Sunday 31 July 2016

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: OK, Friends. Last week, we were definitely lacking in V snuggle pics so making up for that is our first order of the day! So let us start with Miss Violette snuggling withe #1:

And the Big V, Vidock:

Now, our FB friends will know that, on Thursday, #1 teamed up with our gypsy friends down the hill to trim the terribly overgrown hooves of Hotesse, Violette's Mama. These gypsy guys are the most amazing horse whisperers and we wanted to share photos of both father and son having a cuddle with Hotesse:

They are such good guys!

So, back to us! My Beebs has been quite busy snuggling with #1:

 As we have mentioned before, Da Beebs likes to "do hair":

He also spent time snuggling with Tommy!

As you know, Da Genj likes full body contact, preferably with #1:

In this next one, you can also see Sei-Chan on the bed!

On the subject of Sei-Chan, she and #1 decided to do a snuggle selfie this week:

Having seen that, I thought it looked like fun, so I suggested to #1 that we do the same. Sorry it's a little blurred. I was rubbing her face enthusiastically!

Whilst Hotesse's hooves were being trimmed, Tommy enjoyed hanging out with his young buddy Josué (Josh):

 Fernant's parents are gone for about ten days so he is spending his days with us, and we are also looking after his bro, Basha:

And here are the two boys, hanging together at home:

Have a great Sunday and REMEMBER TO SNUGGLE!

Saturday 30 July 2016


Sei-Chan: Another week, another SEIturday. Nothing very exciting to report other than we have the big blonde lump at home during the day at the moment. It has been cool and cloudy and we have even had some good steady rain that has soaked the soil (or so #1 says).

I decided to ask #1 to change the location of my feeding station for a few days, back to the shelf above her desk:

My basket is close by for an immediate post-prandial nap should I want one:

And the bird/squirrel TV hammock isn't too far either!

 Wishing you a pleasant SEIturday!

Friday 29 July 2016

Felix Friday?

Da Beebs: You will NOT believe this. The other evening, I was on the back of the sofa in the evening and SUDDENLY, there was this black and white cat on that box that #1 ogles...

"Who is that, #1? He's not moving into MY house, is he? You know how I feel about that, #1!!!!"

#1 kept telling me something about it being a cartoon cat advertising a brand of cat food called Felix, and that, no, he wouldn't be moving in but he was THERE, right in that box. Should I be worried?

I thought I had enough to worry about with that pesky little brother of mine...

Thursday 28 July 2016

Tommy Thursday

Tommy: Woofs Everyone! It's been quite a week so far for me! On Monday, when we were out in the big field and I was chasing my ball, #1 noticed me sitting at one point and licking something. That always makes her suspicious and she came right over and noticed specks of blood on my front left foot. She took a closer look and there was a poor claw, hanging by one thread, clearly torn. I wanted to continue playing but she insisted we go straight home where I left bloody pawprints all the way to our upstairs bathroom which is where she always administers first-aid care to me. By the time we got there, the torn claw was gone and it was just a bloody stump. She cleaned it up, disinfected it, put wound cream on it and then gauze and a bandage, with a special woofie sock on top, She then called our vet to check that there wasn't anything else to do. All good at that end. So, she has had me on reduce activity since, which I think is very unfair...

I am actually perfectly fit to play!

It's now been three days and it's healing very nicely. I get a new bandage every morning. I also take full advantage of the situation:

And, to make me feel better, # has been giving me some extra-special treats. These are treats she had ordered from Japan and her friends brought when they came last month. They are made from venison ribs, and they are incredibly yummy!

Our other news is that Camp Tommy opens today. Fernant's parents are going on holiday and will be gone until August 8th. Let the fun begin!

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Wednesday Whinnies

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone! How have you all been? I have been enjoying the slightly cooler weather, which means there have been fewer of those horrid flies buzzing around our heads.

So The Big V told you on Monday that we were seeing the dentist, right? He will probably try to tell you different but he is just the biggest baby when the dentist comes. He simply will not stand still and both the dentist and #1 got dizzy from trying to hold him still as he went around and around his box. Some macho stud, huh?

I, on the other hoof, was extremely well behaved, as I always am. Here I am waiting patiently:

Getting "done":

I was so good that, on the way back to my field, #1 let me enjoy some green(er) grass!

Vidock: Don't believe her! I was good! REALLY! I mean, just look at this photo:

And then, yesterday, I worked with my buddy Rezhao on our show, and we were both good as gold...

 I mean it!!!

Tuesday 26 July 2016

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Well, it's still warm and my fellow Chans have all been developing their strategies for staying cool. And I have been too! Take a look at this photo!

And a close-up:

These photos were taken from our upstairs guest bathroom and show me enjoying my outdoor hammock in the cat run. Believe me, it is a most pleasant place to be! 

Not that I have been slacking in my usual supervisory duties in the kitchen:

Or in #1's office:

Or in #1's room at shower time!

A girl has got to do what a girl has got to do!

Monday 25 July 2016

Manly Monday

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend! It's getting down to the wire at this end. Three weeks to go, to the day, until my big show! We are working hard with Mr. JP, getting everything ready.

i could use a purr/woof or two today as I am seeing the dentist, and you all know how much fun it is to see the dentist... Just my annual check-up.

Da Beebs: #1 always goes on about my having amazing eyes. I really don't know what she means...

Da Genj: Sei-Chan isn't the only one who knows the best places to keep cool!

Tommy: A Ball, A Field, Happiness... (Did you know that I'm a poet too?)

Sunday 24 July 2016

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: It's been an unusual week in that it was almost unbearably hot in the first half and then #1 was gone all day on Thursday and Friday. So, we have not been up to our usual standard in collecting snuggle photos. Then again, when #1 decided that she was going to have a big snuggle with me, I had little choice!

And here I am, snuggling with her after her shower. This is one of my favourite times to share with her every day!

 Did I tell you, though, that #1 has noticed that I am growing more and more snuggly? For the longest time, the only one I would snuggle with was Tommy, but now I actually go looking for snuggles with #1! 

My boy Beebs, on the other paw, has always been a major snuggle bunny:

As for Da Genj, well he is the stuff legends are made of!

Sei-Chan is also snugglier than she used to be, and she will often pop up on #1's bed first thing:

And Tommy loves it when #1 sits and reads on his sofa, so he can have a snuggle just with her:

We will definitely try to get some snuggle pics with the Vs for next week!

Saturday 23 July 2016


Sei-Chan: It has been a little less hot the last couple of days, gentle readers, but still quite warm, and I have been working on ways to keep cool. #1 had a crisis when the AC in her car stopped working but she has a great garage and one of the mechanics was able to get it working again!

Now, as to my cooling strategies, there is no doubt that sticking close to the water cooler is a good move:

Them there is the stretched-out, open tummy strategy:

As well as sitting next to the fan!

And then back to my lovely Zabuton:

Wishing you all a lovely SEIturday!