Saturday 31 October 2015


Sei-Chan: The weather, Dear Friends, is glorious, but #1 and Tommy Woofie are abandoning us for most of the day. They are going to yet another family lunch since, this time, there are cousins in from Germany and Canada.We will try and make do, and get by on the meager rations they will leave when they go...

As you know, it has been a busy week, what with waiting for and then dealing with #1's shipment from Canada. Aside from the treats we mentioned the other day (and yes, there were lots more in other boxes!), I am personally very pleased with the new zabuton that arrived. I think the colours are simply perfect for me!

We have had quite a few days of beautiful sunshine and I have been able to nap in sunpuddles in various parts of the house:

Even occasionally in fairly close promixity with that Beebsy brother of mine:

Can you see him? He is almost melted into the sunpuddle!

I thought I would leave you with a nice autumnal shot that #1 took a few days ago. It very much matches my colouring!


Friday 30 October 2015

Violette and Vidock Vendredi

Violette: Pretty Neighs! How are you, Dear Friends? Things have been pretty quiet and the news du jour, really, is that Mr. C has started putting hay out for us. There is still an unusually large amount of grass but it no longer has all the nutrients we need.

With The Big V's cooties issue, #1 has been coming often, so I have been getting cuddles and apples regularly! Yesterday, she came over and I got my carrots and apples. Then she left but I felt she wasn't quite gone. It turns out she and Tommy had gone for a walk in the woods (just across from where I live) and so they turned up again an hour later! I was waiting for them! And I got a couple of those delicious Dumor apple and carrot treats from Tractor Supply!

Vidock: Whatever that girl might want you to believe, I do NOT have cooties! Just a fungal infection that is already a lot better! I am getting the final treatment for it this afternoon and we hope that that will be that. In the meantime, I am still the studliest, handsomest stallion around!

Thursday 29 October 2015

Thankful Thursday

Da Beebs: We are happy to report that #1's stuff arrived safely from Canada yesterday. A total of 34 boxes of various sizes and shapes. At the same time, the UPS guy delivered a flatpack bookcase that she had ordered for the books that were coming. So, yesterday afternoon and evening, she opened about a dozen of the boxes and assembled the bookcase, Guess which took longer?

She says there is probably more stuff in the other boxes, but this is some of the stash for us so far.

Chan treats:

V Treats:

Tommy treats and toys:

Lots to be thankful for! 

Da Trav: pssssssttttttt? I wanted to let you know that I too am thankful. #1 has finished preparing my winter shelter and it looks pretty cozy:

That's woofie Tommy's old Varikennel. It's on a wooden platform with lots of cardboard layers for insulation. Inside it is a doggie bed on which is a large (brand new!)  covered litter box. Inside that is a comfy kitty bed. On top is an inverted old bed shell for more insulation and there is bubble wrap and straw between the box and the varikennel. #1 says if it gets really cold, she will put a cover around the kennel. For now, there is some carpeting on top, and my food bowls are there. It's at the back of the garage so it will be out of the rain and wind and any snow. She says the garage door will always be open enough for me to be able to get in and out.

For the first time ever, I will have somewhere snug and dry to sleep this winter. I am thankful.

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Waiting Wednesday Woofie

Tommy: Do you remember when #1 left us for weeks on end in June and went to Canada? She went to pack up the stuff she had at the cottage in Prince Edward Island which she had sold after owning it for 28 years. So now, almost four and a half months later, the stuff is supposed to be delivered here today! At east, that's what the shipper emailed #1, but she hasn't heard back from them since last week, so I told her I would cross my paws to make sure it all arrived smoothly:

I am also told that Wednesday is whisker hump day on some blogs, so I thought I would contribute to that too!

#1 said I shouldn't just give you pics of bits of me, so here is one of all of me!


Tuesday 27 October 2015

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: What's a girl to do when her #1 calls her name, but turn and look gorgeous?

To thank her, I warmed up her desk chair for a while:

And then got into the hammock for a bit of sunpuddle bathing:

In case you were wondering, I have been getting my exercise too:

I have always been quite fond of the high wire act!

