Friday 30 April 2010

Posting From a Remote Location...

Hi everyone. I am posting from a remote location today. Yesterday afternoon, I got bundled into the carrier again (Third time this week. Can you believe it?) and brought to Dr. C's place. #1 said I was beginning to get dehydrated and as I was still not eating, it had become very important to get some nutrition into me. You know me. I sing all the way in the car but once I get there, I become my usual purring lovebug self. So when I was taken out of the carrier and put on the examination table, I went over to give hugs to both Dr. C and her assistant, Ms. K.

Anyway, that was yesterday. This morning, I am feeling perkier and eating dried food again. But... I still have very runny and somewhat bloody poop, so I am being kept in and on the IV, to see if that will clear up spontaneously. Maybe I can go home this evening. I really hope so! In the interim, here is rather a nice Frootbatty picture tat #1 took of me a few days ago:

And here is one of Bibi-Chan:

He is doing OK although #1 is still a little worried about him. When she comes to get me, she will bring him in too so that Dr. C. can check him out and see whether he might need IV fluids too.

As for the girls, they are having a relaxing time between the cat run and the back room. #1 tries to spend some time with them each day, playing and cuddling. Recently, they have been playing with the laser pointer which is a huge hit, especially with Tama-Chan!

Here is another shot of her from the series we chose from yesterday, this one more Frootbatty:

And here is Sei-Chan enjoying the run whilst the weather was still gorgeous. It's cool and rainy today (although we do really need the rain!):

I am sure you are disappointed that there have been no photos of Tommy lately. Well, we do not have any suitable Flying Ears shots today, so instead, we are going for Floppy Ears Friday!

Thursday 29 April 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

We would like to start out today by saying a big thank you to all the very kind and supportive comment we received yesterday! We are very thankful to have so many wonderful friends!

We are in a bit of a holding pattern over here. I spent yesterday evening chasing a fly, and I did eat breakfast this morning. But I am still throwing up and my appetite comes and goes. I am a couple of days behind Yuu-Chan in catching this, and maybe it has to run its course. As for Yuu-Chan, he has done much better in terms of throwing up, only once in the last 24+ hours, but he is having a hard time getting back to eating. So, since this morning, #1 has been giving him a 5ml syringe every hour filled with a blend of kitten food and warm water. We're hoping this will slowly get his stomach working again. #1 is talking to Dr.C. twice a day and she is ready to take him or me, or both of us in, if we need an IV feed.

Talking of Dr.C's practice, we wanted to show you a picture of the resident cat there. His name is Luke and he supervises everything!

Here is a pic of me and Yuu hanging out last night.

Sadly, we are barred from the cat run until our stomachs are settled again, but the girls have been enjoying themselves, especially my Mama Tama:

Sei-Chan quite likes to hang out in the back room.

It must bring back a lot of memories as she lived there for a couple of months with her mummy last year, when she was tiny. By the way, we entered this year's Kitty Fight Club somewhat reluctantly this year as it really took it out of us last year emotionally, and we were then horrified to find out that Sei-Chan was up against our good friend Lishy in the first round. Aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!!!!!!!

Wednesday 28 April 2010

Back to the vet...

#1 here. We went back to see Dr. C. this morning, this time with both Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan. Yuu-Chan had eaten nothing since our last visit two days ago, and was still throwing up. Bibi-Chan was just beginning to throw up and go off his food.

They are both OK in terms of temperature and Yuu-Chan has been drinking through it all so he is not (yet) dehydrated. They both got shots of Primperan which should deal better with the nausea. They are also getting a liquid gastric liner. We will wait to see whether they now stop throwing up, and have a call booked in with Dr. C. at 5pm. If Yuu-Chan is still throwing up, he will have to go back and be fed through a drip to give him back this strength and get his stomach working again. If he is not throwing up anymore, then I will start giving him a bit of food from this evening. Hopefully, Bibi-Chan was caught early enough that he will get better quickly.

Here is a shot of the two of them in bed in the morning, getting ready to get up:

This is becoming rather wordy but I would also like to address the comment that was left after yesterday's post and subsequently removed by me, with a bleeding heart plea not to breed Tama-Chan again. My first response is "Mind your own business. I am an adult, with a fully-formed sense of responsibility and quite able to make my own decisions." The next thing I have to say, which is a repeat of something I said months ago, is "if you do not have the guts to leave your name, then you have no business commenting on anyone's blog. Please be assured that any further such comments will be removed immediately." And lastly I would urge whoever this person is to refrain from reading my blog if he or she finds my actions reprehensible in any way. I really do not need to be dealing with the likes of you, now or at any other time. Sorry to be venting like this, my friends, but I am rather preoccupied at the moment and find this person's approach deeply offensive.

Tuesday 27 April 2010

Tama's Tuesday Tale of Woe

Or should I have called it Tuesday Torture? I am being picked on and it's absolutely not fair! So what if I have been feeling my "ladyness" and leaving little golden liquid offerings hither and thither around the house? #1 should be honoured, not horrified as she claims to be! So, I am being ostracized, ill-treated, cruelly abused! During the day, I am confined to the cat run and the back room (the one where I lived with my kittens), and just the back room at night. No more swanning through the house wherever and whenever I feel like it. I am shocked and deeply hurt.

Of course, #1 did spend hours playing with me, grooming me and petting me last night, and I purred up a storm. It really is the very minimum she can do for me!

