Monday, 26 April 2010

Manly Monday

: We are a little late in posting today, and have also not been visiting as much as we like to. In fact. #1 and I had to take Yuu-Chan to the vet this morning as he had been a little off-colour "at both ends." Dr. C found that he had a bit of a temperature and some kind of gastro-intestinal infection. So he is on Baytril for 5 days. He is feeling a little sorry for himself, and we are hoping that his appetite will come back quickly.

I have had a fun week with lots of time with friends. My next door neighbour and friend, Brittany spaniel Damia joined me for a romp in her end of the big field a few days ago:

Yesterday, Her 'Peiness ViVi was over and we hung out in the garden while #1 and Uncle U did some work in the cat run.

I have also been helping #1 with garden work...

And have generally been looking handsome and manly!

Yuu-Chan: Hello everyone. Yes, I have been feeling a little blah and am off my food. I don't mind going to Dr. C's but I hate riding in the car!

Here is a picture taken last week, before I got sick, showing me and Bibi waiting for our serving of ham:

Can you believe that I am actually off my ham at the moment? Not for long, I hope!

Here is a manly and serious-looking photo of me in the run:

and me enjoying a little nap:

Oh, and before I forget, I am now on Catster! You will find my badge further down the page, on the left.

Bibi-Chan: I am on Catster too!!!! I have been very busy lately. I decided it was high time I gave #1 a hand in the kitchen:

I really don't know why she wasn't more appreciative...

The run is an extremely good place to learn all about being a mancat. I enjoy the challenges of nature:

and I have been practicing my roaring!

So whaddya think??????


  1. Oh poor Yuu-Chan having to go the v-e-t - we hope you will be better very soon and catch up on your snacks.
    We expect the #1 was pleased you helped out with the cooking - did she put her feet up and read the paper while you toiled over the hot cooker!!
    Bibi-Chan - we heard you roaring over here in the UK.

  2. Such a manly post! We hope Yuu Chan feels better soon. Being off your ham is a serious matter and we hope the V-E-T has a cure! xxx

  3. Wooos Tommy and Kitties! woo all look so manly helping around the house, especially in the kitchen,fur some reason Moms do not like us helping there, I think they are primadonna chefs who think they need to do it all themselves... I hope woo visit to the vet goes ok and woo are feeling better soon!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. How strange, our previous comment is lost.
    Get well, sweet Yuu-Yuu. Being sick and off the ham is no fun.
    Great pictures of the two other boys, we particularly admired Bibi's roar and the spiffy collar.

  5. Great pics! I hope you are feeling better real soon!

  6. I think the lion just roared! Very well done :)

  7. Oh Yuu-Chan, we hope the Baytril works quickly and you are feeling better soon.

    Tom. that last photo of you with your frisbee is great. You look very handsome!

  8. Tommy, what fun it looked like you had. Now Yuu-Chan--I am purring hard for you! You must get better. I hate thinking of you ill--who will tech Bibi-Chan to be a mancat if you are under the weather? You know at his age, every day counts!

  9. Woo are SUCH a wild khat!!!

    We hope woo feel better soon!

    Tommy: Thanks fur sharing your furiends with us! Mom enjoyed seeing your Brittany neighbour!


  10. Bibi-Chan, you are so handsome and mancatly outside in your run! Yuu-Chan, you get better real fast now! We can't have an upset in the balance over there.
    Tommy, what can I say! Your pictures always bring a smile to this cat lovers face (I also love dogs...shhh).
    ~Lisa Co9T

  11. We are so sorry to hear you are under the weather Yuu-Chan. Try to rest and get back to your ham right quick!

    Bibi-Chan, you look extra wild in your run!!

    Tommy, sweet as ever. :)

  12. Oh poor baby I hope you are feeing better soon. I think you will soon e eating your ham again. I love the pictures in your run.. Yes you do look firce in the roaring one's. What fun the woofies had and what lovely smiling faces. Get well soon..

    Love GJ xx

  13. Tommy, You are the handsomest woofie! We think we *might* snuggle with you sometime.
    Poor Yuu-Cahn, we can't imagine feeling too poorly for HAM. Just awful.
    Bibi, you are a joy to watch!
    xx Lounge Kats

  14. oops, our Mommy is a bad typer...we MEANT Yuu-Chan!

  15. Oh Yuu-Chan, we are sad you don't feel well right now. We hope you are better soon - we are sending you lots of get well purrs! And Tommy and Bibi - you are both so adorable - take good care of Yuu-Chan, ok!

  16. Yuu-Chan we are sending healing purrs. All you guys look so manly and handsome.

    Tommy, we bets you had lots of fun playing with your doggie friends. ~AFSS

  17. Poor Yuu-Chan. I hope you are feeling well soon.
    Bibi-Chan, this may not be your best idea of the week, I mean helping with the wheat...

  18. You are very fierce, Bibi-chan! Here's to hoping Yuu-chan feels better soon :)

    9 and Chani

  19. oh such impwessive boycats!
    ~Baby Audwey

  20. Bibi-Chan - we have to comment on your first because your roar is just pawesome!!! You would surely scare off the enemy. But we would suggest you keep your paw out of #1's bowl:)

    Tommy, you have such nice furiends, glad to see you having fun.

    And Yuu-Chan, we sure hope you are feeling better soon, and then get some extra ham to make up for this time.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  21. Hi Boys,

    We haven't been around in awhile either but are glad to see that you are all looking very manly. We like your Brittany friend Tom. Barbara had 2 Britts before she got into Gordons. Bet you have lots of fun chasing her. Bibi-Chan looks most ferocious with all that roaring in the run. We hope that Yuu-Chan feels better soon. The medicine will surely settle things down soon. Take care.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  22. Great Manliness from all three of you. Yuu, rest up and get all better fast.

  23. It's quite a life you lead...dabbling your paws in many pots, hahameow!

  24. Poor little Yuu-Chan! I hope your mucky tummy comes right soon.

  25. Tommy, it sure does look like you're having fun out there with your friends.

    Yuu-Chan, I sure do hope you feel better.

    Bibi-Chan I think you have the roar down pat my friend!

  26. Awwweeee. We hope you feel better soon. Loved the pictures, especially the one where you are helping mom mix what was in the bowl. Good helper. Sending hugs, purrs and prayers that you feel better soon.

  27. Yuu-Chan, I hope you are feeling better!! You'll be having ham again before you know it! And Bibi-Chan, you are looking very mancatly!!

  28. Hope you feel better soon Yuu-chan!
    Luvly Monday pics, very manly indeed!!


  29. We are so impressed with Bibi's roar!!!

    Yuu-Chan, we will purr hard until we hear that you are feeling better.

  30. hey Tom, you are looking quite handsome! we're glad to hear that you are having lots of visitors and helping with yard work.

    you kitties are looking quite beastly. we hope your tummy is feeling better fast!


  31. Aww... we hope Yuu-chan feels better soon!
    Poor little thing.
    We love all your photos!
    Bibi-chan we really like the roar! It is very ferocious!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla


    Sorry Bibi, you gave us a bit of a fright!

    We hope Yuu-Chan is feeling better already. It's not fun when your tummy is upset. Tommy, as always we are struck by your handsome manliness :)

  33. We hope you are ok, Yuu-Chan!
    Our mom has been super busy as always, so we know how it is.

  34. Tommy! Your girlfriend looks like a lot of fun. Of course she is totally smitten with your manly self.

    As for Bibi... keep practicing. You still look a bit harmless to me.

    Good thoughts to Yuu-Chan to feel better soon.



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