Monday 30 November 2015

Manly Monday

Da Beebs: Happy Monday, Friends! After the manic week that #1 had last week, through yesterday, we are hoping for a much quieter time this week. We have also been told that there will be some sunpuddles. That is great news as we had quite a bit of rain last week.

Let me start us off today with a nice pic of me napping in a sunpuddle. Can there be a better way to spend a winter day?

Da Genj: My bro, Da Beebs, accused me quite unfairly last week of not caring at all who is roaming about outside, but that is not true and I have proof!

Vidock: Yes, we did have a lot of rain last week and there is a lot of mud, glorious mud for me to roll around in! 

Tommy: As you know, Camp Tommy was in session for a couple of days last week:

I also accompanied #1 and our Japanese guest on most of their adventures. Here I am having steak in a restaurant!

 Trav: #1 didn't see as much of me as usual last week since there was an unknown person staying with her, but I am around and come in for meals. Here is a pic of me she took from her bedroom window:

Sunday 29 November 2015

Stormy Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: We had a lovely sunny day yesterday but it's grey and windy today. #1 left as planned at 8am and returned around 10pm, completely exhausted. Whilst she was out to dinner, she heard from her English friends who had just left to return to England with a truck loaded with six horses that it was so stormy in the English channel that the ferry company wasn't crossing with livestock on board until maybe Tuesday. So, she did her best to help them find a place to stay (with six horses!) from her dinner party! They did finally find the right place and are safe and OK, but what a to-do!

We have some snuggle pics this Sunday but the week has been so crazy that we may not have a full complement. Let's take a look.

Here is our guest snuggling Da Genj:

And here is # 1with our guest having a big snuggle with Violette:

Here I am with my Tommy (sorry about the laser eyes):

And here is my Beebs undercover with #1:

#1 and Tommy took a selfie for this Sunday!

 And #1 took an outstanding Snuggle Selfie with Vidock!

Here is Sei-Chan snuggling with Tommy:

I do believe we have a full set of snuggles! And here, as a bonus, is one of our guest Ms. F, snuggling with what must be the largest puppy, a 6-month old St. Bernard who belongs to friends:

Saturday 28 November 2015

SEIturday - just!

Sei-Chan: Hello, Dear Friends! I must tell you that I was quite worried that this post would not get written. #1 was gone from 9:30am until 7m yesterday and then we had dinner guests! This morning, she left at 8am and who knows when she will be back? But I have to give it to her. She sat at our Mac at 1am to help me with this post!

It will just be a couple of photos today, but that is way better than nothing!

Apparently, life will return to "normal" as of Monday

Friday 27 November 2015

Violette & Vidock Vendredi

Violette: We have told you that we have a Japanese visitor at the moment. She is the lady who organised all the Japan-side logistics for the big festival I took part in in August, and she of course came to see me. We spent some time reminiscing:

I was sorry when she left...

Vidock: I continue to be busy with my lessons:

But I also enjoyed our Japanese visitor. I asked her to send my best neighs to the Japanese logger who worked with me in August!

Apparently, Uncle E took our visitor and #1 driving yesterday afternoon. One of the two horses was my half-sister sister, Sissy. Look how beautiful the countryside looked!

#1 and our visitor have a very busy day again today, so please bear with us!

Thursday 26 November 2015

Tommy Thursday

Tommy: Thank you, everyone, for your good wishes for my limp. It's not even noticeable anymore but #1 is keeping me on a very light schedule because shes says she wants to "nip it in the bud." We had Fernant with us yesterday but she managed to keep us fairly quiet. We of course went for pizza!

We're going to be pretty busy for the rest of the week and I will accompany #1 and our guest on their various expeditions, except she says I can't come along on Saturday. I will probably spend the day with my girlfriend Damia.

In the meantime, she took this photo of me and says it shows what a totally golden boy I am!

