Monday, 23 November 2015

Manly Monday

Trav: Guess what? It's me! Trav! I get the top spot today for the very first time! #1 said it was a kind of "well done" to me after she saw me standing so close to her, waiting for my meal to be served last night! Anyway, she took these two shots of me yesterday. What do you think?

Tommy: The weather was wonderful yesterday and I had a lovely romp in the field with #1:

#1 did notice, though, that I have a little bit of a limp, so she has told me I have to keep off ball-chasing for a few days. No fun. 

Vidock: We had the most awful rain on Friday, but #1 came to see me and I invited her to smooch my wet nose (which she oblingingly did):

My lesson was cancelled on Friday and I am really looking forward to getting back to work today!

Da Boys: Here are both of us being very manly on the sofa:

Plus Da Genj solo:

 And Da Beebs on the study radiator:

Wishing you all a wonderful week.


  1. That's a big leap Trav. We are glad you did it finally. #1 is right Tommy. Some time out will work wonders for the limp. Vidock you're a great manly horse and Da Boys looked very rested.

  2. Trav, you are looking mighty good. Brave too, for getting close to #1.
    Vidock, you are kissable :)
    Happy Monday boys!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. Nice seeing all you boys today - great job being so close to #1, Trav!

  4. Oh Trav! We're so proud of you! We hope a time will come when you can feel the soft touch of #1's hand.
    You are in such a wonderful home now. Nothing but goodness for you.
    Excellent of you boys to share the top spot with Trav.
    Love those photos of daGenj. His colouration lends itself so well to chiaroscuro.

  5. Y'all really do look terrific and it is so nice to see you doing so well Trav!

  6. Traveller! I am very very proud of you! You are learning that you can trust #1!! Everyone looks manly and in good shape!

  7. Wow! Traveller, you have the top spot today! You have filled out and look very healthy. Your so snuggly too! I love Vidock's nose. I'd give him a big kiss! He's so lovable! The feline boys are looking awesome. What a smart idea to lay on the register to keep warm. Hope everyone has a marvelous Monday.

  8. you're a good mancat Traveler. :) and a very handsome Manly Monday to all of you!

  9. It's your special day Trav!
    Lily & Edward

  10. Monsieur le Traveller tu as l'air en pleine forme, pas stressé et ... tout velu.
    Tommy ton champs semble un peu blanc. De la gelée ?
    Les chats vous m'avez l'air d'être un peu rentrés en hibernation. Ca doit être la "maladie" du moment. J'en connais deux autres. Et moi avec. Il fait gris et froid.
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  11. You are looking good Trav, so much better than when we first saw you. I hope your limp soon gets better Tommy. Great manly photos of all of you.

  12. Traveler, we don't think it will be long before you let #1 touch you. Great going!!!

    Tommy, take it easy on that leg, maybe a wee bit too much fun with Sophie and Emily?

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  13. Hope you all have a wonderful week. Trav, good to see you are letting #1 get a bit closer.

  14. We're so proud of you, Traveller ! You're looking good ! Mum would love to smooch the pink spot of your nose, Vidock. Purrs


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