have been. Early on, they talked of snow on Wednesday, then maybe Thursday and maybe today. In the end, we have had no snow and that is just fine, especially for #1 and Tommy given that the heating in the Big Cat is not working and won't be fixed until Tuesday.

I am also happy to report that we have had some sunpuddles and I have been able to take pleasant naps basking in them!

Warning: Pink pawpad alert!!!

When there is a bit of sunshine, one can even tolerate sitting on the sofa near one of  one's brothers…

In other news, we gladly took Derby and Ducky's Mom's suggestion and have named our new outdoor kitty Plum-Chan. And yes, we shall bring her inside soon! But yesterday, she was enjoying some lovely outdoor sunpuddles!

Wishing you all a warm and loving SEIturday.


  1. Good morning! I Tried to come by and admire you last night but you weren't here yet! Silly RSS. You are looking marvelous!

  2. No snow ? Wethinks it came to us! We'd rather have your sunpuddles though.
    Those toepads are gorgeous.

    Now, Plum-chan is likely to be quite a heavy kitty, so we hope #1 is careful bringing her inside.

    Sorry we are late commenting - have a good Saturday (what's left of it)

  3. We think Plum-Chan is a great name for your outside kitty. You have got the sunbeams today - we were promised some but we think they were sleepy as they kept disappearing and the wind was very chilly.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Tu as de la chance Sei-Chan si tu as vu le soleil cette semaine. Moi je ne sais pas où il est passé. Il fait froid et humide et j'en ai marre ! Pas un temps de chat ça.

  5. Hi there! *waving paws*

    Sei-Chan we love seeing your belly furs warmed by the sun...and your awesome paw pads.

    Have a great weekend furriends!

  6. Plum-Chan is a pretty name for your new outside kitty. We love your pink paws ! Purrs

  7. No snow over here either = YAY !
    Hade some Sunpuddle's over too the other day.
    HAPPY SEIturday :)

  8. Mum says she is honored that you took her name suggestion.

    We had lots of sun puddles today as well. Mighty cold out, mum still went out and played in the yard for a while. Raking and putting up Christmouse lights.

  9. Sei, you are such a little darling. Glad you could find some nice warm Sun for your tummy.
    Plum =Plumb! Oh good naming job by D&D's mum! We love it! Plum be a lovely household addition.

  10. Of khourse, I'll take snow AND sunpuddles with a side of CHAT thrown in :-)

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Three days with ME!! Well, after she's done with that Sunday transport thingie!

  11. We've gotten a little snow today and are expected to get more tomorrow. We are doing snow zoomies!

    Millie & Walter

  12. Yow Sei-Chan it haz bin snowing n blowin here fer 3 dayz on n iz so cold me can not even go out...Mum did try on Fursday n me lasted 10 minutz n roared (meowed) to go back inside!!! Den da snow started...Mum said it wuud snow 'cause all our Sparrowz haz disappeered....well dere are 2 dat hangout wif da Mournin Dovez... we stayz close to Mum..she iz me purrsonal heater, MOL!!! Ya look splendid as ever in yer Sun puddlez...
    lub Nylablue xxxxxx
    Pee Ess: Mum thought Plum Chan waz a live kitteh..time fer an eye test me finkz!

  13. We want to say 'hello' to Plum-Chan, it is good of you to welcome her into your home!



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