We would also like to wish all our American friends a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

Wednesday 25 November 2015

Watchful Wednesday

Da Beebs: Meee-YOw, Buddies! Do you remember that #1 said she was experiencing some "issues" with me and I had been leaving, ahem... deposits in what she considered inappropriate places. Initially, she thought it was because she had left us so much and the sitters we had were not always nice to me. However, the problem did not disappear even after she returned and stayed put, and so she decided to ask me directly via an animal communicator she had heard about via our friends The Amigos over at Cat Tales. And I told the lady that I had been worried because there has been in intruder in MY garden and I HAD To protect my home and family from him. None of the others seem to care and I feel it is my duty to make sure we are all safe from this black and white interloper. And so I spend time each day on guard duty:

#1 has tried to explain to me that the intruder is a sweet boy who deserves our help because he has never had a home or anyone to love him. As you can see, that blue bro of mine couldn't care less. He is much more interested in napping on the radiator and cuddling #1. Through the nice lady, #1 has also been telling me I needn't worry so much and I am trying hard to listen because she says it's really hard for her to clean up. She tells me I have been a really good boy, and that the fact that the days are much shorter and so the curtains drawn much longer hours helps too!

Anyway, I decided to help in other ways and so I helped her make the bed for our guest who is arriving today:

Pretty good job, dont you think?

#1 and our guest, who is coming all the way from Japan, are going to be really busy through the rest of the week and the weekend, running around doing horsey stuff, and we apologise in advance if we don't get to visit properly over that time.

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Tama-Chan's Toasty Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Dear Friends, it is COLD. It happened al of a sudden. One minute, it was pleasantly warm and the roses were blooming in the garden and the next, wham. Frost and sub-zero temps. Fortunately, we are equipped to face the cold in this house and I repaired upon the radiator:

On the positive side of things, the colder weather has also brough the sun with it, so there have also been some nice sunpuddles to bask in:

And the plump new zabuton remains a delightful place to nap:

Let me leave you with this rather fun photo of me, my Beebs and Da Genj enjoying some quality bird TV up in the study:


Monday 23 November 2015

Manly Monday

Trav: Guess what? It's me! Trav! I get the top spot today for the very first time! #1 said it was a kind of "well done" to me after she saw me standing so close to her, waiting for my meal to be served last night! Anyway, she took these two shots of me yesterday. What do you think?

Tommy: The weather was wonderful yesterday and I had a lovely romp in the field with #1:

#1 did notice, though, that I have a little bit of a limp, so she has told me I have to keep off ball-chasing for a few days. No fun. 

Vidock: We had the most awful rain on Friday, but #1 came to see me and I invited her to smooch my wet nose (which she oblingingly did):

My lesson was cancelled on Friday and I am really looking forward to getting back to work today!

Da Boys: Here are both of us being very manly on the sofa:

Plus Da Genj solo:

 And Da Beebs on the study radiator:

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

Sunday 22 November 2015

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Now that #1 is back and it has gotten colder, snuggling has become our top priority! We have a good array of pics for you this Sunday so, without further ado, let me start with one of me snuggling with #1 (actually, sharing her chair with her!):

And here is one of me and Sei-Chan snuggling simultaeously with Tommy:

Sei-Chan has also been snuggling with #1 (she loves "doing her hair"!):

Da Genj has, as usual, glued himself to #1 at every opportunity:

And my Beebs has obviously been demanding his share of snuggles!

Here is a cute one of Violette gobbling up one of her English carrots:

And Vidock about to get a smooch on his pink snip:

 We have not yet gotten to the snuggle scenario with Trav, but here is one of him snuggled up in one of his (many) hay box beds at the back of the garage, waiting for his supper:

And, as a special bonus, here is one of Tommy's sister, Sophie, and his niece, Emily (mother and daughter) snuggled up together whilst they were here:

Wishing you all a warm, dry and snuggly Sunday!

Saturday 21 November 2015


Sei-Chan: Yes, today does indeed appear to be SEIturday but I fnd myself somewhat  short of adequate illustration for it. I suppose #1 has an excuse in that it has been so grey and dark since she returned that it hasn't been easy to take photos. She did manage these two when I was just under the skylight:

Oh, and there is this one too:

And that is that for this week's photos. #1 is trying to get things from her trip put away as we have a guest arriving on Wednesday, until next Sunday. We don't mind guests coming as long as they don't take #1 away!

Have a great SEIturday!