Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Back to the vet...

#1 here. We went back to see Dr. C. this morning, this time with both Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan. Yuu-Chan had eaten nothing since our last visit two days ago, and was still throwing up. Bibi-Chan was just beginning to throw up and go off his food.

They are both OK in terms of temperature and Yuu-Chan has been drinking through it all so he is not (yet) dehydrated. They both got shots of Primperan which should deal better with the nausea. They are also getting a liquid gastric liner. We will wait to see whether they now stop throwing up, and have a call booked in with Dr. C. at 5pm. If Yuu-Chan is still throwing up, he will have to go back and be fed through a drip to give him back this strength and get his stomach working again. If he is not throwing up anymore, then I will start giving him a bit of food from this evening. Hopefully, Bibi-Chan was caught early enough that he will get better quickly.

Here is a shot of the two of them in bed in the morning, getting ready to get up:

This is becoming rather wordy but I would also like to address the comment that was left after yesterday's post and subsequently removed by me, with a bleeding heart plea not to breed Tama-Chan again. My first response is "Mind your own business. I am an adult, with a fully-formed sense of responsibility and quite able to make my own decisions." The next thing I have to say, which is a repeat of something I said months ago, is "if you do not have the guts to leave your name, then you have no business commenting on anyone's blog. Please be assured that any further such comments will be removed immediately." And lastly I would urge whoever this person is to refrain from reading my blog if he or she finds my actions reprehensible in any way. I really do not need to be dealing with the likes of you, now or at any other time. Sorry to be venting like this, my friends, but I am rather preoccupied at the moment and find this person's approach deeply offensive.


  1. Ish! If people want to leave nasty words then they should show themselves.

    I hope the kitties feel better soon. That sounds quite serious with not eating and whatnot. We'll all be thinking of you.

    Mango Momma

  2. This is really most disturbing. I know you have a lot on your hands, taking care of the kitties, but please let us know how they are whenever you get the chance. We will be thinking of them until we know they are all better.

    As far as the mean comment goes, some humans just can't mind their business and Blog Mom says some are trolls. There's a place in this world for purebred and mixed up, if that was the thing the comment was getting at. That's as true for kitties as it is for doggies. I'm sure glad that someone bred my Dam to my Sire and so are my humans. That's all I can say.

    no wags, because the kittie are sick. Licks and get well thoughts from me, Lola

  3. We purring that everyone will be feeling better soon. xxx

  4. #1, we hope the two boys are feeling better soon! We will be purring for them. xoxo

  5. We hope Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan are both feeling better soon.

  6. Hope their tummy's get back to normal is a worry when they get out of whack.

    While no one has left similar comments on my blog yet, I do get that slant from people who don't know me, until I "educate" them on what I do to ensure the cats I bring into the world are taken care of for their lifetime and that breeders can be conscientious and that breed rescue groups do try and help seek out and rescue purebred cats in shelters etc.

    Those comments are hurtful, but would be so much easier to help educate such persons if they left their names...

  7. I hope everyone is feeling better very soon. You love your furry friends SO much -- of course you make the right decisions for them.

  8. Oh we are behind - I can't believe that Yuu-Chan is still sick, and now Bibi too. I am sending them lots of get well prayers and wishes, and the kitties are of course sending them lots of purrs! I hope that the meds from the doctor help. I know that it does cause a viscious circle if they don't eat then when they finally try they aren't used to it and get sick, so they don't eat, etc. We will keep our fingers and paws crossed that it works!!

    As far as the comments - I just don't understand why people do stuff like that. If you don't like it fine, don't read it. I know that people all have different opinions and that where pets are concerned it can be emotional, but you are there mom and you take excellent care of ALL of them. Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows you are a VERY GOOD mom to all the kitties and Tommy too. Either that comment was some snap decision made by someone who hasn't read the blog before, or just a crazy troll trying to stir things up because they have nothing better to do.

  9. It's not fun to be sick ever, especially not of the tummy variety. I hope all resolves soon for the boys and the girls don't catch the bug. Purrs to all.

    #1, try not to be upset by the person who left the comment. It was not called for, but in giving them some Grace, perhaps they have been very upset by something related to cats who don't have homes and are in shelters, awaiting an unpleasant fate. We know that your kittens do not go far from your home when they grow up, and do not take the place of a potential home for a shelter kitty. As said by somebody else, there is a place in the broader scheme of things for purebreds too.

  10. Oh no! The Woman doesn't read for a day and look what happens to my friends!!!! PURRSSSS GET BETTER!!!!

    I don't understand why there are people who think that reputable breeders should stop. You bring more to the table as far as good genetics and diversity than most of the stray cats out there--largely because your cats are healthy and well cared for. I have issues with anyone who has a "cute" cat who breeds--but you have a purebred line. And it is clear this is a labor of love not a financial product. There are certainly places to promote zero population growth, but I have a hard time with it happening on the blogs of breeders--anyone who is willing to show people their house and their life the way bloggers are are taking responsibility for their cats and obviously adore them. (Terry at the Furry Dance got something like that not too long ago too)

  11. We are sorry to see there are still some under the weather Chans...

    We are even sorrier to see there are poopyheads that feel the need to leave khrappy khomments on your blog...

