Thursday, 7 November 2013

Thankless Thursday

The Chan Boys: #1 left early this morning, as scheduled. We wish her a smooth journey and a swift return, but we would like to ask how she could possibly leave us? I AM MIFFED!

And Da Beebs is devastated that there will be no warm body to sleep next to at night…


We were very saddened to read yesterday evening that the one and only GINGER JASPER had crossed the Bridge. He fought so valiantly and beat the odds for so long. You're our hero, GJ and we will miss you a lot.

PS: Even though #1 is away, we are going to try to blog every day as usual.


  1. We are sorry #1 is away but you know you will get loads of presents when she returns. Imagine how fun would be then.

  2. Now really, how dare #1 go off and leave you again. You are definitely being neglected.

  3. We are so sad GJ has flown off to Rainbow Bridge and we will miss him so much. We hope #1 will have a good journey today and hopefully a dry one.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. She better hurry back. Maybe you can use Tommy for now

  5. That #1 is always running off!! You all need to band together and come up with a plan to discourage her next time she get it into her head to go gallivanting!! :p

    the critters in the cottage xo

  6. geez #1 seems to travel a heck of a lot. maybe you could stick Beebs in her suitcase next time MOL

  7. We never like it when we are abandoned either! We purr she brings you all back something special!
    We are also very sad Jasper went to the Bridge. We will miss him.

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  8. AL of you have to sit on #1 when she returns so that she can't leave again. Now, the V's need to be excused from that duty however.

  9. When my human travels, she usually returns bearing goodies - and #1 sometimes does too! So I think you kitties need to lay down the paw and tell her to bring back goodies EVERY time she travels to make up for her leaving!

    P.S. I too was very saddened to hear the news about GJ. My purrs go out to his humans.

  10. C'est vrai ça les garçons, c'est triste qu'elle vous laisse comme votre #1.
    Moi rien que de penser que Nat à Chat elle pourrait me laisser ... j'en ai les poils qui se hérissent.
    Mais bon, elle va vous ramener plein de cadeaux, c'est sure.

  11. It is no good being miffed. When the Beans decide they are going away, nothing will stop them. Trust me, I have tried everything.
    I am very sad that GJ has made his journey to the Bridge.

  12. Hope #1 have a nice journey and that you will get lot of treats and snuggles from your sitter :)

  13. We hope #1 comes back home soon so you don't have to sleep in a cold bed.

    Millie & Walter

  14. We hope #1 is home before you know it!

    We will miss GJ very much. :(

  15. Thank you for the lovely comments for our special boy. They mean so much xx


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