Monday 26 October 2015

Manly Monday

Vidock: I am continuing to make great progress in my classes and #1 says she is really proud of me! She says she really likes this photo of me and Mr. JPD whom she calls my "dancing master"!

I do have a bit of a skin issue which may be a fungal infection of some kind, so #1 is putting stuff on me. Doesn't take away from my studly self, though!

Tommy: Yesterday, we had an extra hour because we moved to winter time. The weather was just gorgeous and #1 and I decided to use that hour to visit a beautiful place that always has nice autumn colours. Can you see me in this pic?

Da Genj: We had some beautiful sunpuddles yesterday, and #1 was busy with her camera...

Da Beebs: Yay for sunpuddles!


Da Trav (!): The #1 lady says that I am almost looking chubby! She was really busy in the garage yesterday, and I was supervising. She told me she was getting a cozy shelter ready for me for the winter! We'll post a pic when it's ready. She says she needs to bring some straw from where the Vs live first.

She snapped this one of me in the field a few days ago. I have a little scratch on my nose, but I am not telling on the perpetrator...

This one was taken when I was supervising by the garage door:

Have a great week, Friends, with full tummies and someone who cares about you.

Sunday 25 October 2015

Snuggles on Sunday!

Tama-Chan: Well, it has been a while but here we are at last, back with a proper, full, Snuggles on Sunday post.

Let me start with a pic of me having a ittle snuggle with #1:

And having a snuggle with Tommy:

The boys have been busy snuggling. Here is my Beebs hanging with #1 as she watched TV:

 And here he is giving Tommy a good snuggle/wash!

In this one, we have Genji hanging with #1 as she watched TV:

Fernant also did his share of snuggling with #1 as she watched TV!

This week, #1 did get a shot of Sei-Chan snuggling with Tommy:

And we did promise you a pic of Sei-Chan undercover with #1:

 #1 also got a selfie snuggling with Vidock:

And with Violette:

And, as an added bonus, she even got a selfie of herself snuggling with Violette's Mama, Hotesse!

Remember! Sundays are for snuggling! We moved to winter time last night so we had a whole extra hour to snuggle in bed!

Saturday 24 October 2015


Sei-Chan: It turns out there is always something right? You may have noticed that we have not been that good at visiting lately? Well, #1 is totally overwhelmed with work. After a long drought, she has been getting projects left, right and centre and consequently sitting at her Mac all day, tearing her hair out. She of course says that we come first, so feeding, snuggling, walking Tommy and going to see the Vs have not suffered, but not much else has. Sorry, Friends!

I have been giving #1 a lot of moral support by snuggling with her in bed at night (those photos are for Sunday, of course). But here is a fun one of me, Tama-Chan and Da Beebs all relaxing in the living room:

We haven't been getting too many sunpuddles lately, but #1 did catch me n a nice one earlier this week:

And again (this one complete with Claws of Doom). The fact is that I never use my claws so #1 doesn't clip them very often...

Apparently, the sunpuddles are on their way back!

Have a great SEIturday, Everyone!

Friday 23 October 2015

Vidock and Violette's Family Friday

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend! Guess what? October is my Gotcha Month! I became a fully-fledged member of the Poupuonette Family five years ago!

Here is a pic of me taken on the day in 2010 she decided I would be hers! I was only 17 months old at the time.

And here is the very first picture of me and #1 taken three days later!

This was taken in February 2012 on the day I was approved as a stalion:

And here is a recent photo of me. I am doing a pretty god job at varying the shades, don't you think?

By the way, #1 visited my GrandMama, Belle, last weekend and took this nice portrait of her:

Oh, and more by the way, my haf-sister, Sissy (she would be called that, right?!) won the Percheron race last Sunday. They raced over 1000 metres (just over 4 furlongs). Here she is almost at the finish line:

Violette: #1 often visits my Mama and my little sister and tells me about how they are doing. Here is my sister, Doucette, coming over to #1 for apples:

And here is my Mama:

My fun non-news of the week is that #1 got a call yesterday asking if I would be available in mid-November to be ridden (or rather, sat upon) by one of France's most famous TV personalities. Sadly, we had to decline as #1 will be away (!) that weekend. Bummer. It would have been fun! But I am sure there will be more opportunities coming my way.