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy - please give #1 some extra snuggles from us!

  12. We hope you are all feeling better soon! Sounds like what Chase had and he had to get flooids and such. I caught a touch of it too but not nearly as bad while Latte evaded completely. Get well soon!

    And those people who say those things....what uneducated cowards. We are thrilled that you are a reputable breeder and we would fly to France in a heartbeat to adopt one of your kittens (the Lap Lady has already prepared the Tall Man that our next kitty will be one of yours ;).


  13. Here's lots of purrs that everyone is ok and feeling perfect very, very soon!! Poor babies!!!!

    As for the comments, all I can say is that having followed your blog for some time, I am convinced that you are a very caring and loving person and that you only think of your cat's best interests. They look happy and act like well-treated, well-adjusted kids that live the life of kitty luxury!! If every cat in the world could be so loved!!! That is a wish to wish!!

    We're thinking of you. Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  14. Oh, I'm so sorry Yuu-chan and Bibi-chan are both sick. Poor little ones.
    I hope they are well again very soon.
    For me, it is clear you love your cats very much, and do your best to make them happy. So, don't let others upset you :-)

  15. Sending good vies for the kitties to feel better - is this some virus they have caught? Poor babies. Hope the meds do the trick.

    As for the stupid comment, we do not feel this is an open forum for opinions, although we suppose we are giving ours now. We believe that if you can't say something positive and nice, then keep it to yourself. Sorry for the stupid person.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. I hope the boys feel better soon. So sad to hear that they are under the weather!

    As for that troll, you're are one very strong,loving and caring lady,#1! Cheers to you!


  17. Woooos! I hope that the kitties get better real soon, and that humans will mind there own business, to quote Thumper (Bambi) - "if woo can't say something nice, don't say nuthing at all!"
    Paws crossed and sending healing Sibe-vibes to my favorite kitties!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  18. It's all a bit much at the moment and we purr that the general situation gets better step by step. We know that #1 will keep her head up high. Please get all better soon, sweet furriends!!!

  19. Can I say firstly that I so hope the vet can make the poor babies feel better soon. Then can I say that whoever makes comments without leaving a name are cowards. You are so right you dont need those comments now or ever. You are right as well why read your blog if it bothers them. All your kittens are well loved well cared for and yes the most important thing.. It is none of their buisness.. Take care and please get well soon my friends.. Hugs GJ xx

  20. Poor boys! I hope they get better real soon.

  21. We so hope that both Chans are feeling much better soon!

    As for nasty comments, we do as you did, just delete them! It's truly amazing how people will judge you sometimes and then comment without leaving their names! We have had some choice comments about autism! Just try and forget them!

    take care

    Murray's Mom

  22. Many hugs your way ... I have had my share of scares over here & it is not fun. The whole crew got deathly ill during the holidays & almost perished, minus Daisy Jiji of course! 3 Vics Vaporizors saved them from the horrid crud. Sheesh!

    Then Blackie almost died in my car having a seizure - Thank the heavens for my vet & my fast driving skills ... So hang in there!! You are the BEST cat mom. We, your friends, support you.

    Many many Purzzzzzzzzz your way!
    All the Whippy Curly Tails & their Mom

  23. We are sending our BEST healing purrs to you; both the kitties and to #1.
    Concentrate on what's important and chuck the rest!
    Stupid people are just that, stupid.
    XXooXXoo Lounge Kats

  24. Wow, must be nasty comment went. This is the second blog I read that had not so nice remarks left for them. People hide behind computers.

    I hope they feel better soon.

  25. Purrs for Bibi-chan and Yuu-chan that their tummies get better soonest.

    Sharp claws and hisses to anonymouses commenters who don't have a clue!

  26. P.S. you can set your blog settings not to allow anonymouse comments too!

  27. We really hope Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan feel better soon!

  28. Oh no, poor Yuu and Bibi! Sure hope the medicine makes them feel more like their old selves again soon. Tell'em their old Uncle Mica still eats a whole can of food every day (and whatever treats he can swipe from Petey or Mom's plate) and if they want to grow up to be 20-year old Abys too, they better start chowing down!

    And with two babies to worry about, someone sends a crappy message. I join the chorus who can attest that you are a wonderful and committed pet owner! Anyone would be lucky to have a beautiful hand-raised Aby from Tama.

    Your pals,

    Petey and Uncle Mica

    P.S. Our verification word is "unfun!"

  29. We are sorry the boys are poorly. We will be purraying that they both get well soon.

    amigos and san

  30. We are purring for you all to feel better soon, and we are sending some additional purrs to heal the hurt of mean spirited comments left by someone not willing to reveal who they are.

  31. You are a brilliant mummy, #1. Don't let any meanies tell you otherwise.

    We're sending lots of purrs for you all.

  32. We hope the boys feel better soon.

    We are so sorry some meanie upset yoo ~ yoo are such a great mom we just know yoo will know the right time to stop breeding a cat. Yoo have the welfare of yoor cats at heart ~ anybuddy can see that. People shud mind their own business. Smoochies.

  33. We are sorry to hear you two are sick. We hope you both get better soon. And #1, we are sorry that somebody upset you. We know that you are a wonderful mom to your cats and to Tom as well!


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