Friday 31 May 2013

Friday Footbat Follies!

Genji: So, #1 and I were wondering what to do for our Friday post, and she remembered this totally awesome Frootbat pic she took of me a few days ago. Just look!

Well done, #1! You have done me truly proud!

But then what? So Tommy provided us with some Flying Ears!

The Beebs of course is always up to the challenge!

Then Rufus said he qualified for Footbats!

Then this guy insisted we include him. He is two days old and his name is D'Gin (pronounced "gin")

And then look who came along saying he should get a slot too!

Right, we're stopping at this before some bug turns up and starts talking Frootbat... Have a great Friday, everyone!

Thursday 30 May 2013

Tommy's Thursday Toy

Tom: I got a new stuffie from #1 a few days and thought I would introduce her to you. Her name is Phyllis and she is a pheasant, which is just perfect as I am a bird dog, born to spring birds!

Phyllis is very sweet and good company:

We enjoy spending time together

Little Genji guards her for me when I am not there:

And sometimes, the three of us hang out together

There's nothing like good friends!

Wednesday 29 May 2013

Wednesday Whinnies!

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone! I have had a busy week! After the dentist came early last week, the vet, Dr. R (Dr. C's husband!) came to see me on Saturday morning to give me my rhinopneumonitis booster and take a look at a sarcoid I have on one of my inner back legs. The treatment was in fact simple: he tied an elastic band tightly around it and it should fall off of its own accord!

I was a really good girl for the vet and #1 took this pretty cute picture of me afterwards, as I was having my snack:

Then the weather improved a bit for a couple of days, so #1 rode me again!

She had to be a little bit careful as I am what they call "in heat" at the moment so I am pretty ticklish! But we really enjoy stepping out together!

Vidock: One of these days, #1 is going to get on MY back, but I apparently need to learn a little more in the way of manners first... What could they possibly mean?

In the meantime, there are some yummy snacks for me to enjoy in the field!

I tell you! There's nothing like a fresh leaf or ten!

And how about this "Greek God" effect?

Or my famous "Mona lisa" smile?????

Tuesday 28 May 2013

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Following all of our complaining, we have had a little bit more sunshine the last couple of days and somewhat less cold temperatures (notice I say "less cold" rather than "warmer"!). Yesterday morning, it was actually beautifully sunny and #1 joined us in the cat run for a little while, with her camera, of course!

Here I am, looking quite intrepid!

Then, contemplative...

And then, according to #1, quite kittenish!

Of course, I am still spending time in the basket overlooking #1's desk!

Monday 27 May 2013

Musical Manly Monday

Tom: Hi Everyone, and Happy Day Off to our friends in North America and the UK! I am hi-jacking the title of today's post as I am the only "musical" participant. You see, #1 and I went out to dinner at a restaurant with friends on Friday evening. There was great Irish music playing but it's only as we made to leave that we realised there were actual, live musicians in the next room! So, we sat down to enjoy it a bit more, and #1 took a short video of me:

In other news, I am romping through the fields when the weather permits, but as you can see, the grass is growing really tall, and #1 has to pick out the spikelets from in between my toes every day!

She says it's safer to be on the field next to Vidock's where there is nothing!!!

The Beebs: Here I am, enjoying squirrel TV with Mama Tama:

Yes, I am quite a lot bigger than she is!!!

It turned out to be really tiring work...

Genji: Actually, snacking is hard work too...

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you that I got another mousie (#1 did not appreciate the 6am ruckus...) and also a lizard tail. They make awesome toys!

Vidock: We have had so much rain that the regular entrance to my field is almost like a pond, so #1 has been bringing me my snack bucket around the other side, and she has been taking some photos of me in motion!

Sunday 26 May 2013

Snuggles on Sunday - Then and Now

Tama-Chan: It has not been a great week for taking snuggle photos and we were wondering what to do with our Sunday post when #1 thought it would be nice to include some old photos that feature our "Rainbow Boys".

Let us start with a photo from 10 years ago of #1 with her first Aby, IKKYU, who went to the Bridge in 2007:

This is me with my wonderful brother, SEN-CHAN, who went to the Bridge in early 2009. I simply adored him!

And Sen-Chan and TOMMY when they were both very little guys:

Our YUU-CHAN who went to the Bridge in 2010 was also a master snuggler. Here he is with my BEEBS when he was still a pretty tiny kitten:

And with SEI-CHAN. They made a pretty awesome pink-toed combo!

OK. Let's now fast-forward to this past week and see what else we can find. 

Sei-Chan and Tommy. No surprises there!

And here is GENJI squatting on #1 as she is having a little nap:

And as she's watching TV:

And finally, here is Genji again, giving The Beebs a little wash as he is having a nap:

Wishing you all a Snuggly Sunday. We will definitely be snuggling here as it is so COLD!!!

Saturday 25 May 2013


Sei-Chan: So it's the weekend and there is hope for a ray of sunshine here and there but I have to tell you, the weather has been truly awful. It has been so cold, and pouring with rain! We've even had hail. This is totally unacceptable. I have tried a variety of stern looks but the weather gods appear to be totally implacable. So, if any of you this weekend happen to be in a place where you are enjoying being outside wearing T-Shirts and even, gulp, shorts, think of our #1 who is wearing her winter fleece... I wouldn't be surprised if the horses started to regrow their winter coats...

In case it makes anyone feel better, here is a close-up of my face:

And it's been a while since we had a shot of my delicious pink toesies!

Or my snub nose, for that matter!

My big sis Tama tried to claim my spot on the cat tree but I held my position:

#1 took this rather funny pic of me sitting on the shelf above her desk. With the way the light was shining and the shadow, it looks like all my hair is standing on end!

And last but not least, here I am supervising #1 from the basket on the shelf above her desk:

We have been promised an improvement in the weather starting today. Let's see if it's true...

Friday 24 May 2013

Fun on Friday

Genji: A couple of days ago, we had a visit from our friend Mr. G. He loves us and has a really great camera, and so there was much successful photo-taking. Now you must realise that the great Neko-Fly lovers here are me and Tama-Chan, and so we got all the good shots!

Whilst we were having all this fun, The Beebs was enjoying his afternoon nap, so #1 played with him later, although the quality of photos isn't as good:

As for our shy little Sei-Chan, she was UTB, so #1 went to find her, with another toy in hand:

Our Tommy of course doesn't consider most things that are not a ball much fun, so here he is, with his ball!

And having a good time with his buddy, Harley: