Sunday 30 September 2012

Sunday Snuggle

Genji: Given the past week's schedule, #1 was not very good about taking photos (she is back, by the way, and says that, this time, she is staying put!). So, we have for you today just a couple of shots featuring me and my buddy Tommy.

You know, it is very important to keep your woofie clean!

After which both of you can take a well-earned rest!

So, #1 is back from the Percheron Nationals, which took place on Friday and Saturday and she said she wanted to share just a couple of pictures from that with you.

Stallion Quintus de la Vande, belonging to the King of Morocco, being shown in-hand:

Mares ready for the group presentation:

Mother and son taking their champion mare back to the trailer:

Saturday 29 September 2012


Sei-Chan: I don't know about you but #1 is beginning to make feel dizzy. I wish she would stay in place longer than a few minutes. Not sure how much I should trust her on her promise that this time, she is staying put. What do you think?

I shall be watching out for her return tonight!

And I shall reflect on ways to keep her home...

Friday 28 September 2012

Violette and Vidock Vendredi

Violette: So, #1 has gone off again, to the Percheron Nationals, but she is only one and a quarter hours away and will be back tomorrow evening. Ms. S and Mr. E have gone off to, with our buddy Voltaire who is being shown.

Anyway, #1 came to see me as soon as she got back from the Fish Run. I was at the far end of the field with my friend Ushuaia when I realised she was there. Well, the two of us simply galloped over to say hello!

I told #1 I would pose for her. First my left side...

Then the right...

And finally a front view!

I love photo shoots!

Vidock: #1 came to see me too but her timing was a bit off. It was absolutely pouring with rain. First she had to climb over a big barrier, and then she had to walk all the way to the far end of the field. It was worth it, though, as I was waiting for her!

And then, once she had gotten completely wet, it stopped raining and the sun came out...

No, I am NOT smirking!

Thursday 27 September 2012

Tama-Chan On Thursday

Tama-Chan: We start today by bowing our heads in respect to our friend  MANGO who has very unexpectedly and suddenly left for the Bridge. Mango was, to say the least, a HUGE presence in our Blogosphere and will be HUGELY missed by all of us. Our condolences to all his family.

We are more than ever aware of the importance of family, and of enjoying every joyous moment we share. We are so happy to have our #1 home with us. We know she has to go to the Percheron Nationals on Friday and Saturday, but as she is leaving on Friday morning and returning on Saturday evening, there won't actually be a single day when we won't see her!

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Fish Run Wednesday!

#1 here. May I bore you one more time with a few final photos from the 2012 Fish Run?

Actually, before the Run started, I had a lot of fun trying out British champion Percheron stallion Willingham Axl for size!

I love this all-girl photo: two girls leading three mares from the stables to the Team GB camp:

I met this very handsome guy (9 months old) in one of the Belgian team camps. He was a real sweetheart:

As was his 2-year old (girl)pal:

The beauty of horses on the beach:

And a glorious sunset:

Galley and Isabelle, two beautiful Percheron girls (full sisters!) ambling through town...

I thought this was the best seat to be had:

Until I discovered this one!

Thanks for putting up with my endless Fish Run stuff. Tomorrow, we will be returning to regular posting. I confess that I shall be away again from Friday morning until Saturday evening (Percheron Nationals) but after that, I promise to stay home!

Tuesday 25 September 2012

Tommy's Thankful Tuesday!

Tom: When we woke up this morning, #1 was there with us!

Genji had taken possession!

Bibi was demanding treats!

And then #1 and I went out into the fields:

I ran...

I leapt...


A big thank you to Mr. R who ended up staying and looking after us all week. #1 says she will share a few more pictures from the Fish Run with you tomorrow.

Monday 24 September 2012

Manly Bibi Monday

Bibi-Chan: I am on the lookout for #1. She's coming home today!!!

Sunday 23 September 2012

Single Sunday Snuggle!

It's Violette again! I told you, didn't I, that #1 and I had a huge snuggle when she came to see me on my return. PROOF:

#1 sent in a few photos from the first day of the actual Fish Run which lasted from 8AM yesterday until 4AM this morning!




Saturday 22 September 2012

So Slow SEIturday...

Sei-Chan: Why is the time passing so slowly? Why isn't #1 home yet?

Sssssshhhhh... Here I am again with a few more photos for you!

The horses had to go through a ford to get to the heavy pull competition and the girls decided to ride them over in their harnesses:

Here they are actually doing the pull competition These two mares had never worked together until this event! They came in 7th!

The last event of Friday was the pulling of a traditional fishing boat on the sand in Boulogne. Our pair of Suffolk Punches came in 4th. There are no photos of them actually doing the pull, but here they are in the beach:

Friday 21 September 2012

Flying Ears Friday!

Tommy: Fly, Fly, Fly!!!!

#1 here again, with a flying photo of a different kind. Here is the Team GB pair of Comtois horses who were taking part in the marathon obstacle driving event, and very impressive they were!

Thursday 20 September 2012

Genji on Thursday

Genji: I'm looking for #1... Has anybody seen her????

Pssssssstttt.... #1 here.. Don't tell Genji but I'm sneaking in with a photo from the last minute training for the Fish Run. Here is Claire McDermott of Team GB, driving the four in hand, all Percheron mares!

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Wednesday Neighs!

Violette: Pretty Neighs, everyone! Have you been missing me? I missed #1 a lot, and when she came to see me on her return, I covered her in nuzzles and kisses! I was so happy to see her!

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Tama-Chan's "Ta-Ta" Tuesday

Tama-Chan: For those of you unfamiliar with the expression, "Ta-Ta" means goodbye, and today is the day #1 is heading off again. Mr. R is coming today, and Ms. A will relay on Friday. We are not sure which woofies are coming but there have been rumours of Sophie and perhaps Emily...

I think I shall spend a lot of my time up on my perch, supervising...

Occasionally looking out of the window:

And I may take the odd nap...

As for the coming days, this is the plan: We will post one  Poupounette picture a day,  and, if #1 has the time and energy, she may add some more from the Fish Run as she goes along. That way, we won't be completely out of touch. There is Wi-Fi where she is staying but she has no idea how many hours she will actually spend there...

Monday 17 September 2012

Manly Monday and a Farewell

Bibi-Chan: Let's face it, #1 is having a hard time trying to catch her breath as she fails to unpack (except for our stuff!) and tries to get ready to leave again tomorrow. She is going to be working liaison with Team GB on this year's edition of the Fish Run (officially known as "Route du Poisson" in France). If you are interested, you can find an article on the previous edition of the Fish Run here. She says it's going to be very exciting but with a very steep learning curve! She has also been commissioned to write an article about it all for Draft Horse Journal.

Anyway, she has been doing some photo-taking of us, and we thankfully have some left over from Ms. A and Mr. D, so here goes:

Me, The Beebs, of course:

Gen-Chan snoozing...

And playing the feather flute...

Happy Tommy!

It took a little time for #1 to locate Vidock as he is in a different field that is well-hidden from prying eyes, but find him she did, looking as studly as ever!

Finally, we would like to pay a special tribute to our dear friend Totoro (Toro-Chan to us) who went to the Bridge yesterday. He had had renal problems and we hoped hard he would get better after surgery, but unfortunately, he did not. Run free, Dear Friend, and our sweetest thoughts to San and all the Amigos.