Monday, 25 November 2013

Manly Monday

Vidock: Studly Neighs, Every Friend! I get to kick off the Manly post today! So here is a very manly photo of me, looking out over my pasture:

My training is continuing to progress really well. I am losing fat and building muscle and #1 says I am looking even more handsome!

Here's looking at you, Kids!

Da Beebs & Da Genj: We have a rather fine smackdown series for you today!

It started out rather sweetly  with Genji giving Bibi a little head lick:

But it all quickly went downhill from there…

We had great fun! And we also have a couple of nice portraits to share:

Tom: Since we've had pretty nice weather lately, #1 and I have been able to spend time out in the fields. She of course throws the ball for me, even if she is busy taking photos:

Even on the way back home!

And then, once we get home, I make sure my balls are well taken care of!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. I love how angelic you two boycats look - and you are still capable of quite a smackdown!

  2. You do look studly, Vidock!
    The rest of you men at the Poupounette aren 't looking bad, either!

    Happy Monday!

  3. Those are truly magnificent pictures of you all! #1 is a wonderful photographer. But of course, you all make it easy by being beautiful and fun. xxooxxoo

  4. You look ready for a nap Tom and thank you for the flying ears today.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Wrassling happens in our house too! But I can't imagine what it must be like with two boys!

  6. Vidock is sure looking good. And nothing better than a good whapping match between cats. We do that all the time. Hope you have a great day.

  7. We loved the kitty smack down! Ambrose would have fun playing with you guys! Tommy you look like you are having fun with all those balls. Great flying ears!

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  8. You look very impressive Vidock ! And Tommy seems to be always smiling. Concatulations to your mom for the smackdown pictures. Purrs

  9. Hisia : Chouette une bagarre. Moi j'aime beaucoup ça quand c'est pour de faux. Je fais ça avec mon copain Tikou. Genji ton "frère" et toi vous êtes très beaux en portrait.
    Nat à Chat : La deuxième photo avec Tommy est très belle. J'aime beaucoup cette allée et la porte ouverte dans le fond. Ca invite au voyage, au rêve.
    Vidock est en train de rapidement changer. Le look sportif lui va très bien.
    Bonne soirée

  10. Vidock you are beautiful. Bet you are an "A" student

  11. V you sure look moore and moore studly efurrytime I see you !
    Love your action-shot's ♡
    Hope no one of you fall of :)

  12. very manly...even the whapping session

  13. Looking good, Vidock. You have very graceful legs.
    Take it easy with Genji, Beebs. You're a big boy compared to him.
    What lovely portraits.
    You have such a beautiful face,
    Tommy. How about a close up?

  14. A lick and a smack ;) heeheehee
    Vidock, you are looking mighty fine!
    Good to see you having fun Tommy :)
    That's a very pretty walk home.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  15. Vidock you are looking simply great, good to hear the training is going well!

    We understand how things can escalate, Bibi and Genji and it does look as though you are having quite a bit of fun!

    Isn't it great, Tommy, to have such nice weather for playing ball!


  16. We love the tussle between Genji and DaBeebs.

  17. I always love your manly Monday posts!


  18. Looking good all you guys. Vidock especially. We always love seeing where you live Tommy.

  19. You are all looking very handsome and manly.
    Vidock you are looking even more handsome now you are building up some good muscle.

  20. Vidock! How could you even have more muscle! I bet you look very handsome! Enjoy your training - I am proud of you!
    Love all the manly shots!
    Lily, WA, USA

  21. Tommy, that's a lovely photo of you as you guys are walking back home!


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