I have been advised that once I am over this little spate of "vapours" I am going to be given a little something that will calm me right down until I am ready for motherhood again, perhaps later this year. Then I can go back into the rest of the house. In the meantime, here is a picture from happier times:

Oh, and thanks for all the nice words about Yuu-Chan. He is still very nauseous and totally off his food, but we are hoping that the antibiotics will start to kick in soon.

Monday 26 April 2010

Manly Monday

: We are a little late in posting today, and have also not been visiting as much as we like to. In fact. #1 and I had to take Yuu-Chan to the vet this morning as he had been a little off-colour "at both ends." Dr. C found that he had a bit of a temperature and some kind of gastro-intestinal infection. So he is on Baytril for 5 days. He is feeling a little sorry for himself, and we are hoping that his appetite will come back quickly.

I have had a fun week with lots of time with friends. My next door neighbour and friend, Brittany spaniel Damia joined me for a romp in her end of the big field a few days ago:

Yesterday, Her 'Peiness ViVi was over and we hung out in the garden while #1 and Uncle U did some work in the cat run.

I have also been helping #1 with garden work...

And have generally been looking handsome and manly!

Yuu-Chan: Hello everyone. Yes, I have been feeling a little blah and am off my food. I don't mind going to Dr. C's but I hate riding in the car!

Here is a picture taken last week, before I got sick, showing me and Bibi waiting for our serving of ham:

Can you believe that I am actually off my ham at the moment? Not for long, I hope!

Here is a manly and serious-looking photo of me in the run:

and me enjoying a little nap:

Oh, and before I forget, I am now on Catster! You will find my badge further down the page, on the left.

Bibi-Chan: I am on Catster too!!!! I have been very busy lately. I decided it was high time I gave #1 a hand in the kitchen:

I really don't know why she wasn't more appreciative...

The run is an extremely good place to learn all about being a mancat. I enjoy the challenges of nature:

and I have been practicing my roaring!

So whaddya think??????

Sunday 25 April 2010

Snuggles On Sunday - Brought to you by Yuu-Chan!

#1 said I could host Snuggles on Sunday this week, and to thank her properly, I would like to start with this photo:

I just love to sit next to #1 and wrap myself around her hand!

Here I am on the receiving end of a nice cuddle from Tommy:

I realise this photo is a little hard to figure out but it is in fact me giving Tama-Chan a bath in the hammock in the study. Pretty nice of me, don't you think?

As you can also see from this next photo, things are a lot more peaceful between me and Tama again:

Next, we have a rather unusual photo but a very important one too: This is a snuggle lesson! Sei-Chan is teaching a very attentive Bibi-Chan the best techniques for snuggling with Tommy!

Not that the little guy needs much in the way of lessons!

Have a snuggly Sunday everyone!

Stop Press: We just got this cute picture from our friend Tora-Chan, showing him snuggling with his big brother, Kaze!

Saturday 24 April 2010

Say it! It's SEIturday!!!!!

Hello everyone. Welcome to my sunny world! The weather has been so gorgeous and it's getting a little warmer every day. We have been spending a lot of time out in the run. There are now two sky hammocks and two comfy baskets out there so everyone can enjoy a nap! This morning, I spent some time in one of the hammocks:

Can you see how blue the sky is?!

#1 has mentioned before that I am a pretty shy girl, so I don't usually get a lot of playtime. When the wand or another toy comes out, I would love to play but I get scared by all the others jumping up. Yuu-Chan is so big and Tama-Chan is so fast! But I got a special treat the other day. None of the others were around, so #1 closed the door to her study and she and I had a fabulous playtime together!

Ready to pounce...



And the best thing was that Tommy was there too, admiring my form!

In other news, I went to see Dr. C on Thursday for my annual shots. I am doing very well except that she and #1 noticed some red scabby things on my tummy. Dr. C thinks it may be the result of a spate of bunny kicking by "somebody." I am getting disinfectant and cream twice a day to make it better. But fortunately, it doesn't stop me from spending time in the run!

Come back tomorrow to join us for some snuggling!

Friday 23 April 2010


It has been far too long since we had a proper Frootbat Friday post, and when we saw that our friend Kaze, the original Frootbat Friday Girl, had posted today, we decided to follow suit!

Being the Queen of this domain, I am going first, of course, with a photo taken by #1 in the run a couple of days ago:

That boy of mine, Bibi, never stops talking. He always seems to be asking for something to be done for him. Spoiled doesn't even begin to describe him...

Sei-Chan is contributing an elegant photo:

And here is a sunny frootbat offering from Yuu-Chan:

Oh, and Tommy just insisted on some FLYING EARS!

Wishing you all a FROOTY Friday!

Thursday 22 April 2010

Tommy on Thursday

: I have a couple of things to tell you about so #1 said I could post today. Now these two items are completely unrelated although it would be understandable if you thought that one led directly to the other...

I went on a fabulous walk in the woods the other day with #1, Ms. A and my friend Pie.

I found lots of great pieces of wood to chew on:

And some excellent mud puddles so I could make myself a fetching new pair of socks!

#1 was fairly understanding. After all, it was just mud and she hosed down my feet when we got home. Yesterday, however, was a different matter. I am not giving her any incriminating information but suffice to say that I was able to find an unusually exquisite aroma to daub upon my person. Problem is she didn't think so... AT ALL! So, when we got home from our morning walk, I got TWO lots of hosing down with shampoo. But she kept calling me STINKY all day and, when we got back from our evening walk, she decided to take serious action:

It's a good job I actually like water! And once she was done, I had a serious towelling off. Lots of fun!

She is saying that, despite all of that, I still smell a lit bit stinky, which is a real homage ot the quality of the essence I managed to dig up. I wonder if there is any more around...