Saturday, 9 January 2016


Sei-Chan: Here I am, Dear Friends, on the shelf above #1's desk, looking down on her. Believe me, it is the only safe place to be in the house at the moment. Her sneezes are so thunderous that I am sure they would send even Violette flying!

It's going to be a quiet weekend, thank goodness, not like last weekend with our lovely visitors from Finland. Even though I am shy and some visitors never get to see me, I knew immediately that these were nice people, so I decided to hang out with Mr P:

The other day, #1 saw me napping like this in the living room. She was worried I was just going to slide off...

But I held on just fine!

It remains for me to wish you a lovely SEIturday and invite you to join us tomorrow for some snuggles!


  1. I hope #1's sneezes die down soon!

  2. Good to see you hanging out with company Sei.
    They were obviously cat friendly people.
    We send purrs to #1 and hope those BIG sneezes end soon.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. We hope you have a relaxing Saturday and we sure hope that #1 feels better soon.

  4. I am glad you are enjoying your company.

  5. We like your lookout, Sei. Sending purrs that #1 isn't getting sick again.

  6. I hope #1's thunderous sneezes decide to pack their bags and leave!

  7. Gesundheit to #1:)

    You must have good balance, Sei, to stay there or maybe some super glue on your belly:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  8. Does your house still have a roof, or has it been blown away by #1's sneezes ? Purrs

  9. Sweethearts, Happy Saturday and I do hope #1 will be over this siege soonest!

  10. We cats have our preferences in people just like our beans do. Glad there was a visitor that intrigued you.
    I know people hate to take them but a how about a good multi-vitamin for #1?

  11. Those visitors must have been really special for you to spend time with them.

  12. Don't fall off Sei-Chan! You look wonderful in your pictures! I'm surprised you already started your New Years resolution. You stepped out of your comfort zone and reached out to Mr.P. don't have to be a scaredy cat!

  13. Hi Sei-chan. You are as lovely as ever. We're glad things are slowing down for you guys.

  14. Great to see you Miss Lovely! Your No. 1 needs to quit that sneezing!

    Purrz from a rainy NC

  15. You don't look pleased about those sneezes in that first pic, Sei-Chan. We hope #1 is better real soon.

  16. Heureusement que les éternuements ont fini par se calmer. Pas facile de faire la sieste sinon.
    Ton endroit pour dormir a l'air plutôt confortable Sei. Juste de la bonne taille pour toi. Pas de raison de tomber.
    Bonne sieste


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