Sunday 31 January 2016

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: It has been quite a successful snuggle week here at Poupounette Central and I think we have pics of everyone, except for Trav who has yet to find out the appeal of snuggles. His day will come.

I will, as usual, start with one of me snugging with my Tommy:

And (somewhere in) here is Sei-Chan, also snuggling with Tommy:

And Tommy getting one of his "Tommy Rubs" from #1:

My Beebs undercover with #1:

And in a snuggle selfie with #1:

And Sei-Chan undercover with #1!

Da Genj plastered on #1:

And this week, we are happy to say we have V snuggle pics too! Let us start with The Big V and #1:

And Miss Violette and #1:

 Wishing all of you a warm and snuggly Sunday!

Saturday 30 January 2016


Sei-Chan: May I start with a big thank you to all you lovely people who sent good wishes on my birthday on Thursday. It truly warmed my heart! I had a lovely day and #1 spoiled me a lot.

One of the best bits was hanging out with my Tommy:

And spending time playing on the Ess:

In other news, I have been conducting my usual supervising duties:

I was in fact doing double duty in the above photo because I was also guarding #1's supply of her favourite Japanese potato chips, flavoured with "nori" seaweed!

But I digress, and I need to get back to full-time supervising...

Have a great SEIturday, everyone!

Friday 29 January 2016

Frootbat Friday with a Friend!

Da Genj: #1 tells me that, in the early days of this blog, there used to be regular Frootbat Friday posts. They are a lot less frequent now, but we thought it would be fun to do one. And we thought it would make it a lot more fun to include a photo of the original Frootbat Girl!

How many of you have been blogging long enough to recognise sweet KAZE? She was one of the "Cats P", along with her brothers Latte and Chase. They have not been blogging since 2012 but their Mom, Lauren, is on Facebook and she gave #1 permission to include this lovely photo of Kaze, published earlier this month to celebrate her 10th birthday! Your Frootbats are still awesome, Kaze, and you are as pretty as ever!

And now for ME and my perfect GenBats!!!!

Some sleepy BeebsterBats:



And we even have some TravBats!

 We hope you have enjoyed our Frootbat post!

Thursday 28 January 2016

Thei-Chan's Thursday Birthday Theilebration!


Today is Sei-Chan's 7th birthday. Many of you know her story and we have published baby photos many times before, but you know what, we're going to do it again because she really was the cutest baby ever!

Initially, Sei-Chan was due to be a replacement for Sen-Chan and when she was born, the breeder actually thought that the kitten (there was only one) was a boy! Some breeder, eh? Sei-Chan first came to Poupounette Central for a visit when she was only three weeks old and already ready to take over the world:

Ten days later, the breeder had to travel to a cat show overseas and asked #1 if she would take the tiny kit and her mama, so at one month old exactly, Sei-Chan moved in to the back room at Poupounette Central, accompanied by her mama, Viña del Mar:

And she never left. When he returned, the breeder said the two seemed so comfortable there that it would be good to leave them together in the back room until the kitten was weaned and had her shots. #1 was all for it.

It was a happy time:

Sei-Chan learned to climb...

To play peek-a-boo:

She enjoyed her Mama for as long as she could:

And then she said goodbye to her Mama and met Tama-Chan:

Fortunately, the two really hit it off!

And then, there was the love story with Tommy!

And so Sei-Chan became part of the Gang at Poupounette Central. She has always been the shyest of the Chans. #1 thinks it's because she had no sibling kits with whom to rough-house when she was little. But she is sweet as they come and holds a very special place in all our hearts.

She is gorgeous with her deep red fur and glorious pink pawpads!


On this, your seventh birthday, we say to you: LIVE LONG AND PROSPER, SWEET SEI-CHAN. WE LOVE YOU!

Wednesday 27 January 2016

Whiskers on Wednesday

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone! I neigh you are well and keeping warm. Now, there was a whiskery post not too long ago in which the Big V posted but I did not. I seem to remember that everyone was in agreement that kitty whiskers are best, and I tend to be in agreement. However, I asked #1 if I could post a pic today because, even though my whiskers are not that amazing, I do have an unusual asset!

#1 says my  "little moustache", as she calls, it, is totally awesome.  What do you think?

And since you guys really do love kitty whiskers, i thought I would share some from over at Poupounette Central. That little blue Genji boy does have pretty awesome ones!:

As does tomorrow's birthday girl, Sei-Chan!

Don't forget to come and join us tomorrow to "SEI-lebrate"!!!

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Now that #1 is back home and not going anywhere, we can settle down to a pleasant week here. And to make things even better, we got some wonderful sunpuddles yesterday! We are hoping for a few more today, but it's not clear yet which way it will go.

When I saw that sun, I decided to sing a little bit of the "Ode to Joy":

And then I settled down on the hammick for a rest:

I eventually moved to the rug for a bit of a bath:

 And I also hung out a bit with my sister Sei. We each had our own puddle!

Overall, it was my kind of day!

Monday 25 January 2016

Manly Monday

Tommy: I am glad to report that #1 got back as planned from her weekend in Paris early evening yesterday. She had a wonderful time and has been on a nostalgia kick, looking at old family photos. We have had to drag her away so she can write our blog post!

I have had more opportunity play with my new girlfriend, Lhasa!

Vidock: Neighs, EveryFriend! Guess what? I am on vacation for a couple of weeks. #1 decided that my head was a little overfull with learning and maybe that is why I have been naughty, so I am getting a holiday, and treats too!

Da Beebs: Here is another one of my super-attentive portraits!

Da Genj: And here is another of my super-cute portraits!

Da Trav: And.. here is another one of my sleepy portraits!

 We wish you all a great week. Good luck to our East Coast friends, digging themselves out from under all that snow!

Sunday 24 January 2016

Some Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Needless to say, we are all eagerly waiting for #1 to get back this evening, but thank goodness she did not take Tommy with her! He has been spending some time with Fernant at his house, but he was here with us last night!

I am sure Tommy missed his early morning snuggle with #1:

But Genji was there to snuggle with him!

Because Genji definitely missed snuggling with #1!!!

And My Beebs too!

 We don't have any snuggle pics of Sei-Chan this week but rest assured that she is happy as long as she has her Tommy to snuggle with! No V pics either but they have been getting their share of snuggles (and yummy treats!).